2 Run Outs On One Ball

In the game of cricket, a run out is a dismissal that is totally a mistake of batsmen. Either the batsmen are confused and cannot make a decision to run, or they are too slow to reach their destination. What ever the reason, the result is a run either on the striker’s end or the non striker’s end.

How many times we have seen some horrible mix ups in the most stunning finals and semi finals. Remember Inzimam ul Haq was the victim of run out for Pakistan for the most number of times. But when have you seen both the batsmen getting out by taking a risky run? Our video is all about 2 amazing run outs on one ball.

The victim was a Pakistani player on the striker’s end. There was a horrible mix up between the two batsmen. Never before this has been seen in the game of cricket. The ball was struck no further. The fielder at the gully position got the ball in his hands efficiently.

The batsmen were horribly confused to make any decision about taking the run. These are the risky singles that should be decided very intelligently. One little mix up can cause you a loss of wicket. The run out is a typical example of both the batsmen not co-coordinating correctly between the wicket.


           Video Link:http://wp.me/p7aSL1-lu



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