10 Best Sixes of AB De Villiers In IPL 2016

The amazing shots of Mr 360 are something very rare. AB has played more crciket against Australia, India and Sirilanka. He knows very well the nature of bowlers and pitches on all parts of the world. Unfortunately he hasn’t got a chance to play cricket much on Pakistan soil due to political issues.

AB has all the tricks in his bag. He bats with style and confidence. AB is known as the most relaxed player on field. He leads by example and possess true leadership qualities. AB is the extreme inspiration for all his team mates, his countrymen, sports men around the world and even his senior cricketers.

Jonty Rhodes has achieved incredible fame from South Africa before in the 90s, even he is a great admirer of the current captain AB.If anyone call him the Javed Miandad of South Africa, it would not be wrong. His ability to hit sixes behind square leg are extremely rare in the batsmen today. AB is the strongest hitter on the on side.

AB De Villiers Six 1

AB De Villiers Sixe 1 by ptvcricketofficial

A full toss to AB is a big mistake and a juicy half volley is a suicidal delivery on a delicate time to AB De Villiers. He never misses those and smacks them over the boundary with the middle of the bat, as you can see in this amazing video.

The recent series against England was not his best against England, De kock emerged as a super hero for them this winter, but the England bowlers are afraid of De Villiers can do to them. The crowd really go wild when he moves way down the leg side or off side , comes out of his crease or comes straight down the ground.

AB De Villiers Six 2

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The minute his bat touches the ball in the middle, that is a guaranteed boundary or six. The shot he players from way wide out side the off stomp toward the long on boundary is incredibly tough to play. His practice of playing this shot is incredibly hard.

AB De Villiers Six 3

AB De Villiers Six 3 by ptvcricketofficial

Ricky Ponting used to play such lovely shots over the long off boundary for Australia. He smashed Indians in the world cup final to make Aussies champions. AB has his name listed among the truly great of their times. And his journey has just begun.

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