Afridi One Handed Six Against Warne -Video

One Handed Six

The huge roar from the Pakistani supporters filled the stadium. Also the Umpire gave a signal for six runs which added to the excitement of everyone around the stadium. Muhammad Yousaf who was previously named as Yousaf Yohana for Pakistan was the legendary batsman on the non-strikers end. He applauded Afridi for his wonderful hit.

The most amazing thing about this sixer was that this was hit above the screen with one hand. Afridi has two powerful hands, when he hits, he hits with style and immense power. He used only one hand in this shot because he did not wanted this shot to be played elsewhere. He had a perfect plan to hit one handed six and that’s exactly Afridi did. Boom Boom played many one handed shots with his bat in his amazing career. His career was nothing short of amazing, he was a hit and a miss character, but when he hit, he hit for a huge six to amaze the world with it. That was the best of boom boom in Australian wicket.

Shahid Afridi ONE HANDED SIX off Shane Warne 2002 by bestoft20

The video shows the lovely six but also shows what happened after that on the next ball. Afridi was so very unfortunate to get run out on the very next ball. It was a huge huge misunderstanding of Muhammad Yousaf (Yousaf Yohana) with Afridi, he did a terrible job.

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