77 Runs Off 6 Balls – County Cricket Worst Over

The video doesn’t show the match, because it is a county game that dates back to 1990 however it does show the ball by ball coverage of the record 77 runs over bowled by Bert Vance.

This video is also a true depiction of how things can go horribly wrong, the batsmen were Lee Germon and Ford and the match was played between Wellington and Canterbury.

County cricket worst over, as you may guess will be a 36 run over, right? Or even if the bowler has overstepped a few times it may well exceed the 40 run barrier. You are probably thinking 50 runs will be the most a bowler may have conceded.

You are wrong. 77 runs off 6 balls is the most a bowler has actually bowled in the history of county cricket. The tournament was the New Zealand County Cricket tournament.

The ill fated bowler was Bert Vance whole bowled cricket worst over in a match between Wellington and Canterbury on February 20, 1990. Lee Germon and Ford were the batsman who made this great record.

Canterbury team needed 95 off 12 delivery when Bert Vance came in to bowl the Cricket worst over. He came in to ball with a lot of runs to defend and he started off with a no ball a loosener as it may well be called. He ended up bowling 21 balls in the over out off which, shockingly only five were legitimate.

He ended up conceding 77 runs in the over and at the end didn’t even bowl the full quota of 6 deliveries because the umpires couldn’t get record for the number of balls bowled out off these one delivery was a dot ball too.

Shockingly though, the batting team  required 17 runs off the final over and considering the fact that they made a mammoth 77 runs off the last over, this was a piece of cake, but it didn’t happen. The match was tied.

Probably this was due to the one ball not bowled by Bert Vance, and had he bowled that the result would have been different. However, the video actually doesn’t show the match but only shows the ball by ball coverage of the game.

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