Ahsan Ali New Opener For Pakistan Cricket Team

Two fielders who were eager to catch the ball were Virat Kohli and Ishant Sharma. The two fielders in an attempt to catch the ball almost collided. In the end Sharma was the one who got the catch in his hands firmly. Kohli thiknk sensibly and saw that if both of them collide, then the important catch might get dropped down.

In order to save a disastrous collision,Kohli got out of the way of Sharma and let him do the catching. That was an exciting scene to watch because both the fielders smiled at each other after the wicket of Finch was taken. The finally managed to smile and had a little chat about who would have taken the catch. But luckily for India, it all went in the favor of Indians. India would have been very disappointed if they had not taken this wicket. Australia still managed to make a very fighting total near 350, the Indians will have to fight hard in order to win at least their first match against the mighty Australians. Finch has pulled out yet another brilliant century.

Ahsan Ali 85 run excellent innings against… by ptvcricketofficial

Yadav has taken three wickets in this match. A good performance along with Ishant Sharma who took 3 wickets. The first wicket partnership was devastating between Finch and Warner for 171 runs. This kind of start is only going to make India under pressure. Since Warner has a second child born but he still played a great innings. Finch on the other hand, showed greater desire to run scores. Finch made his captain proud because they feel that the batting first was a good decision.

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