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Top Ten World’s Most Popular Dancers of All Time

If we explore the history then we have come to know that from 9000 years ago people also used to express their feelings and emotions in the form of dance. dancing queen The evidences show that 3300 BC are the figures of the origin of dance. Dance is basically an art in which the movement of body involves and people dance on Rhythm and music. It is a Universal communication of expressions and feelings because everyone in the world understands this art. There are lots of people in the world who love dance, that’s why they have proved this talent in movies, shows and videos in their own unique styles. In this special article we will deeply discuss about the top dancers of the world of all time. The people have given great respect and fame to these popular dancers because of their sweet style and devotion in it. We have just created a list of these top dancers of the world of all time. Let’s come and join the list in the following.

1-Mikhail Baryshnikov

The 66 years old Mikhail Baryshnikov got the first place in the list of World’s most popular dancers of all time. This Russian American dancer was born on 27 January 1948 in Soviet Union. He got lots of abilities in him as he is an actor and choreographer as well. He is known as the most popular Ballet dancer in the world, he started his profession in Kirov Ballet from Leningrad but in 1974 he decided to go Canada for learning Western dance. After that he freelanced with many companies and learned the George Balanchine’s style of dancing from the New York City Ballet. After learning this type of dancing style, he danced for the American Ballet Theater where he was appointed as the artistic director in that theater. During his career he also attached with his own projects for promoting the modern dancing styles. His work in Cinema, Stage and television as a dramatic actor earned lots of worldwide fame and success for him.

popular dancers

2-Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson comes at the 2nd place in our countdown. He was born on 29 August 1958 in Gary Indiana, USA and died on 25 June 2009 in Loss Angeles, California. The American dancer, actor, record producer and of course singer, Michael Jackson got International recognition and fame in this field. The history reminds him as the king of Pop music. He won the hearts of millions of people across the globe for his amazing pop dance especially moonwalk was the most popular dance among his fans. He displayed his utmost talent from the early age of his life where Tornado Spin and Balancing up on toes were the trade mark dances of Michael Jackson. His dancing abilities were in tagged with his music and that’s why he got the reputation of classic dancer in the world.

american dancer

3-Rudolf Nureyev

The Soviet Union dancer Rudolf Nureyev was born on 17 March 1938 in Soviet Union and due to the HIV Aids he was died at the age of 54 in France. He is known as one of the greatest male ballet dancer in the world and of course of the 20th century. He started his profession as a dancer in the very late age but due to his commitment and devotion with dance, he got his place in the very short period of time. The credit goes to him as he explored those areas of the dance which were thought that only women can do those movements. He got training under the expertise of his teacher Alexander Pushkin who groomed him in the classic way. It is said that Rudolf was very fond of collecting beautiful carpets and antique textiles.

popular dancers of the world

4- Madhuri Dixit

The dancing queen Madhuri Dixit is probably the female most popular dancer in the world. This Bollywood beauty queen ruled over the hearts of millions of people by displaying her utmost talent in dance and acting. She is basically a classical dancer and she professionally learned this art of dancing. The leading actress of the Bollywood, Madhuri stunned everyone for her beauty and by displaying unique expressions in dancing. In many Bollywood movies she displayed her magic in dance like Dhak Dhak from the movie Beta, Ghagra, Aaja nachle, Devdas and in so many others. She was always rocking especially when she appeared in stage shows, it’s really killing. Now from the five years she is now the judge in the dance reality show named as Jhalak DikhlaJa.

madhuri dixit

5-Joaquin Cortes

Joaquin Cortes is the 5th World’s most popular dancer of all time. He is known as the Ballet and Flamenco dancer of Spain of Roma. He is the heart favorite person where the men and women are mad of him. He is one of those persons as a dancer who got the incredible symbol of S-X.  You can estimate his popularity that Madonna and Jennifer Lopez publicly stated that both of them like him, similarly Mira Sorvino and Naomi Campbell also fell in love with him. He formed his own company with the name of Joaquin Cortes Ballet Company where in 1992 his company made a first International tour. The launching of this company helped him to focus mainly of Ballet dance and also the creation of modern and flamenco dance.

heart favorite dancer

6-Gene Kelly

At number six there comes Gene Kelly who was the American dancer, singer, actor and also the producer. He was born on 23 August 1912 in Pennsylvania, USA and at the age of 83 he died on 2 February 1996 in California, USA.  He was very energetic and good looking dancer and was the heart favorite across the world. He was one of the brightening stars of the Hollywood musical industry as he was very innovative and gave quality music to Hollywood. He is considered as the unique dancer of his time who danced in hybrid styles like ballet, tap and in modern style. Due to his athletic style of dancing and the awesome characters on screen he got lots of fame and popularity from the people all over the world. The Kelly American film Institute ranked him at the 16th place among the popular stars of all time.

gene kelly with dance

7-Martha Graham

The greatest and one of the most popular artists of the 20th century, Martha Graham got the 7th position in the list of World’s most popular dancers of all the time. She was an American dancer & Choreographer who got the credit of inventing the modern dance as a female. In this regard she invented fully codified techniques of the modern dance. Besides that she choreographed near about 150 works in his life. She created the new style of movement and used that new language of movement to humans like to reveal the passion, rage and other common human experiences. She was the only dancer during her life who danced at the White House. Besides that she got the opportunity to travel abroad as the female dancer cultural ambassador during her career. She was also the first dancer ever who got the Civilian Award known as the Medal of Freedom.

martha graham


Another beautiful, sexy and classic dancer Shakira comes at number eight in our ranking. She belongs to Colombia and is one of the amazing female dancers in the world. She is internationally known for her outstanding belly dance. She got the perfect figures and qualities of influencing and rocking. This multitalented Shakira is not only dancer but also a worldwide popular singer, song writer, record producer, Choreographer and a superb model. She sings and dances at the same time and give movement to her body and belly in such a style which is simply amazing and really watchable.

hollywood dancer shakira


The worldwide heart favorite Madonna is the 9th world’s most popular dancer ever. The multitalented Madonna is an American dancer, singer, recording artist and also the leading actress as well. Her hard work and passion in this field made her as the most selling artist in the world ever. Her glamorous beauty and unique style of dancing is really killing, that’s why there is a huge list of her fans around the world. Her career spans on many years where she released hundreds of music albums, dance sequences and got the title of Princess of pop from her fans. People also called her Queen of Pop.

madonna dance

10-Hrithik Roshan

The last but not the least name is of Hrithik Roshan who is a Bollywood actor, superb dancer and model as well. He got an amazing body, just like a robot, he can do everything with his flexible body. He is the top dancer in the Indian film industry by keeping the versatility in him. He can dance on every difficult rhythm where others thought. His extra sharp physical gestures help him to carry off even the most difficult move in very ease and perfection.  I have mostly not seen these types of dancers who got the ability to stun everyone while dancing.

indian dancer and actor

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