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Top Ten Most Popular Pakistani Female Singers

Do you know who the most popular Pakistani female singers of present time are? Actually Pakistan music history is full of those names and melodious voices that are internationally recognized and are the pride of Pakistan. In this special created article we will talk about those legends Pakistani female singers who are not with us but their melodious voices will always remains with us. Besides that, this article will also give you information about the best Pakistani female singers of present time. This list is based on media survey which was conducted recently. There are lots of names of these melodious voices but we have collected top ten in our list. Let’s have a look.

1-Madam Noor Jehan

Malika-e-Tarannum Noor Jehan is the legend of Pakistan whose work in music and film industry is unforgettable and incomparable. She is actually the most popular female singer in the world of music whose contributions in music are matchless. Even today the singers sing her songs to become popular and familiar. Most of her songs have been sung by almost every singer whether male or female. Madam Noor Jahan not only showed her talent and skills in music but in film industry she proved herself in all aspects. At the age of 74 she died on 23 December 2000 in Karachi (Pakistan).

madam noor jahan

2-Nazia Hassan

The first female pop singer of Pakistan Nazia Hassan comes at number two in our list. She was very cute and beautiful and people were mad for her melodious voice. She still is the heart favorite of millions of people not only in Pakistan but across the world too. This legendary pop music singer was born on 3 April 1965 in Karachi (Pakistan). She became famous not only in Pakistan but all over South Asia from the song “Aap Jaisa Koi” (Indian movie Qurbani) in 1980. Her debut pop music album “Disco Deewane” was the best selling and most successful music album at that time who gave her lots of recognition and fame all over the world.

Nazia Hassan, Pakistani Pop Singer

3-Naheed Akhtar

The legendary Pakistani female playback singer who stole the hearts of millions of people with her melodious and sweet voice is none other than Naheed Akhtar. She sang many songs in her career as a playback singer and all were liked by the audience. Her Ghazals which she sang were so musical that nobody can get out of the trance of melody. Naheed Akhtar was born in Multan and she was surely the replacement of Runa Laila who left Pakistan. Her Debut film was “Nanha Farishta” in which she sang songs as a playback singer and got appreciation from the audience.

melody queen, Naheed Akhtar

4-Hadiqa Kayani

Best known for her matchless style and having melodious voice, Hadiqa Kayani is the most popular and best Pakistani female singer in the present time. Hadiqa is not only a successful singer but also a model, songwriter and businesswoman too. In 2013 Pakistani Reality TV Show (Pakistan Idol) she performed the duties of Judge. Her recent album “Aasman” has remained super hit as before. Due to her talent and different style of singing she is very famous among the people especially young generation is the fan of Hadiqa Kayani.

Hadiqa, leading Pakistani Female singer

5-Rabi Peerzada

The Pakistani female pop singer who is very popular among young generation is none other than Rabi Peerzada who is the daughter of Major Humayoon Peerzada (Former Pakistani Army Officer). This young, talented and energetic singer was born on 3 February 1987 in Quetta (Pakistan). Rabi is the only Karate black-belt holder (Female) from Punjab. In her college life she used to play drum and sang songs occasionally. She began her career from “Sunday ke Sunday” which was the weekly TV show. Her first music album was “Jadoo” in 2005 but she is very popular due to her second album “Mujhe Ishq hai”.

Pop singer, Rabi Peerzada

6-Annie Khalid

Annie whose birth name was Noor-ul-Ain Khalid Annie is an English-Pakistani singer and model who was born on 27 March 1987 in Lahore, Pakistan. She is not only an impressive singer but also a pretty face as well and has killing smile. Annie became hit from her very first song “Mahiya” that gave her huge fame and success not in Pakistan but across the world too. In the years 2006 & 2008 she received the best singer award that shows her popularity and fame. Annie Khalid is also working to promote awareness of health and education.

Annie Khalid

7-Humera Arshad

Humera Arshad is one of those lucky people who got success and fame in the very short period of time while others wait for a long way. This Pakistan pop singer has a melodious voice and fabulous personality. She got classical training under Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali khan and has a perfect command over pop, cultural, folk and Ghazal singing. Humera actually started her career as an actress from “Ainak Wala Jin” (PTV Home Serial). In that serial she played the role of Toofani Nagan. “Chori Kach Di” and “Gal Sun Dholna” are her albums that are very famous among young generation.

Humera Arshad, Pop singer


The queen of folk music Reshma got the 8th spot in our list. This melodious voice is the discovery of radio. She was born in 1947 in Ratangarh, Rajasthan (India) and in spite of not having any formal education she got fame and recognition not only in India but in Pakistan and all over the world due to her melodious and magical voice. In 1960 she appeared for the first time on television. She sang many songs in her entire career where “Meri Humjolio” is considered her Universal song.

folk singer, Reshma

9-Shabnam Majeed

Another queen of melody Shabnam Majeed is really an outstanding singer who have brightened the name of Pakistan not locally but internationally too. Due to her typical style of singing and melodious voice she is considered most melodious female singer in Pakistan after Malika-e-Tarannum Madam Noor Jahan. Shabnam is the heart favorite singer in Pakistan both among men and women. She got international recognition and attraction from the song “Dil Cheez Hai Kya Jana”.

the queen of melody, Shabnam Majeed

10-Fareeha Pervaiz

The last but certainly not the least Fareeha Pervaiz is one of the leading and most demanding female singers in Pakistan music industry. Due to her melodious voice she has received several awards in her career. Fareeha started her career in early 1990s from acting and anchoring but after that she switched herself to singing.  Her career was started from acting where she worked in some drama serials and got good response from the public. In 1996 she released her first music album with the name “Nice and Naughty” and till now she has released seven music albums where most of them remained successful.

Fareeha pervez, top Pakistani Singer

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