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Top Ten Richest Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood is the biggest entertainment and showbiz industry in the world whose stars and celebrities have millions of dollars in their bank accounts. It is because Hollywood movies are made with heavy budget, that’s why the celebrities also get heavy amount of money for their work. The Hollywood fans always remains in touch with their stars, they watches them on television, they see them on big screens but now at the same time you might be curious to know how much of money they have in their bank accounts? Here we have created a list in which we will talk about top ten richest Hollywood celebrities in 2015. So without any further delay let’s have a look.

1-Tyler Perry

Born on 13 September 1969 in New Orleans (United States) Tyler Perry is an American actor, filmmaker, songwriter, author and playwright whose net worth is estimated as 400 million US dollars. This richest Celebrity in Hollywood has written many stage plays during 1990s and most of them remained super hit. Tyler Perry was named as the highest paid celebrity in entertainment by Forbes in 2011 and you can guess how demanding this person is from the figure that between May 2010 and 2011 he earned 130 million US dollars. However his major endeavor has been TV show “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”.

richest Hollywood celebrity

2-Bill Crosby

Having estimated net worth of 350 million US dollars, Bill Crosby is the 2nd richest/Popular Hollywood celebrity who is an American Comedian, actor, producer, author, philanthropist and activist. This legendary artist has a major contribution in Hollywood industry as he appeared in many roles and entertained the audience through his talent and unique performances. The Bill Cosby Show, I Spy, The Cosby Show, The Electric Company, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids are some historical roles that are his recognition and the acceptance of his talent and capabilities.

expensive hollywood celebrity

3-Adam Sandler

At number three there comes another American who has collected the estimated net worth of 300 million US dollars in his career. One of the richest and highly paid Hollywood celebrities Adam Sandler was born on 9 September 1966 in Brooklyn, New York (USA). This talented man is not only an actor but also a comedian, film producer, musician, screen writer and entrepreneur as well. He has done lots of work in all the above mentioned departments but he is mainly known for his comedic roles which he played in various films such as “Happy Gilmore”(1996), “the wedding singer” (1998) etc.

highly paid hollywood celebrity

4-Leonardo DiCaprio

The winner of five academy awards and two golden globe awards is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio who was born on 11 November 1974 in California (USA). The owner of estimated 200 million US dollars Leonardo started his career in 1989 from TV commercials and after that appeared in television serials where he appreciated a lot. In 1993 his first film “This Boy’s Life” was released in which he really stunned the audience by displaying his talent and skills. In 1995 from the drama “The Basketball diaries” he got major recognition and fame from the public.

most demanding hollywood celebrity

5-Julia Roberts

One of the prettiest and highly paid actresses in Hollywood Julia Roberts is the owner of estimated 165 million US dollars right now. She is not only and actress but also producer as well who was born on 28 October 1967 in Smyrna (USA). Throughout 1990s Julia Roberts remained the highest paid actress in the world, in “Pretty Woman” (1990) which was the romantic comedy film she received 300,000 US dollars. That was the movie which made her Hollywood superstar by earning 464 million US dollars worldwide. She was named as the 50th most beautiful women in the world by People Magazine.

julia roberts, richest hollywood celebrity


6-Drew Carey

Before entering in the world of entertainment Drew Carey used to serve the United States Marine Corps. He made its place among the top ten richest Hollywood celebrities due to his talent and hard work. After realizing that he has skills and germs of becoming actor, he worked in his own sitcom “The Drew Carey Show” where he became the attention of everyone. This talented actor, sports executive, comedian and game show host has the net worth of $165 million that shows how much demanding artist he is. He started his career in 1991 which is still continuing with demand.

most expensive hollywood celebrity


7-Jennifer Aniston

Born on 11 February 1969 in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles (USA), Jennifer Aniston has the alone owner of estimated 150 million US dollars till now. This prettiest and enchanting beauty is the daughter of John Aniston (actor) and Nancy Dow (actress) who started her career in 1987 while she gained popularity from the Sitcom “Friends” in which she played the role of Rachael Green. That role not only earned her worldwide fame and recognition but also got Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guide Award and Prime time Emmy Awards as well. Men’s Health Magazine named her Sexiest Woman of all time.

most beautiful celebrity in hollywood

8-Robert Downey Jr

The people who love Hollywood movies Robert Downey Jr. is not the new name at all. He is a famous American actor having net worth of $140 million who has been on the big screen since his entry in Hollywood at the age of five. He started his career at the age of five from the movie “Pound” (1970) which was his father’s directed film. After that he appeared in many super hit movies including Iron Man 3. In 2012 and 2013 he was declared as a highest paid actor in the world by Forbes Magazine having earnings of 75 million US dollar collectively.

hollywood richest celebrity

9-Drew Barrymore

At number nine there comes another American female Hollywood celebrity who is not only expert in acting but she is also a model, producer, author and director as well. Drew started her career in Advertisement and at that time she was just eleven month old. Altered States was her debut movie which she made in 1980. She also received many important awards during her career in which Screen Actors Guide award and Golden Globe award as a best actress in Miniseries are top of the list.

hollywood prettiest celebrity

10-Angelina Jolie

The Hollywood actress who has broken the hearts of millions of people across the globe through her beauty and smile Angelina Jolie is the owner of 120 million US dollars in the present time. She is among very few actresses which are being talked by every person in the world. Born on 4 June 1975 in Los Angeles, California (USA), she is a filmmaker, humanitarian and of course impeccable actress in the world. She has done remarkable work during her entire career because his award’s list is very long that shows how much demanding actress she is. She is richly deserved to be placed in the list of top ten.

most popular hollywood celebrity

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