Most Romantic Moments Of Game of Cricket

The camera catches the most lovely and romantic moments in the ground. Rahul Dravid was another hot and dashing guy who was spectacular in the field but was also in the hearts of many spectators. The old and young ladies admire their star batsmen who entertain them with their lovely shots around the park.
Shahid Afridi of Pakistan has many fans too. Young, old as well as little children love that guy from all over the world. Another most loved cricket personality is Wasim Akram. Wasim had many female fans who wanted to marry him until he got married to the late Huma. Imran Khan was the hottest captain of Pakistan and the only one who won Pakistan the world cup. He was the most famous guy among the spectators and lovers of cricket.

Similarly, Brian Lara in West Indies and Lasith Malinga in Sirilanka have been the most loved personalities in their countries. Gayle is also very hot cricketer when it comes to romantic moments in cricket. The young girls make banners for their stars with such effort and love. This shows how much they admire the cricket players of their nations.
In the ground, the cricketers and stars are waved and pointed out by the fans. The most romantic game of cricket gets really smoothing for your senses when you had a bad day. Watching our video will make you feel great. The most amazing moments of life are all at one place. These moments are a part of refreshing memories. The game of cricket is more exciting than Tennis or Basketball, because every ball is a new adventure.

Top 10 Romantic moments in cricket history ever… by ptvcricketofficial

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