Waqar Younis Match Winning Last Over Vs New Zealand

There was happiness in the New Zealand crowd at the moment. They could sense victory now. 4 balls were remaining in the over. It should have been an easy task for the two batsmen. One run was needed on 4 balls and only the one last wicket was remaining for Newzealand.The Pakistani captain Saleem Malik shook his head in denial, he knew it was the end of the match for Paksitan.Waqar still had the ball in his hand. Everyone was waiting for the victory of New Zealand. Malik was busy setting the field and he called the fielders closer to stop the single. Waqar was the last hope for Pakistan now if he could pull something incredible from his bag of tricks.

The batsman was De Groen. He got ready as he aimed for a single run. Waqar got ready on his place to run towards the umpire. The third ball was a Yorker which struck the batsman on his pads. That was a huge appeal for the leg before wicket. All the Pakistani players, the wicket keeper and the bowler himself appealed. The umpire turned down the appeal.Wasim Akram was hoping Waqar to deliver something like this again. The New Zealand supporters were a bit shocked. Waqar got ready for the next ball and crossed the umpire towards De Groen. The stats were still the same as Majid Khan stood in tense situation to view the last balls.

The next ball went towards the pads of De Groen. He was instantly given out by the umpire as he tried to play the ball towards leg side but failed and blocked the ball with pads. There was no contact with the bat. The last wicket was down and Pakistan team was crazy with joy. They all celebrated their victory as the stands were filled with amazement by the New Zealand supporters. Waqar Younis grabbed the stomp out of the ground and ran back towards the dressing room with huge loads of applause from all sides. There was relief on the face of everyone in Pakistan side. We hope this bowling is always going to spread cheers on your face as you remember the legendary Waqar Younis deliver yet again devastating last over to bring Pakistan victory. That was the sixth wicket of Waqar Younis in this match.

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