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Top Ten Ways to Beautify Your Face

It is a famous proverb that health is wealth because without health you can’t do anything in your life. If we talk about our health in today’s time where everyone is busy in the race of going ahead, there is no time beautiful faces to anyone for health care. Everyone wants shortcut to carry out their routine by looking beautiful and handsome. There are lots of skincare products available in the market but among those many have side effects as well. So in this way it becomes most difficult for a common man to select the right product to beautify your face & skin. This is the serious issue but don’t confuse because we have a simple but effective solution that will make your face prettiest without harming your skin. Actually you should manage your workload in such a way that you take care of your health and beauty at the same time. Here we have created a list that will give you ten simple but effective beauty tips that make your skin and face glowing and prettiest. Let’s have a look.

1-Get Soft Skin

The most simple method to make your face prettiest is to get soft skin first because having beautiful soft and velvet skin is the dream of everybody whether man or woman. After exposing to dust and heat conditions every day you want smooth and supple skin in no time. For this purpose there are many products in the market but natural things have no comparable. Just take a juice of cucumber and half tea spoon of fresh cream and mix both the products. After mixing it nicely apply the mixture on your skin and stay it for 15 minutes. After that wash off and let your face be dry.

soft skin

2-Remove Sun Tan

When you come out in the sun without wearing glasses or not apply sun protection methods then your skin directly affected by the sun and you get irritated and tanned skin. The Solution to remove the sun tan is to make the anti tanning pack which you can make in your house easily. Take one tea spoon of fresh cream & two tablespoons of gram flour and mix both the ingredients. Add one tea spoon sandalwood power & a pinch of turmeric and mix all the ingredients together. After making this past, add some drops of lemon as well. Apply this mixture on your skin for twenty minutes. After the required time wash off and let it to be dry.

methods of removing sun tan

3-Treat Pimples & Wrinkles

Pimples and wrinkles can be treated in different ways; you can use moisturizers or by eating healthy diet this problem can be reduced to greater extent because pimples & wrinkles decreases your personality and beauty. The very simple and easiest method to reduce pimples is the use of raw tomato juice. Take a fresh tomato and cut it into two pieces, scrub one half of tomato on the pimple affected area for just about five to ten minutes. After this process, Let the tomato juice stay for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off with clear fresh water and dry your skin.

treat pimples & wrinkles

4-Tone the Skin

The oily and dryness both are the issues which creates problems to beauty your face & skin. So there is need to get rid of both these issues, the other issue is that with the passage of time and due to excessive heat your skin pores becomes much larger. For the tighter pores of your skin and for hiding your age there is needed to tone your skin. In markets many beauty care products are available but natural is the best one. Take rice that are unpolished and soak them in clear fresh water for 3 to 4 hours. After soaking sieve the water by leaving out the soaked rice. Store this water into a bottle & use it every day on your face with cotton.

ton the skin for beautiful face

5-Moisturize Dry Skin

Dry skin is the major reason of reducing your beauty because it looks flaky and causes the itchiness as well. You can make you skin soft and beautiful by taking proper diet and with the use of quality moisturizers you can make you face glowing and shining. You should consult your specialist to suggest you quality moisturizer for this purpose. Besides that by using natural products, the skin can be beautified. In the one tablespoon fresh cream mix some amount of Turmeric powder; now mix few drops of almond oil in two tea spoon of lemon juice. In the end add one tea spoon of rose water and mix all the entire mixture nicely. After cleaning your face apply this mixture on your face for twenty minutes and then wash off.

moisturizing the dry skin

6-Get Instant Glow

Getting instant glow on your skin is surely a difficult task and is the nature that everyone wants quick skin fairness in just no time. For this purpose mostly people use products of various companies that have side effects. Just believe on natural products and try this natural pack that will definitely give your face glow in a very short time. Take a ripe banana and one tea spoon of skimmed milk and mix both of them. Lastly add two spoons of honey into the mixture and beat them nicely. Wash off your skin after applying the mixture for twenty minutes.

get instant glow

7-Brighten Up Complexion

Everyone wants fairness skin and this would be possible when you are eating perfect diet. Mostly people use fairness creams to get brighter looking face and skin but this is not the permanent solution. Take few strawberries, crush them and add few drops of rose essential oil into it. Mix both the things nicely and apply it on your skin by scrubbing gently for five minutes. Wash off with clear water and feel the experience of radiate and fairness skin naturally.

beauty tips for skin fairness

8-Soothe Skin Inflammation

In order to heal skin inflammation the natural product is fresh extracted gel of Aloe Vera which is an ideal soother that makes your skin glowing and prettiest. Apply the Aloe Vera gel on the affected area of your face and let it stay fifteen minutes. After the required period wash off with fresh cool water and also rub an ice cube for just 2 to 3 minutes.

soothe skin inflammation

9-Skin Exfoliation

Skin Exfoliation is very important for you in order to get rid of dead skin cells because dead skin cells cause to reduce your beauty. Dead cells on our skin created when epidermis’s pores are clogged with dead cell and skin can’t breathe which causes dull skin, breakouts and ageing effects. You can exfoliate your skin by using natural products or by visiting specialist this problem can be reduced.

skin exfoliation

10-Avoid Stress

 In Today’s world it is not possible to get rid of stress and tension but in spite of all this for maintaining your skin texture, it is necessary to be happy and avoid the stress as you can.  You should try to schedule your routine in such a way that stress and complications of life may not affect your health because if you are healthy then everything is fine. Try to make a habit of walk and keep yourself busy in the work. Take care of your health and enjoy prosperous life.

avoid stress

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