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Top Ten Superfoods for Gorgeous Hair and Skin

Proper and perfect diet plays an important role in improving your general health conditions but lack of proper nutrition in the body results hair damage & reduces hair growth as well. Diet has massive impact on your overall health that also helps to reduce your excessive hair loss and slow hair growth to greater extent. Now a day’s hair loss is the biggest problem that is most serious in men as compared to women. There are many reasons behind this such as Underlying illness, Stress, genetic predisposition and side effects of using hair care products. Hair growth and Hair Loss can be minimized by using proper nutrition and for these purpose varieties of nutrition are required which includes Vitamins A, C, E, B5, and B6 & B12. Besides these vitamins Zinc, protein, Silica, essential fatty acids and germanium are also necessary for your gorgeous and beautiful hair and skin. The best way to get these entire things is what you eat rather than spending lots of money on hair growth products. We have brought to you a list of top ten Superfoods for Gorgeous Hair and Skin. Let’s have a look.


Salmon comes at the top of our list and there are lots of reasons to be placed salmon at the top. The Salmon keeps all the essential ingredients that are essential and necessary for healthy hair. It is full of omega-3 fatty acids, Protein, Vitamin D, B12 and iron. The Omega-3 fatty acids are also very important for your hair because they keep your scalp hydrated and supple. In the absence of above stated ingredients, hair becomes dull and even results in Hair loss. So use salmon in your routine diet and enjoy the fresh and shiny hair. You can use baked, smoked or grilled salmon and it depends which type you prefer to eat.



For the texture and healthy hair, the body needs lots of protein because hair are made up of Keratin which is actually a protein, so getting better and excessive protein eggs have no comparable. There may be lots of resources to get protein but eggs keeps high quality protein which is the best natural quality product for your shiny and healthy hair. Eggs are also the blessings for those who are losing their hair. Eggs contain vitamin B and biotin that helps to reduce and prevent hair loss.

natural ingredient rich in proteins


Nuts are natural and important ingredients which make your hair shining & healthy and help to prevent your hair loss as well. Nuts contain variety of nutrients that are essential for healthy hair. It has Vitamins, Proteins, healthy fats and minerals which are of utmost important for hair and even our general health conditions. The use of nuts on regular basis will make you and your hair shiny for a long time. Just take few nuts everyday; especially soaking nuts over night in water are very useful.

nuts for health hair


Quality and healthy hair depends on quality protein and if we talk about Beef then it is one of the best sources of getting protein. It has much amount of protein plus vitamins and iron & zinc. For enjoying healthy life and shining hair you have to take the lean beef at least 2 to 3 times in a week and for getting better results always take fresh beef. Use the fresh beef according to your taste & choice. You can use it in main dish, can make soap and use it as a salad as well.

fresh beef

5-Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are really a natural gift especially to those who are suffering hair problems, because it contains lots of hair preventing natural ingredients such are Selenium, Protein, Copper, Iron, Biotin, Zinc, Potassium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex. Omega-6 fatty acids are also found in higher amount in Sunflower seeds. You can use it in many ways, these can be used as salads by sprinkling over the food and by mixing in dishes Sunflower seeds can be used.

Top ten ways to make your hair healthy

6-Green Peas

Green Peas are also important ingredients which are easily available in the markets as it keeps variety of minerals & vitamins and also have rich amount of Zinc, iron and potassium which are responsible of keeping your hair healthy, shining, and beautiful. Green Peas contains rich amount of Vitamin C which is an essential element that helps follicles in their optimal growth. Besides that Vitamin C, it contains Vitamin B as well (B6, B12) which produces red blood cells for carrying nutrition & oxygen throughout the body including scalp. Use Green peas as you like.

green peas

7-Cottage Cheese

At number seven there comes Cottage Cheese which is an important food for your hair. The dry scalp causes dry hair so there is need to keep scalp away from dryness and for this purpose proteins in the right form are essential for your hair. Cottage Cheese contains two high quality proteins like casein and whey which prevent all those factors which causes dry scalp. Furthermore it also keeps vitamins as well that includes vitamin D and vitamin B5 that play their part in the hair growth.

cottage cheese


As being the king of fruits, Mango is full in vitamins and minerals which not only provides power to your body but also nourishes dull hair as well. If we talk about its richness then it is rich in vitamin C which is the major and essential part that makes collagen. Collagen are responsible to give structure to hair and without the presence of Vitamin C, iron deficiency occurs that disturb the normal hair growth and results in hair loss.  The Vitamin A & E present in mango helps to reduce dandruff and improves the scalp circulation respectively.



The US Department of Agriculture ranked Blueberries 1st among the forty common vegetables and fruits. Blueberries are very helpful to make you healthy and active. It also helps to give you shiny and healthy hair and skin as well. Blueberries contain antioxidants that provide you extra caring & protect you from ageing effects. So take half a cup of blueberries in your cereal or yogurt on daily basis and live a healthy life full of energy.

blueberries keeps you fit and healthy


Spinach is another lovely addition in your diet that makes you healthy for the long period of time. This leafy green vegetable is rich in nutrients & antioxidants. The magical effect of Spinach is on your eyes that makes sparkling & healthy as it contains Lutein in rich amount. Besides that Spinach also provide Vitamins B, C & E and calcium, potassium, iron and Omega-3 fatty acids which are very important ingredients to make you healthier and active.

spinach, helps to make hair healthy

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