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Top Ten Richest People in the World 2015

The New Year is finally inn and everyone is accepting well in this year 2015. With the coming of New Year everyone is exited to know the ups and downs happened in the whole previous year and the future forecast of everything related to entertainment, sports, business, media and many more. Here we have touched the topic of world’s billionaires. There are lots of people in this planet who are richest, it is not the matter of their ups & downs in rankings but the reality is that they are in fact the richest in the world. If we search their history then we have come to know that these people’s beginning was very humble and hard working, they utilized their talent in the right direction with 100% passion and commitment and the end result was their success. In this article we will tell you that who has managed to climb the ladder, who retained and who declined. Here we bring to you a list of Top ten Richest People of the World in 2015. This list is based according to the current rankings of Forbes Magazine. Let’s have a look.

1-Bill Gates (American)

The 59 years old Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is the richest person in this planet having the net worth of $81.1 billion as of 2015. He is an American Inventor, Computer programmer, investor, Business Magnate and Philanthropist. Gates got the reputation as the co founder of world’s largest PC software company Microsoft with his partner Paul Allen where he remained as the CEO and chairman of this company for a long time. He was born on 28 October 1955 in Seattle, Washington, USA. In 2000 he created the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as the philanthropist institution. He is using his larger amount of money for the social issues across the globe where Bill & Melinda Gates has donated 30 billion dollars since 2000 and its foundation mainly is working to eradicate polio from all over the world.  Besides in September 2014 his foundation pledged 50 million dollars to fight against Ebola which is heavily found in West Africa. Besides that he is also working for the improvement of worldwide education. It’s no doubt that he is the largest philanthropist in the world ever in the history.

world's richest people

2-Warren Buffet (American)

The 84 years old Warren Buffet is the 2nd richest person in the globe having the net worth of 73.8 billion dollars as of January 2015. The major sources of his income are Berkshire Hathaway and self made. He was born on 30 August 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska (USA) and is the American business Magnate, Philanthropist and investor. He is considered as the world’s most successful business investor in the 20th century and made his consistent position in the world’s top richest people. In 2008 he achieved his position as the richest people of the world where in 2011 he was ranked third. Warren is known as Sage of Omaha due to his greatest influence in the Americans economy as we talk about Berkshire Hathaway who is the 5th most valuable company in USA having approximately 350 billion dollars of market cap.

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3-Carlos Slim Helu & Family (Mexican)

The 74 years old Carlos Slim Helu is the 3rd richest person in the world having $72.6 billion as of 31 December 2014 according to the Forbes Magazine.  He belongs to Mexico and is the magnate businessman, Philanthropist and investor.  He got the top position among the world’s richest people from 2010 to 2013 but in 2014 and onward he declined with one position and replaced by Warren Buffet. Carlos is that person who has greatest influence in the Mexican Business through his largest networks of Conglomerate, SA de CV and Grupo Carso which is spreading in many fields like real estates, Communication, retailing, technology, finance, airlines and media. Besides that his business is spreading in everywhere in the world and you can guess that if you are making a phone call in anywhere or near Latin America then there are lots of chances that you are using the Carlos Slim’s network. There are lots more to tell about Carlos but we can’t explain in this short article.

mexican businessman

4-Amancio Ortega (Spanish)

Amancio Ortega comes at number four in the list of top ten richest people of the World. He belongs to Spain where his major wealth contributor segments are Retail & Self made. In the past year he added 7 billion dollars in his net worth where in the past two years he collected almost 26.5 billion dollars including the worth of $7 billion. He is the owner of 65.6 billion dollars as of July 2014 and is the Spanish Fashion Executive & also the Inditex Fashion’s group chairman. In 2011 he was retired from the Inditex as the chairman yet he owns almost 60% of its shares. Besides that he keeps a growing portfolio of real estate whose net worth is estimated at nearly five billion dollars.

spanish richest person

5-Larry Ellison (American)

Having the net worth of $53.6 billion as of January 2015, the American Businessman Larry Ellison is the 5th richest person in this planet. He was born on 17 August 1944 in Lower Estate Side, New York (USA) and is the former chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation which is the software company. In 2013 his salary was 77 million dollars; Larry also donates up to 1% of his net worth to charity. In the early 1970s while he was working for Ampex Corporation he influenced on relational database design which led the foundation of Oracle in 1977. The creation of Oracle gave him great worldwide popularity because it proved a successful database vender to the mid and especially for the lower database systems and it also competed other world’s famous brands like Sybase & Microsoft SQL Server.

american richest person

6-Christy Walton & Family (American)

At number six there comes Christy Walton who was born in 1955 and is the widow of John T. Walton who was the founder of the Wal-Mart. He is the owner of 41.7 billion dollars net worth according to the Forbes Magazine as of 2014. He is also the richest woman in the world followed by L‘Oreal Liliane who has one billion short than Christy Walton. As of September 2014 the next richest to Christy is her Sister in law who is 3 billion dollars behind. She is also the largest philanthropist in the world as women where Conde Nast ranked her as the highest philanthropist’s woman in the world because from her net worth of 16.3 billion dollars she donated 3.5 billion dollars in the years 2002 to 2006.

world's richest person

7-Jim Walton (American)

The 67 years old American Jim Walton keeps the net worth of 40.8 billion dollars as of 2014 and is ranked as the 7th richest person in the world. The major amount of his income comes from Wal-Mart where he is the largest shareholder of it exceeding the stake of 31 billion dollars. He is the third child of Sam Walton who is the founder of the Wal-Mart which is operating as the 11,000 stores worldwide by generating 476 billion dollars as sales. Jim Walton replaced his deceased brother on 28 September 2005 and included in the Wal-Mart’s board of directors. Currently he is working in the Strategic planning and Finance committee as its member. He is also the chairman of Arvest bank Group, Inc.

american businessman

8-Charles Koch (American)

The American Businessman and Philanthropist Charles Koch come at number eight with net worth of $40.6 billion according to the current rankings of Forbes Magazine. The 79 years old Charles was born on 1 November 1935 in Wichita, Kansas (USA) and is the chief executive officer of the Koch Industries. He is also the chairman of the board and co owner of Koch Industries. David H. Koch who is the brother of Charles is the executive vice president of Koch Industries. According to the survey of Forbes in 2010 the Koch industry was the 2nd largest private company in the United States of America by revenue. Koch was declared as the 9th richest person in the world by Forbes in February 2014 as keeping the estimated net worth of 34 billion dollars.

wal-mart chairman

9-David Koch (American)

Having the net worth of 40.6 billion dollars he got the 9th place in our countdown. Although both Charles Koch & David Koch have equal amount of net worth but David is listed at number nine. The American Businessman, Philanthropist, Chemical Engineer and political activist David Koch was born on 3 May 1940 in Wichita, USA. He is the co owner of the Koch industries with his elder brother Charles Koch; currently he is the executive vice president of Koch Industries which is the 2nd largest company in the USA which is running its business on Private scales. Besides having all he is also taking an active part for welfare of the society and donated too many institutions like Lincoln Center, Sloan Kettering and many others.

brother of charles koch

10-Alice Walton (American)

Having the net worth of $39.3 billion, Alice Walton is one of the richest women in the world. She was born on 7 October 1949 in New Port, USA and is the daughter of Sam Walton who is the founder of the Wal-Mart. She is also the 2nd richest women in the world which is one billion dollars behind from her sister Christy Walton. The main income of Alice Walton comes from her retailing business names Wal-Mart and self made score is one. She is focusing on art where she is spending her billions to curate the art on the large scale where she opened the Crystal Bridge art museum in 2011 in Bentonville which is her home town.

world's 2nd richest woman

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