Azhar Ali Dropped the Simplest Catch in PSL

Pakistan Super League PSL is going back to Dubai from today. The matches in Sharjah have been completed. Now it’s the remaining action in Dubai that’s going to make some histories. Speaking of histories, Sharjah has seen lot of histories during the last few days. Lahore Qalandars have emerged as the least fighting side. They have grabbed some wins but not at all impressive throughout the tournament.

Azhar ali being the captain of the Lahore Qalandars, has set some pretty ordinary standards in the field. Bell has hit one ball with the middle of the bat. Lahore is the lowest team in the points table of the PSL tournament. Islamabad United has also done a good job to progress a little bit higher than Lahore. The funniest moment of PSL was in this match when the Qalandars captain Azhar Ali dropped a straight forward simple catch on the off side.

The catch was so easy to drop that someone has to be a really bad cricketer to do it. The Islamabad United who is in the third position in the PSL at the moment. The teams clashed in Sharjah as the United team came out as victorious. The effortless opportunity to get rid of Karachi batsman Bell was wasted by the skipper Azhar. The funniest thing is that the reaction of the crowd was shocking, but the players in the stands were deliriously laughing at Azhar Ali for this spectacular piece of fielding.

Azhar looked like a clown suddenly in the ground. The people were laughing in the stadium all around. Pakistani players including his team mates made fun of him.

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