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Top Ten Most Seductive Perfumes for Men

Being seductive and feeling romantic and sexy is not only the case with women because men also want to be seductive and attractive. Actually pleasant and seductive smell provided charming attraction and beauty to everyone whether men or women. Just like clothes, perfumes are one of the most important items of our daily routine. It is because perfumes actually reflect our personality and style and makes us attractive and appealing. In this scenario the only thing that you have to do is to select the best perfume according to your own taste and personality. This task seems to be difficult because there are lots of top/romantic perfumes for men are available in the market having different fragrances but you need some awareness to choose the better one from the cluster of fragrances. Here I have generated a list in which you will find different top perfumes that fits to your personality and style. So without any further delay let’s have a look at the list of top ten most seductive perfumes for men in 2015.

1-Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein

Created in 2010 whose cover face is of Ben Hill (super model), Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein is one of the most popular/selling perfumes in the market. This new fragrance for men is made from the composition of modern, aquatic woody and casual. Eternity Aqua for men contains accords of citruses, cold cucumber, green leaves and lotus. The heart of the perfume contains Mirabelle Plum, Cedar, Sichuan Pepper and lavender. The base blooms with the union of sandalwood, musk, patchouli and Guaiac wood. This effortless fragrance fits for a refined and confident man. So buy it without any questions whatsoever because it will increase your personality and gives you feelings of romance and happiness.

best perfume for men

2-Colonia by Acqua Di Parma

 Acqua Di Parma began to make fragrances from the small factory in Parma where in 1916 the first fragrance was created and that was none other than Colonia. In this way this fragrance is now have become one of the most selling perfumes in the market. In making it most popular lots of expertise has been involved. Colonia by Acqua Di Parma actually a citrus fragrance which is composed of jasmine, lavender, Sicilian citrus, Bulgarian rose, rosemary, light musk and amber. Having 180 ml bath oil, the bottle of this fragrance is very attractive and elegant which is designed in Italian way.

colonia by acqua di parma

3-Tom Ford’s Noir

The top quality fragrance having twin aspects (oriental & sensuous) Tom Ford’s Noir comes at 3rd place in our list. This perfume has unique features that make it superior to others because when you spray it then three types of fragrances comes out from the bottle that is spicy, bitter and greenish scent. This incredible perfume can be used at any time in the day. The notes that are included in making this perfume are Violet flower, black pepper oil, benzoin resin, Bergamot, opoponax and Tuscan iris. Overall Tom Ford’s Noir is an excellent cool weather fragrance which is pretty much suitable for evening.

tom ford's noir, the best selling men perfume

4-Dior Homme by Christian Dior

This woody floral musk perfume is one of the most seductive/romantic perfumes in the market that was launched in 2011 and since then its popularity is increasing by every passing day. The main feature of this product is that at the time of dries down it gives an unusual and excellent depth. Dior Homme by Christian Dior is composed of variety of notes where the top notes are bergamot, sage and lavender while the middle notes comprises of amber, iris, cardamom and cacao. The base notes are leather, patchouli and Tahitian vetiver.

men's top perfume

5-Creed Cologne

Creed Cologne is one of the best examples of quality, design and craftsmanship that give a unique style and feelings of sexiness and romance. This seductive and romantic perfume comes with wonderful smell with luxury packaging that feels you more attractive and stylish. If you are searching for masculine and mature perfume then you can choose this with full confidence because having mature scent it is bit of spicy too. The notes that are used in the composition of this quality fragrance are lemon, pink pepper, bitter green galbanum, musk, sandalwood and bergamot.

creed colonge

6-Tom Ford Black Orchid Cologne

Tom Ford is the designer who launched this fragrance for the first time where the presence of rich fruits accords in this luxury scent helps to give that fragrance which is actually made according to the skin’s nature. The sensual and timeless Tom Ford Black Orchid Cologne is formulated by the following notes, Ylang Ylang, jasmine, lotus wood, effervescent, balsam, vanilla, sandalwood, incense, bergamot, patchouli and vetiver. Besides that having top quality ingredients, the luxurious-retro glam black bottle gives you an amazing feeling too. The presence of orchids and spice provides you that type of experience in which any woman falls in love with you.

black orchid by tom ford perfume

7-Terre D’Hermes by Hermes

Available in several scents that include grapefruit, pepper, orange, cedar, gunflint, geranium, silex, benzoin and patchouli, Terre D’Hermes by Hermes is really the fantastic perfume produced from the house of Hermes. Terre D’Hermes is made especially for those who want to wear it on the romantic occasions because it creates vivid memories due to its special ingredients mentioned above. Overall this is the best perfume for a man that is especially designed to feel you good and boost confidence. So I recommend you to apply this perfume on the points of body’s pulses like crease of arm, base of throat etc.

most seductive perfume for men

8-Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

The number eight on our list is occupied by Angel Men by Thierry Mugler which is one of the most selling/demanding men’s perfumes in the market. This classy fragrance was launched in 1996 and since then it has become men’s favorite scent. Angel Men is sharp woody fragrance that posses a perfect blend of tar and caramel, coffee and mint and lavender. The design of this prettiest and luxurious bottle is made by Thierry Mugler that gave it two variances, rubbery black and shiny metal.

angel men by thierry mugler

9-Calvin Klein Escape

At number nine there comes Calvin Klein Escape as the most seductive perfume for men. If you are searching for best, unique and high quality fragrance then this one surely will be the best choice for you. Why this one is superior and different to other? The presence of blend of rose, apple, mandarin, peach and plum and the top notes that include sandalwood and musk makes it number one and one of the most selling fragrances in the market. Besides that, it contains more fruits as well like floral overtones (less traditional), lychee, French Marigold etc.

calvin klein escape perfume

10-L’homme Yves Saint Laurent

The last but certainly not the least name in our list is of L’homme Yves Saint Laurent that combines unique blend of modernity and luxury in order to give you timeless elegance and attraction. This woody fragrance is composed of important and central ingredients of bergamot, vetiver and ginger. The other notes are as follows, Cedar, basil flower, cedar wood, Tonka bean, White pepper, violet leaves, and Haiti Vetiver and Ozonic notes. Besides that while preparing this fragrance, variety of factors have been included such as body, age, chemistry and stress level.

romantic perfume for men

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