Both Batsmen Run Out On One Ball

This type of run outs are a sheer mistake of batsmen. The ball was already in the hands of fielder, one player ran already towards the bowler’s end. He ran foolishly when he realized that he was half way down the pitch.

The other Pakistani batsman was in a bad place as well on the pitch. He made it such a mess. The bowler was on the bowling end and the wicket keeper was impatiently waiting for the ball in his hands. When he got the ball, he had no difficulty in dismissing the striker who was half way down the pitch.

The bails went off and there was absolately no sign of batsman in the picture. Bang ! The striker was gone. Now what awaits the non- striker was even worse.

The bowler was really standing on the crease where he bowls from. The minute wicket keeper saw that the non striker was a long way donw the pitch as well, he waited for the wicket keeper to deliver him the ball.

The wicket keeper did a wonderful job, in a moment he threw the ball towards the bowler and into the hands ¬†on the bowler. The umpire was at a great postion, watching the ball. He had his eyes fixed on the non striker’s end where the drama was about to happen. The worst run out of cricket history was about to happen here.

The batsman was way down the pitch, He ran like a crazy horse back towards his home, but the ball won the race. The umpire was at a lovely position to watch this disaster happen, Both the batsmen were stranded at the middle of the pitch, both wanted to reach home.

This was the most dramatic moment of this game, what a terrible suicide willfully done. The ball struck the non striker’s wicket, he ran and streched his foot into the crease, but failed just before reaching back. That was the double drama when umpire yet again had to raise his fingure to give the second one out on the one ball.




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