6,6,0,4,4,6,6,4,6 Over By Andre Russell

Russell is a master of quick bowling, this time he got after the right arm spinner. Getting into aggressive mood from the first ball, he smacked a hug six on the first ball to release some pressure off the Windies.

The next ball was a good one, He treated bowler on the second ball exactly like this. Another six off his bat over the ropes.

This time the spinner was clever.He got beaten and the ball went into the hands of wicket keeper. That did not stop Russell on the third ball, he played a lovely off drive for four runs. The fielder started running and did not continue the chase for long time. The ball went raced away across the ropes.

The dangerman was on strike again to face the next ball. The situation was already dashing with 6 6 0 4. he quickly moved to 30 runs. Now the next victim was the fast left arm bowler for the Australian Prime Minister. A huge huge hit over the long off boundary was struck by Andre which fly like a rocket in the sky. The ball landed way back into the crowd.

Russell destroyed the bowler on the last delivery, The game was in the final ten overs. The acceleration was the demand of time. Russel hit one more brilliant six that went even higher than the previous ones. The ball landed into the stands over the long off. There was no one who could dream about catching it.

The wicket had just fallen down and Narne was the new partner of Russell. Russell did not take pressure, he had already brought the asking runs below to 45 in 19 balls. That was exactly what the Windies needed. Russell smashed another boundary to move to 46. Looked like Russell was going to do this difficult task for the Windies.

The spinner arrived again who immediately was given the charge by Russell who got back into the strike after the end of the over. The equation was still tough, the situated demanded four and sixes in each over, spinner made a mistake by delivering the ball to his feet which gave Russell enough room to smack it over the long off ropes again.

More than 2 runs in a ball were required at this time. 11 balls were left in the match. Russell in the line of duty, got out unfortunately. He played a huge stroke with full force, but the middle of the bat did not connect. The ball went incredibly high in the air towards the on side boundary. He played a good stroke of his feet but the length of the stroke was not enough.

The ball went into the hands of fielder in the deep. He did well to keep his eyes on the ball till the last moment. The wicket of Russell went down finally. But Russel comleted his half century in style and he got enough runs for the next ones to get them to victory.


Andre Russell, 6,6,0,4,4,6,6,4,6 vs Australia… by ptvcricketofficial

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