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Top Ten Tips to Sleep Better

Sound and better sleep is very important for your health both mentally and physically because it boost your mood and gives you energy even for a longer life. It is medically proved that eight hours of sleep is very important for the human health as it is certainly a biological necessity just like eating. So better night sleep not only affects your whole health but its delay disturbs many functions of the body that results many diseases as well. Actually there are no hard & fast roles or solutions for better sleeping and it is up to you that how you maintain your schedule for making your sleeping comfortable. The research found that women less sleep than men and that’s why now women are high victims of many diseases due to their sleep issues as compared to men. Having said all this, by managing your life style you can decrease sleeping issues to greater extent. Here I will give you best tips that surely help you to sleep better. Just follow the list below and by implementing these tips you will get maximum results regarding sleep and overall health.

1-Set a Sleep Schedule

As stated above that there are no hard and fast roles for your better sleeping but you can resolve sleeping issues by following this tip. According to Dr. Breus one simple but most effective way to make your sleep better is that set a schedule and implements it strictly. At every time go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time and by doing this a week you will see improvements in your sleep and health. Actually sleeping on regular time results to maintain your biological clock steady allowing you to rest and feel better. The latest research also found that light exposure also has an impact over body’s weight and it could have an impact on hunger and metabolism as well.

tips for better sleeping

2-Keep a Sleep Diary

One effective method to improve your sleep is to check your sleeping habits for at least a week. For this purpose keep a diary with you and write all the habits that you examine during your sleep. Write down the previous sleep timing, the timing when you go to bed and how long it takes to sleep. Also write down that how many times you wake up during your sleep and in the morning what you feel, I mean you feel better or tense? Besides that, also mention factors in your diary like your daily routine, exercise, what you ate close to sleeping etc. In the end make comparison of your daily routine with sleeping pattern because it will tell you the entire story that where to make the changes.

keep a sleep diary for better sleeping

3-Stop Smoking

Having lots of chronic and fatal diseases, Smoking is also one of the major issues that not sleep you better. Nicotine presents in cigarettes is the major factor that prevents you from falling asleep because nicotine is a stimulant. The latest studies on sleep found that after a night sleep smokers experience four times not feeling good and relax as compared to those who are not smokers. Besides sleeping, smoking also causes other fatal diseases like breathing disorders. So prevention of smoking is very important to make yourself secure from diseases.

stop smoking if you want to take a better sleep

4-Review your Medications

By adopting natural means and ways you can overcome sleep issues but if you are taking prescribed medicines then review it on daily basis. For example if you are using Beta Blockers which is usually prescribed for high blood pressure then it may cause Insomnia as well. You can replace it while it happens by SSRIs. Similarly write down every medicine you take and then consult your doctor for evaluating that how they can be useful for better sleeping.

methods for better sleep


Taking exercise on regular basis not only makes you fit and healthy strong but also facilitates you to sleep better. Dr. Shives says that taking exercise keeps you elevated four about four hours and when your body started cools downs then it results to release melatonin which is sleep inducing enzyme resulting it to get you drowsy. But remember don’t take exercise within four hours of bedtime.

for better sleeping take exercise

6-Cut Caffeine

The Coffee, Cola and tea are included in Caffeine and for better sleeping cut caffeine after 2pm. It is because Caffeine is actually a stimulant that prevents your brain to allow you deep sleep. The reason is that it stays near about eight hours in your system, so after 2pm taking it is not good for your better sleeping. There may be some benefits of it also but after dinner when you take caffeine then due to its long staying period in the system it will not fall you asleep.

cut caffeine after 2pm

7-Stay Cool

Decorate your room according to your own taste and style and add those things that give you good feelings. The experts usually suggest that bedroom thermostat should be between 65 and 75 Fahrenheit. The thing is that actually you have to decide whether you feel good under this temperature or not. So cool atmosphere results to produce melanin in the body which facilitates to fell asleep. Before going to bed it is also good to take the hot shower because by doing this your body temperature will be raised and after that it slowly slows down in the cooling air making your body to feel sleepy.

stay cool for relaxing

8-Spray a Sleep Inducing Scent

Actually for sleeping better you have to create such an environment that allows you to feel sleepy and by spraying sleep inducing scent you can feel sleepy. For this purpose some smells like ylang-ylang, lavender and chamomile have the ability to activate alpha waves in the back of brain which leads to feel you relax and helps to sleep you better. Just mix few drops of water and essential oil in a scent bottle and spray it on your body.

sleep inducing scent

9-Eliminate Sneaky Light Sources

Dr. Shives says that light is actually a powerful source that signals to your brain to be awake. The studies found that even the glow from your smart phone or any other electronics can affect your sleep because the glow of these electronics passes through your closed eyelids that retains into hypothalamus which is the part of the brain whose function is to control sleep. In this way the sleep producing hormones delays to function, so darker the room means comfortable sleep.

eliminate sneaky lights

10-Check your Pillow Position

Pillow position also has an impact over your sleeping because for falling asleep your spine and neck should be in straight line. Before Sleeping asks your spouse to check whether your spine and neck are in line or not. If your neck is raised then take that pillow which helps you to sleep in better alignment position.  So by using these tip I am sure that you will certainly reduces all those factors which delays or not makes you falls asleep.

for better sleeping check your pillow position

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