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Top Ten Superfoods that Boost Your Mood

It is a fact that good food means good life but selecting better from plenty of foods is really a difficult task. Everything in this Universe is created for some purpose and same is the case with fruits and vegetable. In our daily routine we eat many things without knowing their importance. There are lots of fruits and vegetables which not only make your health better but also boost your mood as well. Always use those food items in your diet which are rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients and phytochemicals. These ingredients help you to deal with the stress and anxiety making you relax and happy. The research study found that there are some foods that boost your mood and make you more relaxed & easy. The interesting thing is that these food items are not much expensive and are affordable to almost everyone. Here in this entire article we will give you health tips and tell you those Superfoods that will make your mind sharper and relax in just minutes. Let’s take a look at the list of Top ten Superfoods that Boost Your Mood.


You eat chocolate only for its delicious taste but the research found that it is also beneficial to boost your mood in just seconds. Chocolates are more than delicious treat because dark chocolate improves cognitive function of the body. Black Chocolate can prevent or reduced dementia and Alzheimer as well. As you consume darker chocolate very similarly it boosts up your mood. The reason behind this is that when you eat black chocolate it slows down the production of those hormones that causes stress for you. By doing this the level of anxiety automatically slows down. Furthermore, it helps to release endorphins in the brain leaving the feelings of well-being that stays with you for several hours.

chocolates boost your mood


Bananas are really a powerhouse of potassium and contains rich amount of minerals, vitamins and especially tryptophan that raises serotonin level in your body. These all stated compounds are responsible to boost your mood by releasing anxiety and tensions far away than you. Vitamin B6 present in Banana has the ability to convert tryptophan into serotonin which is the mood lifting hormone. This result to feel you better & give you a better night sleeps as well. Having the greater source of iron, bananas are very effective in releasing depression.

bananas rich is potassium


 Having the powerhouse of antioxidants, Cherries are another major and affordable natural ingredients that keeps you relax and energetic. It is up to you that how you use Cherries, you can include them in pie, mix in milk and can eat as they are. Having rich amount of oxidants, cherries also contains special natural compounds like serotonin and melatonin that get rid of stress allowing you to sleep perfectly without any tension.

health ingredients for boosting mood


Having rich in taste and antioxidants, Berries are natural food that is very effective in reducing stress and depression. Actually Berries helps your brain to function properly and results to improve the cognitive function. By promoting positive energy they make you feel good and well-being as they stimulate the production of special enzymes called feel good enzymes that result to prevent some fatal diseases like cancer. In the end in simple words I will recommend berries to replace with traditional popcorn due to its importance. Just take fresh frozen berries while watching film or TV that will surely feels you good and also helps to stay you healthy for the long period of time.

berries makes your mood good in just seconds


At number five there comes Avocados in our list that contains rich amount of healthy fats which helps to raise the level of dopamine. It also increases the level of endorphins as well. You can use Avocados according to your own taste & choice, they can be used in salads or in the form of shakes you can enjoy the taste. This will surely lift up your mood in just minutes feeling you fresh and relax.


6-Green Tea

Like berries, Green tea is rich in stress reducing compounds that makes your mind sharper and boost up your mood in just seconds. People are using green tea for thousands of years due to its extra ordinary benefits regarding health. It contains amino acids, antioxidants and very important L-theanine which is famously known as stress reducing compound that improves your mood by releasing tensions and anxiety. Furthermore L-theanine present in Green tea sharpens your mind and increase focus and mental alertness.

take green tea and make your brain sharp


Nuts are very important ingredients that make you overall healthy and active. Among the nuts, walnuts improve cell health because they contain essential fats. Besides that boosting mood, walnuts have the ability to optimize the cell wall composition and also cause to reduce the cholesterol in the blood. Reducing cholesterol in the blood means normal blood circulation which gives you sense of well-being and happiness.

walnuts boost up your mood

8-Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens are an effective natural Superfood which is very useful in decreasing stress and anxiety. Folic acid is found in dark leafy greens which help to improve functioning of nerves and muscles. Other green vegetables that is equally good for boosting mood includes spinach. The latest research suggests that the lower magnesium level in the body results in dropping the level of serotonin which is actually the major reason of getting depression.

important food to boost up your mood and health


Tyrosine is the major factor that influences to your mood and if someone is lacking the desired amount of tyrosine, then the chances of depression increase. Norepinephrine and dopamine are two very important neurotransmitters which are actually the building block of tyrosine. In this scenario turkey and chicken are full in Tyrosine and also amino acids that facilitate the body to fight against stress most actively and efficiently.

chicken is very useful for your health


The last but certainly not the least name in our countdown is of Salmon. The studies proved that those people who eat vegetables get less stress and fatal diseases as compared to those who are not vegetarians. But Salmon has solved this problem because Omega-3 fatty acids is very important ingredient which is almost found in every green vegetables but the people who are not vegetarians can use salmon in their diet due to its availability in rich form. The proper use of Omega-3 fatty acids will definitely reduce anxiety and stress making your more relaxed and healthy.

salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids

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