32 Runs 6 balls by Shahid Khan Afridi

Shahid Afridi has played unbelievable knocks in his entire 20 years cricketing career. From 37 balls century to 18 balls fifty, he added his name in record books as the most destructive batsman ever in cricket. Recently he scored 32 runs 6 balls against Sri Lanka to add another record in his life.

The bowler again decided to go around the wicket to stop the massive Afridi now. Afridi was not in a mood to stop. He made some space to hit the ball on the Off Side with full force. The ball went high in the air but no fielder could dream about catching it. This was a bigger sixer than before.

The Captain Jayawardene and bowler Bandara were out of their minds. 20 runs came in 4 balls already. Sirilanka was losing the match. Jayawardene wanted a wicket desperately.

The next ball was played a bit hardly by Afridi but he made room for it and used his feet again beautifully to thrown it over the long off boundary. Afridi was thinking of throwing it over the long on boundary but actually ended up with a six above long off. So far it was 44666 from Aridi. He reached his 50 as well with that smashing six.

Now the last delivery of the over was bowled on the same spot to Afridi. This time he made no mistake. This was a perfect hit which took the middle of the bat, flew high in the air and went over the long on boundary where he previously tried to hit it.

Afridi Hits 446666 in one over by ptvcricketofficial

This was 32 runs runs by Afridi in one over. A devastating performance like that will always remain history for the legendary Afridi and Pakistan cricket. Watching this video again and again gives pleasure all the time if you are a big hitting fan. Long live Afridi !

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