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Top Ten World’s Most Polluted Cities in 2015

The massive developments in science & technology have made the human life more comfortable as compared to the past when people used gravels for burning. Now the man has reached to the moon and is planning to explore the other secrets of the universe. The massive use of science & technology also created lots of challenges in the world, the construction of factories has polluted the atmosphere, and the smoke of these factories has created lots of diseases which are fatal toxic for the human health. Pollution can be classified into various categories like air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and many others. The pollution contains radioactive, chemical and other indisposed wastes which are simply toxic for the humans. This problem exists in everywhere in the world but the undeveloped countries are the massive victims of pollution. Here in this special article we have created a list of top polluted cities of the world. This list has been prepared according to the report of World Health Organization. Let’s take a deep look into it.

1-Ahwaz (Iran)

According to the World Health Organization, Ahwaz is the top Polluted city in the world now. There are many reasons of its pollution but the major one is the dust storms which continue constantly. It is the capital of Khozistan province having approximately one million populations. Ahwaz is the most polluted city not only in Iran but Internationally ranked first. The temperature in summer reaches to 50-55 degree centigrade. The major particles that affect the climate are increasing population, heavy industries in this city, heavy traffic and many small factories full of polluted elements inside this city. The addition of these small polluted factories inside the city made Ahvaz is the island of heat and smoke.

world's polluted cities

2-Linfen (China)

The world health organization (WHO) declared Linfen as the 2nd most polluted city in the world. It is said about Linfen that if you hang laundry out there then before drying it will be of black color. Linfen which is situated in china Shanxi province was considered as the World’s most polluted city but due to the work done by the Chinese government some improvements have been reported, that’s why it comes at number two instead of one. Among the top reasons of its pollution, major one is the presence of coal in the large scale. The government uses it for the production of electricity and other power projects. Besides that large number of population is also responsible for massive pollution because it is the city of over three million people.

polluted city

3-Chernobyl (Ukraine)

The Chernobyl disaster in this part of Ukraine’s city made it as one of the most polluted cities in the world. This disaster was occurred in 1986 and affected near about fourteen thousand people. This unfortunate nuclear accident has gone away but left very toxic fallout and radiations behind it. Most of the area of this city is uninhabited. Basically the Chernobyl accident was the Ukrainian nuclear plant which was meltdown leaving those radiations where life can’t exists.  That accident affected all the residents of that area but the kids were badly affected by diagnosing thyroid cancer.

nuclear accident

4-Dzerzhinsk (Russia)

The Guinness Book of Record has listed Dzerzhinsk as the most chemically polluted city in the world. Here the expectancy of life is very low because here the average life of people is very short, men’s average life is considers as forty two years while the women usually dies at the age of forty seven. The reason is simply the presence of toxic particles in this place of the world. If we look into the figures then we have come to know that from 1930 to 1998 more than 300,000 tons of toxic wastes keeping chemical particles were released and dumped on the city Dzerzhinsk.

world's dirtiest places

5-Vapi (India)

Vapi situated in India has got the 5th position in our countdown. Vapi is situated at that part of the city which is full of industries. The presence of these industries on high level resulted massive pollution like water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and many others.  The release of toxic metals and chemicals by factories made the water undrinkable and poisonous. It is reported that the ground water contains mercury and according to the world health organization the presence of mercury is 96 times higher than the safe standards of water.  It is reported that the constant release of mercury into water can lead to dangerous diseases like the weakness of muscles, impaired peripheral vision and many other fatal diseases.

pollution in vapi

6-Sumgayit (Azerbaijan)

At number six there comes Sumgayit city of Azerbaijan. It is the complete failure of the Soviet Union’s government because no regulations have made to manage the industrial wastes which releases on massive scale. Approximately more than forty industrial complexes are constructed in this part of the city that have made very toxic environment to live in. The figures tell that more than 120,000 tons of toxic wastes create by the presence of these industries and there is no proper method to dispose of this waste.

pollution in azerbaijan

7-Tianying (China)

The 7th most polluted city in the world is Tianying situated in China. Tianying is one of the important cities of China who fulfills half of the production requirements of the country, that’s why it is also known as one of the leading production house of poison. Among the major reasons of its pollution one is presence of lead on higher number. Besides that other toxic materials are also in large scale that has made the lives of these residents complicated.

china's polluted cities

8-Brazzaville (Congo)

Brazzaville is that place of the world where the life expectancy is very low especially in African countries. The reason is the most contaminated water which has produced most complicated health issues for the people of Congo. Remember Brazzaville is the capital of Congo and you can image the rest of the country. If we describe it in figures then it contains 75 percent air pollution, 100% drinking water pollution, 100% dis satisfactory garbage disposal, 100% most dirty and untidy climate, 100% light and noise pollution, 75% water pollution and 75 percent dissatisfaction to spend time in this city.

world's polluted cities

9-Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania)

Another name in our countdown is Dar-es-Salaam situated in Tanzania. Here the drinking water is simple toxic and creating serious health and sanitation problem for the Tanzanians especially the people of Dar-es-salaam. About 71.43% is the air pollution which is high according to the World Health Organization’s Standards. Similarly 75 percent is the garbage disposal dissatisfaction, 75% is the dirty and untidy atmosphere, 65 is the water pollution and 62 % is the ratio of dissatisfaction of spending time here in Dar-es-salaam.


10-Dhaka (Bangladesh)

The last city among the Top ten Polluted cities of the world is the Dhaka which is the capital of Bangladesh. The country of 150 million people Bangladesh is facing some serious challenges of pollution especially the capital Dhaka got the 10th place from the World Health organization. The following figures shows the level of pollution in Bangladesh

 Air Pollution                                             82.14%

 Dirty Atmosphere                                    85%

 Water pollution 85%                               85%

 Dissatisfaction garbage disposal          75%

 Noise Pollution                                         77.50%

pollution in dhaka

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