Watch First Ever Bowling Speed Measurement With Speed Gun

Bowling fast is not something that comes naturally to you, you have to rigorously train your body to perform this act. Fast bowlers have hostile attitudes and flamboyant personalities. They pick up fights, enrage batsmen and break stumps to make sure they are known.

However, their is nothing like bowling fast for a fast bowler. It powers them up and give them that adrenaline rush that makes them do remarkable things. This video, starts with the sweet and relateable voice of Richie Benaud who is telling us about the great fast bowlers of his generations.

This was a time when West Indian bowlers were still feared and were given alot of respect around the globe. However, fast bowlers from Pakistan and Australia were also among the honorary mentions. The great Imran Khan, was once termed as the fastest among the lot of bowlers around the world. Not just him Sarfaraz Nawaz was also feared for his accuracy and guile.

Richie Benaud tells us about a new speed bowling test, which is the first time in the history of cricket that fast bowling will be known by a number. The list of bowlers involved include, West Indies’s Michael Holding, Wayne Daniel, Andy Roberts and Collin Croft; Pakistan’s Imran Khan and Sarfaraz Nawaz; Australia’s Dennis Lillee, Len Pascoe and Jeff Thomson; South Africa’s Michael Proctor and Garth Le Roux and New Zealand’s Richard Hadlee.

The accuracy test demanded the bowlers to hit stumps with every hit they get a point. Every bowler was allowed to bowl 8 bowls each, as was the custom in those days. The first round of deliveries from all the bowlers was touching the late 120’s. However, Andy Roberts bowled 132.2 delivery while Jeff Thomson bowled a 138.7 km/h loosner first up.

At the end of the 8 rounds Jeff Thompson was able to win both the accuracy and speed test. He won the accuracy test by hitting the stumps 5 times and won the speed test by throwing a thunder bolt on his 8th delivery of 147.9 km/h to become the fastest bowler.

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