Yasir Jan phenomenal bowler

In our amazing video, you will see how Watson was deceived by Wahab. Islamabad United were 55 at the loss of 3 wickets. Wahab Riaz was charging in to bowl to Watson. Watson this time was a victim of Wahab Riaz’s magnificent delivery. The ball was going towards the off stomp. In the video, you will see how passionate Wahab Riaz looked as if he wanted to hunt down the Watson like a lion.

On the Dubai and UAE pitches, the ball does not bounce much like the Sub Continent Wickets. The legendary Watson is not used to facing a fiery man like Wahab too much. He has seen Indian bowlers a lot in his career, the likes of Wahab are a danger for Watson.

The ball was truly outside the off stomp. The bowler did a nice job to deliver his best delivery. Watson went for a cut short. He swing his bat to play the ball toward the off side and wanted to hit a boundary or score at least a single or two runs.

The bowling of Wahab Riaz is not that ordinary for the mighty Aussie. Watson failed to play a stroke with his bat. The ball was not struck properly, it did not go further away into the air above the fielder’s head who was Muhammad Hafeez.

In the Guly position which is also the favorite position of Hafeez, the ball went straight into his hands. Hafeez made no mistake. He was applauded by his team mates and the commentators. Millions watching the live telecast enjoyed this dismissal for Wahab Riaz. Riaz had his revenge from Watson with this dismissal.

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