Abdul Razzaq’s Powerful Hitting Against England, 47 in 11 balls

Razzaq came to bat in the lower order in this match against England where Pakistan needed someone like him to boost the run scoring in the last 3 overs. Pakisan had just gone past 200. Considering the situation, Razzaq started playing his natural game. He had a good target in mind and went straight after the English medium fast bowler.

The 4th ball of the 49th over was hit for a six like you have never seen before. Razzaq had such power in his strokes. That was the largest sixer of Pakistan innings so far. Only Razzaq had the ability to hit such glorious sixer out of the ground.

The next ball was hit for a super boundary over covers. This boundary was classic also due to the way Razzaq played this shot. He also played the next ball high in the air but could not get much hold, he took a single on it.Razzaq was batting in he last over now and he managed to take Pakistan to 223/8.

The last two balls were remaining of the innings. Razzaq played the second last ball over the bowler’s head. This resulted in a powerful sixer straight down the ground. Pakistani fans were mad about his power. The last bowl was left in the over. Razzaq was thinking clear.

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He was fiery enough to hit the last ball in the same fashion. The England coach starred in amaze as the ball went straight over the bowler’s head into the stands.

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