All players out without scoring a single run, only 3 score of byes

The best bowler from Haslington Team was Ben Istead who took 6 wickets. He was also the only “unfortunate” bowler who was hit for a single run by the No 11 batsman Hodson. The other opening bowler who supported him in the adventure was Tom Gledhill.

He managed to take 4 wickets. He bowled .2 overs. Wirral was expecting a hard competition from the opponent’s bowlers, but they could never have imagined such a dramatic defeat. This is more than a failure for batsmen.This was a shameful performance that will very much degrade the Wirral team’s morale.

On the other hand, if we look at the other team’s performance, Haslington could not post a big total. Only 108 runs were not so scary to chase. The whole team bowled out for 0 has never been seen in last hundred years.

Wirral bowled out for three – Video – Watch TV… by ptvcricketofficial

The last time any team in any form of cricket bowled out for 0 was in 1913. The twitter is full of humor about Wirral and their mind blowing performance for ten ducks. They also mentioned that they need a good coach like David Lloyd or Michael Vaughan.

You can join the fun at “Wirral Cricket Club” at Twitter and leave your thoughts. Anyway, Congratulations to Hobson at least for making 1 run at a strike rate of 14.29.

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