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Top Ten World’s Richest Tennis Players in 2015

Tennis is one of the most watchable sports across the world with millions of its fans. It is one of those sports where there is a huge income not only for the players but the sponsors also got numerous amount of money. This is the sport of the individuals where two persons can also play to show their talent and skills in front of the spectators. Like the other top Richest Sportsmen, Tennis Stars are also included in the list of millionaires. The tennis stars earns money in millions on becoming the finalists in WTA visits or ATP where various top brands across the world like Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex and many more supports to these tennis stars. When we talk about Tennis then automatically some names clicks our mind like Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal, Andrew Murray etc. It is because these players have proved themselves in the world of Tennis and always remained among the Top Ten. Here we bring to you a Special article which will deeply explain about the world’s richest Tennis players. Let’s have a look at the Top Ten Richest Tennis Stars in the World in 2015.

1-Roger Federer.

The World’s richest Tennis star who keeps approximately 300 million dollars comes at number one in our Countdown. Among the $300 million, 81 million dollars came from his Total career of ATP. According to the Association of Tennis Professionals, the Swiss Tennis Star Roger Federer got the 2nd position in the Ranking. If we talk about his earning in 2014 then we have come to know he earned 56.2 million dollars in that year where 4.2 million dollars are the prize money and 52 million dollars came from endorsements. Similarly his total prize money has reached to 84 million dollars. As for his endorsements is concerned then he has a long term deals with top blue chip companies like Rolex, Nike, Credit Suisse, and some others. These sponsors collectively pay him near about 40 million dollars at annual basis. He got lots of victories and titles in his career where he also keeps the record of 17 time victories of most singles Grand Slam.

world's richest tennis stars

2-Rafael Nadal

The Spanish Tennis Star Rafael Nadal is the 2nd richest player in the world having net worth of 100 million dollars. In the ranking of the Association of the Tennis Professionals which was released on 3 November 2014 he got the 3rd place. The US Open Defending Champion has missed the opportunity to play the 2014 US Open due to his Wrist injury. He became the 2nd Richest World’s Tennis star by earning 44.5 million dollars in the year 2014 where 14.5 million dollars came from the Prize Money and he got 30 million Dollars from the endorsements. The top sponsors of Rafael Nadal are Rolex, Gillette, Mercedes-Benz, Moet and Chandon. During his career he won 64 professional titles and also is the twice winner of the Grand Slams.

rafael nadal

3-Novak Djokovic

Another stylish Serbian and world’s number one Tennis star Novak Djokovic got the 3rd place in our countdown. With the net worth of 90 million dollars he made her place in the list of Top ten Richest Tennis stars of the world. He earned total 33.1 million dollars in the year 2014 where 12.1 million dollars is the prize money and 21 million dollars is the endorsements which he got from his top sponsors. Till now 2015 he has been able to get net amount of 67 million dollars prize money from his proficient vocations. The one of the leading Tennis Star Novak has gotten 47 vocation titles in his career and among these titles Australian Open Title is top of the list which he won for the four time, similarly he is the twice winner of Wimbledon title. The top Sponsors of Novak includes Mercedes-Benz, Sergio Tacchini, Audemars Piguet and Fitline.

richest tennis star

4- Maria Sharapova

The six feet and two inches taller Russian Tennis star Maria Sharapova is the 4th richest Tennis Player in the world having net worth of 90 Million Dollars. She is the World’s number two Tennis star according to the Women’s Tennis Association starting 3 November 2014. Her net worth in year 2014 is recorded as 24.4 million Dollars, Prize money is 2.4 million Dollars and she earned 22 million Dollars from Endorsements. The main endorsement came from the sale of Cole Hann by Nike. Besides Nike she always remains as the top female endorser in Tennis and her main sponsors are Nike, Samsung, Avon, Evian and head and Tag Heuer. She got lots of victories in her career where 33 WTA titles and 4 ITF Titles are top of the list in her successes. In 2004 she won the Wimbledon title while got success twice in French Open.

hottest tennis star

5-Li NA

At number five there comes another woman Tennis Player Li NA who is the world’s number nine in the ranking of Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). The Chinese Professional tennis star earned numerous amount of money from the various resources and got the place among the leading money makers in the year 2014. In that year she accomplished 23.6 million dollars where 18 million dollars came from the endorsements while she earned 5.6 million dollars from the Prize money. If we talk about her total cash of prize money then it has reached to 16 million dollars. Li Na’s significant and important bakers are Rolex, Nike, Visa, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Babolat, and Haagen-Dazs.  In her passionate tennis career she has won WTA Titles twice and became Victorious of ITF titles for the 16 times.

women tennis star

6-Serena Williams

Serena Williams is the third consecutive woman who is included in the list of Top ten Richest Tennis Players in the world in 2015. Serena William is the World’s number one Tennis star in the ranking of Women’s Tennis Association.  Her net amount has been estimated as 100 million dollars where in 2014 she earned 22 million dollars; $11 dollars came from the prize money whereas $11 millions are her endorsements. A sum of $63 millions is the prize money which she got in her whole career till now. She got the record of WTA visits titles for 64 times which is the 7th most elevated in the History of World’s open.  She can’t match with the endorsements of Sharapova but the International Sponsors supports her like Wilson, Nike, OPI, Tampax, Kraft and Puma etc.


7-Andy Murray

The world number six Andy Murray who is the British professional Tennis star is the 7th richest Tennis player in the world in 2015 having net worth of 70 million dollars. This elegant British tennis star got 19.2 million dollars in the previous year where $15 million were his endorsements and $4.1 million came from Prize money. Till now he has earned 33 million dollars from his passionate and proficient Tennis Career. Andy Murray is sponsored by the different Top International brands such as Head rackets, Adidas, Highland Spring, Royal Bank of Scotland, Rado Watches etc. In his leading career he grabbed lots of victories from the opponents like 32 career titles, won Wimbledon in 2013 and in 2012 won the US Open title.

world's tennis stars

8-Victoria Azarenka

The Belorussian world’s number 32 Tennis star comes at 8th place in our countdown. She was born on 31 July 1989 in Minsk, Belorussian that started her career in 2003. She ranked at 8th place because in the previous year she earned 11.1 million dollars, $3.6 million were her prize money and 7.5 million dollars came from her endorsements. In this way her total cash prize has reached to $24 million. The top international brands support her like Wilson, Nike, Red Bull, Esurance and some other as well. She is the winner of 17 times WTA titles and also won Australian Open Twice.

leading tennis stars

9-Kei NishiKori

The Japanese Tennis star Kei Nishikori is the world’s number five according to the Association of Tennis Professionals but here got the 8th place in our countdown. In the previous year his total income remained 11 million dollars in which two million dollars are of Prize money and $9 million came from his endorsements. By adding the $2 million prize money his total cash prize has reached to 7 million dollars. The sponsors that are supporting him are Adidas, Uniqlo, Delta Airlines, Wilson etc. The current year’s US open finalist has won seven titles in his passionate career.

japanese tennis star

10-Caroline Wozniacki

The last but not the least name in our countdown is Caroline Wozniacki.  She is the world number eight Tennis star according to the ranking of Women’s Tennis Association released on 3 November 2014. The Danish women Tennis star got 10.8 million dollars from the different organizations, this amount contains $9.5 million endorsements and $1.3 million prize money. Till now she has achieved sum of 19 million dollars as the cash prize. Adidas, Sony Ericson, Rolex, Yonex etc are the Sponsors that support Caroline. She is the winner of WTA vocation Titles for the 22 times and also keeps four ITF titles in her career.

sexiest woman tennis star

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