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Yesterday a sorry incident occurred in Charsadda when the terrorist attacked violently on the Bacha Khan University on Wednesday 20th January. The unfortunate incident killed 21 people and over a dozen people had suffered wounds due to despicable attacks.

The attacks were condemned by the Pakistan Prime Minister, the provincial government and in large the general public. The terrorists had blasted four blasts. Two major parts of the university are not open for general public. The hostels were evacuated. The four terrorists were killed by the great Pakistan Army. The security officials also supported their army in a good spirit to save the students and faculty. 19 dead bodies of students were found in the university premises. One professor was also found dead who was a great asset for Chemistry Department, professor Syed Hamid.

The district Head Quarter Hospital also admitted a large number of injured and seriously wounded patients in pain. The number of patients were supposed to be 50. The security guards who were earning their livings by guarding the premises, also got injured.

Overview of Miserable Attack

The attack started at 9 am in the morning. At the time of the attack, the 3,000 students were present inside the university. 600 people were also present inside the university. They included guests and other educational people who were doing a noble cause for the education of the youth.

Asad Shafiq 73- run great innings against… by ptvcricketofficial
A moment of silence for victims of Bacha Khan… by ptvcricketofficial

The Tribute of Kiwis to Charsadda Victims

The violent attacks of Wednesday were condemned by Kiwis as well in New Zealand. The Pakistani team was sad and aggrieved. They paid tribute to the victims for one minute by sharing the grief with Pakistani players. The Captain of Pakistan Shahid Khan Afridi is also a KPK national. He has deep emotions for his countrymen. The great thing was that New Zealand team also joined the grief of Pakistani players and nation in Aukland. The players of two teams remained one minute silent completely. This was totally a charming scene. This show Kiwis are united with Pakistan to condemn such illegal attacks on the innocent people of Pakistan.

This was inspired by the Lahore public who displayed an impressive unity with the victims of attack.  The traffic of Lahore remained halted for two minutes beginning 10 a.m. in Lahore which was a great sign for the world to see that the nation is united.


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