Biggest ever cricket fight in Cricket history till now

You might have seen many players juggling with each other during cricket matches. It is a normal thing to have high temperature while the game is on and tense situation is on its way. Players sometimes abuse each other and try to hit but avoid keeping in mind the ICC code of conducts.

However, we have seen certain fights that were beyond ICC code of conduct. These fights left many of us including umpires and even match referees into shock. Cricket is considered the gentleman’s game and consider one of the most cool and calm game in sports.

We sometimes see many players going beyond the norms of cricket. Same happened during a match in Big Bash League in Australia in 2014. When Shan Warne and Marlon Samuels, a West Indies player had almost a quarrel.

Warne even abused Samuels that was recorded in mic but no action was taken against him because Samuels was the reason to start this fight. It all started when during bowling to David Hussey, Marlon Samuels tried to keep David Hussey from running to batting end. He tried to hold him or it was a joke, nobody knows it til now but that made Hussey furious and he was not happy at all.

Later when Samuels came for batting, Shan Warne got chance to abuse him and remind him of his act against David Hussey. Warne abused him and this was recorded in mic and then went nearer to Samuls and tried to hit him while constantly abusing him.

It did not end here. In later overs, Warn threw directly at Samuels, intentionally according to a few. Samuels in return throw his bat straight towards Shane Warne. Luckily, the bat did not go towards Warne instead landed on the middle of the wicket.

It was the time then Umpires realized the intensity of the matter and invaded between the two. Although umpires tried their level best but it did not stop and kept on going during the entire match. This is considered the biggest ever fight in cricket history so far.

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