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Top Ten Most Popular Male Singers in the World

If we talk about Entertainment then it has totally changed that we see in the past. It is because it has gone to the peak where the existence of anyone in international level depends on its ability and hard work. The people who are able can win the hearts of millions of people and be the idols. It is the reality that music is the food for our soul, that’s why when we feel loneliness and boring then we often listen music to refresh ourselves depending on our mood and taste. Now in the world music has come with ratings and competition. In this scenario some musicians focuses on their money, some compete for popularity while some focuses on producing masterpieces. If we talk about world’s most popular male singers then surely you will recall Michael Jackson or Britney Spears and surely they are but here we have collected top ten those male singers who are most popular in the present time. Let’s have a look at the list of top ten most popular male singers in 2015.


Born in 1978, Usher is an American singer, dancer, songwriter and actor too. He started his career in 1991 but became famous in late 1990s after the releases of his 2nd album “My Way” and that album has been certified for the six times platinum by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Besides that RIAA ranked him as one of the most selling artist in the history of American music because alone in America more than twenty three million copies have been sold which is a record. Usher is also the winner of numerous awards in his career where eight times Grammy Awards are at the top of the list.

world's popular male singer

2-Chris Brown

Born on 5 May 1989 in Tappahannock, Virginia, USA, Chris Brown is an American singer, songwriter, actor, dancer and rapper. He is one of the most popular/richest male singers in the world now. He started to dance and singing in his very early age of life and those skills and passion made him as world’s best and most selling singer in the world. In 2004 he signed with Jive Records and released his first album (Self titled debut studio) at the following year. That album remained very successful and got the 2nd place on the US Billboard 200 which was later on certified double platinum by RIAA. He won many awards in throughout his career including Three American Music Awards and two NAACP Image Awards.

world's renowned male singer

3-Taio Cruz

At number three there comes Taio Cruz who is the British singer, record producer, songwriter and entrepreneur too. The thirty years old Taio started his career in 2006 but the real success came in 2008 after releasing his debut album “Departure”. The most important thing about that album was his self production, arrangement and writing. The “Departure” got initial success in United Kingdom that earned for him a nomination of MOBO Award. He is among few people who got heaps of international popularity in just no time while others wait for a long way.

world's richest male singer

4-Bruno Mars

American singers are dominating in our list as Bruno Mars is also belongs to United States of America who was born on 8 October 1985 in Honolulu, USA. Besides one of the richest/popular singer in the world, he is also voice actor, Songwriter, Record producer and choreographer as well. Bruno Mars has a musical background, that’s why he started to sing in his early age and performed in various venues throughout his childhood. After the unsuccessful dealing with Motown Records, he signed with Atlantic in 2009 which gave him boost to go forward. Throughout his career he received many awards and nominations including Grammy Awards.

world's expensive male singer


Having the title of 2012 number one Rhythmic artist which was based on media, Drake is one of the leading and most popular male singer in the world. This Canadian talented person is not only singer but also a Rapper, Actor, Songwriter and record producer as well. Firstly he was appeared on Entertainment Industry as an actor and later on got prominence as a rapper. He has done great work throughout his career where more than five million of his albums have been sold worldwide that shoes his popularity and acceptance. He is the winner of Grammy Award, six BET Awards and many more.

most popular male singer in the world

6-Kanye West

At number six there comes another American world’s renowned singer who was born on 8 June 1977 in Atlanta, USA. Besides singer, he is also songwriter, fashion designer, record producer and rapper as well. Kanye West got recognition and popularity as a rapper and also his work in singing is admirable. His singles for musical artists including Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys and Ludacris are very important in his success. He is considered as one of the best selling artist of all time because throughout his career he got numerous awards including 21 Grammy Awards.

world's richest singer


The person who has made its 7th place in our countdown is none other than Pitbull who is an American rapper and record producer. Pitbull is his stage name while his original name is Armando Christian Perez. His first performance was on a solo track that was recorded mainstream performance. In 2002 “Money is a Major Issue” (M.I.A.M.I) was the first album that released by Pitbull. “I Know You Want Me” was the first hit song of Pitbull from his 4th album Rebelution (2009) that became his first internationally popular song.

highly paid singer in the world

8-Justin Bieber

There comes another Canadian most popular male singer in the world Justin Bieber who was born on 1 March 1994 in London, Ontario (Canada). This young, talented and energetic singer climbed the ladders of success in the very short period of time and has millions of his fans across the world. Scooter Braun (Current Manager of Justin Bieber) was the person who first discovered Justin Bieber in 2007 from You Tube videos. Justin has become the first artist having seven debut songs that charted on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2010 and 2012 American Music Awards he got artist of the year awards.

energetic male singer in the world

9-Justin Timberlake

Having numerous awards throughout his career including four Emmy Awards and nine Grammy Awards, Justin Timberlake is one of the most famous male singers in the world. Besides being singer, he is also an expert in songwriting, acting, record production as well. He was born on 31 January 1981 in Memphis, USA. Justin Timberlake got fame and prominence from the boy band NSYNC in which he and his younger partner were two vocalists. Later on this band became the best selling boy band of all time. After that worldwide recognition, his talent made him as the world’s renowned name in the field of music.

world's most famous male singer


The last but certainly not the least is Macklemore who is an American rapper. He started his career as a singer in 2000 with several independent released having one mix tape, two albums and three EPs. In these fields Macklemore has great collaboration with Ryan Lewis which is world’s famous producer. Throughout his career he gifted many hit numbers to his lovers and also these hit songs became the huge source of recognition and fame for him. “Thrift Shop” released in 2013 was the number one on Billboard Hot 100 that got more than 712 million You Tube views as of 28 May 2015.

top male singer in the world

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