Azhar Ali Made A Clown Of Himself In PSL

The video shows the incredible opportunity batsman gave Azhar to send him back to where he came from. But he could not hold on to the simplest of the catch in the cricket game.

The 15th over was in progress. The Qalandars were struggling in the bowling department already. They needed this wicket desperately and badly. The score was against Qalandars 156/1. The right hander mistimed it completely, ending up playing the ball high up in the air. He had originally planned it to hit it for a huge six or boundary straight down the ground, but did not succeed.

The ball did not go far, therefore in the mid field, the captain Azhar Ali was under the ball. It was a pretty simple catch in the end, coming straight into his hands. The ball came into his hands and he totally failed to get it in his hands, the ball touched the ground like a rocket from the sky and Azhar stood there helpless.

Kamran Akmal and Saeed Ajmal both were watching from the stands. Their laugh could not stop when they saw their countryman Azhar doing such a sloppy piece of fielding.

Guys in the crowd also laughed for a long time for this lollipop, normally Azhar takes these catches with ease, but God knows what happened to his concentration against United.

Hi Fives all over the ground were seen as Azhar dropped the simple catch of United player. Ramiz Raja did not made fun of Azhar Ali in the commentry box, that was a good thinking to protect the image of Pakistani player playing such ridiculously in the domestic tournament.

How Pakistani Players are making Fun of Azhar… by ptvcricketofficial

If there was a 12th man on this position, he would have done better than Azhar Ali. Azhar made a clown of himself in front of all the players and crowd. Lahore Qalandars lost the match also, thanks to this bad piece of fielding by the skipper.

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