277 Runs Off Just 77 Balls At Club Level – Video

A club cricketer in Pakistan has scored 77 balls 271 runs in a club level match of twenty 20 cricket. Match held on Sunday now has the maximum runs scored in an innings by any player. Ahmer Munir, a young club cricketer smashed 24 sixes and 26 fours to reach a milestone that nobody has ever achieved before.

A teenager from Mumbai, Pranav Dhanawade, has written a history and turned down all history records in a single innings by becoming the only player to score more than 1000 runs in an innings. He player a wonderful knock of 1009 runs in his inter-school tournament game on just 323 balls.

The 15 years old  player hit 129 founds and smashed 59 sixes during his marathon innings in Union Cricket Academy ground in Kalyan. His innings helped his school reach 1465/3 and declare which is also the record highest score by any team in an innings at any level in cricket.

Dhanawade was unbeaten by Monday night when he was standing at 652, which is also a record breaking score, shattering record shelves of 117 years old. Previously most runs scored by any player in cricket was by AEJ Collins, who scored unbeaten 628 runs in a club match in England in 1899.

Dhanawade’s school went past the previous international record of Victoria’s 1,107 against New South Wales made in 1926.

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