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Top Ten Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

Science is really a blessing for the humans as it has made our lives very easy and comfortable as compared to the past. Everyday new inventions and innovations are being made by scientists and engineers who are simply beyond our imaginations. Among the major technological wonders of the modern world one is of course the invention of mobile phones. It has certainly opened new horizons in the field of science & technology. Just remind the olden days where communication was not only difficult but sometimes impossible. By analyzing that period with the present you will better know the importance of cell phones. Now there are countless mobile phones of various companies in the market having different model, price and shape. Like other things now mobiles also have become the social standard for the people. Each and every day new models are coming in the markets with the use of new technology. There are also most expensive mobile phones in the market which are beyond the purchasing power of the common man. Here I will share with you top ten most expensive and most beautiful mobile phones in the world. Let’s have a look.

1-Diamond Rose iPhone 4

Having the price tag of only $8 million, Diamond Rose iPhone 4 is the most costly and expensive mobile phone in the world. Having quality features, the iPhone is made up of 500 single faultless diamonds and rose that are total more than 100ct. The back of this beautiful iPhone is a rose gold that actually features the apple logo. These are all decorated with extra 53 diamonds. The front navigation button is of platinum having the compatible single cut of 8ct rare diamonds in the center. The designer of this iPhone is Stuart Hughes who belongs to UK. If we say that it is Jewelry iPhone then this should be not wrong because it is loaded with rose gold, diamonds and other expensive and rare stones.

world's most expensive mobile phone

2-Supreme Gold Striker iPhone

The 2nd world’s expensive Smartphone is none other than Supreme Gold striker iPhone that is an amazing model from the Apple Company. Having plenty of features, the Supreme Gold Striker iPhone is ready for you in just $3,200,000. At this moment quickly the question arises that how it is so costly? Its casing is made up of 271 gram of solid 22k gold while in making its screen 53 carat diamonds have been used. Besides that, its home button is made with single rare 7.1 carat diamond. The features not ends here as this iPhone comes in chest carved having granite and Kashmiri gold.

supreme gold striker iphone

3-iPhone 3G King’s Button

Having 138 diamonds that fixed to this Smartphone, King’s Button iPhone 3G is the 3rd expensive mobile phone in the world. This prettiest and amazing creation is of Austrian Jeweler Peter Aloisson. The fabulous iPhone is of $2.4 million and it rightly deserved to have this price due to its loveliness and certainly the use of diamond. By adding 6.6 carat pure diamond to its home screen button, the beauty and glamour of the iPhone increases. So the person who likes social standard, King’s Button is simply a best choice because it has no comparable in its features & beauty.

world's prettiest smartphone

4-Gold Vish Le Million

Emmanuel Gueit is not the new name for those people who are in touch with the fashion industry. He is world’s famous designer and certainly credit goes to him for creating such a prettiest design of this Smartphone. This one of the most expensive cell phone is for you in just $1.3 million. Gold Vish Le Million was launched in Switzerland and keeps the Guinness World Record as the most expensive mobile phone which was sold in September 2006 in Cannes (millionaire fair) France. Having all said, this prettiest cell phone is made up of 20 carats of diamonds (VVS1) and 18k white gold.

beautiful cell phone in the world

5-Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The 5th expensive Smartphone in the world is Diamond Crypto Smartphone that is ranked $1.3 million. This beautiful and gorgeous cell phone is another example of beauty of design of Peter Aloisson. The cover of Crypto Smartphone is decorated with fifty rare diamonds while its few sections are beautifully made with rose gold to give it an extra touch of beauty and glamour. This is not only a Windows CE operating system but has the security functions that make it secure from technological bribery and kidnapping.

most expensive cell phone

6-Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Gresso Company is well renowned for making incredible handsets and Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot is an amazing creation of the company. Having beauty & incredibility, the jackpot is priced one million US dollars. What are the features that make it simply the best? The use of black diamond’s for covering its front and 200 years old African black wood for its back are the features that makes it world’s one of the most expensive cell phone. The use of rare black wood reduces the price and makes it much affordable to buy.

world's prettiest cell phones

7-Vertu Signature Cobra

Having the pretty limited designs of cobra snake on the side of the Smartphone, Vertu Signature Cobra comes at number seven in our countdown. It is designed by Boucheron who is the French Jeweler. Its price has set to $310,000 as it richly deserved to have that price. Its features include 439 rubies, one pear cut diamond, two bright green eyes and one round white diamond. In 2006 Signature Cobra was released for the first time having weight of 215 gram.

world's prettiest cell phones

8-Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone

In at number eight there comes Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone as the most expensive Smartphone in the world. If you like slimy, seductive and sexy cell phone then VIPN Smartphone is simply no comparable as it is unique in shape and composition. In the composition of Clack Diamond VIPN Smartphone, two diamonds have been used, one is on the rear (3 carat) and other (0.25 carat) is fixed on its joystick. This Exclusive Smartphone has the tag price of 300,000 US dollars. I tell you what only five pieces of this were made.

black diamond VIPN smart phone

9-iPhone Princess Plus

IPhone Princess Plus is really an elegant and luxurious cell phone that is the 9th most expensive mobile phone in the world. Having the entire luxurious and sexy look, it really fits for little princess of someone King. It is designed by Peter Aloisson where 318 diamonds have been installed in this classic cell phone. Among 318 diamonds, 138 are actually princess cut that are fixed in 18k Gold rim. By knowing all these features don’t be impatient because it is waiting for you in just only $176,400.

world's most beautiful cell phone

10-Vertu Signature Diamond

The last but not the least, Vertu Signature Diamond has tag price of 88,300 US dollars. Having sexy diamond color and fabulous look, Vertu Signature Diamond is surly a gift for those who wants luxurious device with affordable price. Although it is not an advance functioning cell phone yet it is formulated with 923 precious and costly stones. Actually the thing is when you buy such a cell phone or any device then in fact you become the member of elite class around the world.

world's expensive cell phones

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