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Top Ten Richest Hollywood Actors

Acting is really a tough job as it requires talent, beauty, hard work, commitment, passion and thirst to become super star. There is surely a big difference between acting, non acting and over acting, that’s why people loved their favorite celebrities and follows their styles, quotes and looks that they have. It is not an easy to become the favorite super star of everyone in the world as it depends on hard world, luck and unique style that people loved. Whenever the new movie or drama of these super stars releases, the first question that comes in our minds is about hero and other casts of that film. There are lots of shining stars in Hollywood industry who have done really an amazing work throughout their career but among them few are very popular and highly paid in the world. In this special created article we will talk about top ten richest Hollywood actors in 2015 that are also stylish and have attractive personalities. Let’s have a look.

1-Jerry Seinfeld ($820 Million)

Having the net estimated fortune of 820 million US dollars and fabulous personality, Jerry Seinfeld is an American comedian, producer, actor and writer who is the richest Hollywood actor till now.  Born on 29 April 1954 in Brooklyn, New York (USA) Jerry started his career in 1976 but he got commercial success from the sitcom “Seinfeld” (1989-1998) which was his own co-created and co-written. He has performed in various genres in his career that includes observational comedy, black comedy and political satire. In 2005 Jerry was named as the 12th greatest stand-up comedian of all time by Comedy Central.

richest hollywood actor

2-Mel Gibson ($800 Million)

Having the impressive height of 5ft 10 inches and the owner of estimated net worth of 800 million US dollars is none other than Mel Gibson who is the 2nd richest/highly paid actor in Hollywood in the present time. This multi-talented person is also filmmaker including actor who was born on 3 January 1956 in Peekskill, New York (USA). His active career was started in 1976 and he is best known as an action hero where the unforgettable roles like Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon Buddy Cop) are his worldwide recognition. In 1995 he received Academy award for best director, Golden Globe award and Academy award for best picture for his self produced, directed epic historical drama film “Braveheart”.

hollywood highly paid actor

3-Tom Cruise ($480 Million)

The 52 years old American actor and filmmaker Tom Cruise is the 3rd richest Hollywood actor having the net estimated fortune of 480 million US dollars. The winner of Golden Globe awards for three time and having nominations for Academy Awards for three times was born on 3 July 1962 in Syracuse, New York (USA). Tom started his career in 1981 at a very early age of 19 from the film “Endless Love” while his first leading role came from the film “Risky Business” (romantic movie) which was released in August 1983.

tom, one of the richest hollywood actor

4-Jack Nicholson ($480 million)

Having nominations of twelve academy awards in his career, Jack Nicholson has become the most nominated male actor in the history of academy awards. This one of the highly paid actor in Hollywood has the net worth of 480 million US dollars right now. The 78 years old American actor and filmmaker is known for portraying challenging and unique roles throughout his career. He earned many awards in his career including Academy awards, Grammy awards and golden globe awards. In 1994 Jack got American Film Institute’s Life Achievement award that made him as one of the youngest actor to be awarded that type of award.

greatest holywood actor of all time

5-Johnny Depp ($450 Million)

The 5th spot in our list is occupied by Johnny Depp who is multi-talented celebrity having expertise in production, musician including acting.  The winner of Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guides Award Johnny started his professional career in 1984 but he raised to fame in 1980s from the TV series “21 Jump Street” where he became the teen idol. Since that achievement and worldwide fame and recognition he has appeared in many super hit movies in which he performed the challenging roles that show how much talent he has. He has net estimated fortune of 450 million US dollars till now.

richest hollywood actor having $450 million

6-Tyler Perry ($400 Million)

Born on 13 September 1969 in New Orleans (USA) Tyler Perry is the 6th richest Hollywood actor right now having the net worth of 400 million US dollars. He is multi-talented celebrity in Hollywood that wrote many stage plays as an author during 1990s and got great appreciation and worldwide popularity. In 2011 Tyler was named as the highest paid celebrity/man in the world of entertainment by Forbes Magazine. Besides actor, he is also filmmaker, author, playwright and songwriter and has countless fans following in across the globe.

world's highly paid actor

7-Tom Hanks ($390 Million)

Tom Hanks is the 7th richest Hollywood actor in our list having the net estimated fortune of 390 million US dollars. This multi-talented and one of the highly paid actors in the world was born on 9 July 1956 in Concord, California (USA). He has appeared in many super hit movies in his career and achieved lots of awards including Golden Globe award, Academy Award, Screen Actors Guide award and People’s Choice Award. Tom started his professional career in 1978 and since then entertained everyone across the globe with his unique style of acting. Among his super hit movies some are “Catch Me if you can”, “Da Vinci Code” and Apollo “13”.

one of the richest actor in Hollywood

8-Bill Cosby ($380 Million)

The king of comedy Bill Cosby is not only an actor but also an author, activist and philanthropist who started his professional career in 1962. Cosby is considered as one of the most prominent names in the world of entertainment. He appeared in many super hit movies and grabbed fame and recognition in all over the world. He has acted in many genres that include observational comedy, deadpan, satire and surreal humor. His notable works and roles are I Spy, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, The Electric Company and many more. His estimated net worth is 380 million US dollars till now.

greatest hollywood comedian of all time

9-Clint Eastwood ($375 Million)

At number nine there comes Clint Eastwood who is the owner of 375 million US dollars in the present time. Born on 31 May 1930 in San Francisco, California (USA) Clint is the multi-talented celebrity who has been the essential part of Hollywood since his debut. The 85 years old Clint Eastwood started his professional career in 1954 but he raised to fame and worldwide recognition during 1960s from the film “Dollars trilogy of Spaghetti Westerns” in which he played the role as the Man with no name. He is very aged now but still is one of the highly paid actors in Hollywood industry.

most popular hollywood actor

10-Adam Sandler ($340 Million)

Best known for his comedic roles, Adam Sandler was born on 9 September 1966 in Brooklyn, New York (USA) and is one of the most popular/highly paid actors in the world. After the success of being cat member of “Saturday Night Live” he appeared in many super hit Hollywood films and earned lots of money and fame together. Adam is not only a leading actor but also expert in other fields like screenwriting and film production. His upcoming movies which are expected to release very soon are Pixels and Hotel Transylvania 2.  His net worth is estimated as 340 million US dollars till now.

adam sandler, one of the highly paid actor in hollywood

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