Ahmad Shahzad scored one more fifty in PSL

Saeed Ajmal takes Kamran Akmal’s wicket

Saeed Ajmal is taking the action to PSL now. The magician who was left from the national team once his bowling action went under the radar is back with a bang. He was taken his first PSL wicket and it is a big one.

Kamran Akmal is in some really good form with the bat. he has scored a lot of runs in the domestic cricket and even there are whispers that he will soon replace Ahmad Shahzad in the national team for the Asia cup and World T20.

This was a fantastic piece of bowling by Ajmal. The ball was on the middle stump and Kamran who already had collected 4 runs looked greedy in getting another one. He went for a sweet shot but this time, Ajmal controlled the pace of the ball and Kamran did not check it alt all. The ball hit him on his pads and he was plumb in front of the wickets. He is gone as the umpire raised his finger.

Ajmal is back and Misbah looked a lot happy to see his  old friend getting a wicket. Ajmal himself looked happy as taking a wicket in the first game in tournaments always good sign nd now this will boost te confidence of Ajmal who has been pressurized for hos previous performance. United now is in a good petition and if they take few more wickets then they can dominate the game from here completely. It ll depends on the bowling of United now.

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