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Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Hotel is basically an establishment that provides lodging facilities for the short period of time and the luxury loving people and romance loving persons want to spend their time in beautiful and attractive places. For this purpose they have to stay in hotels for enjoying the days or even months. There are many hotels in the world which are providing outclass lodging facilities to its visitors. The romance loving and rich people make plans to go in most beautiful countries for spending their honeymoon or business matters. During their journey they want to choose that hotel which provides luxury facilities to them. Although it is a very tough task to rank the top hotels in the world but after lots of research and collecting data we have created a list of top ten most expensive hotels in the world. These hotels are most expensive due to their luxury facilities which they provide to its customers. Let’s take look at the most beautiful and expensive hotels of the world.

1-Hotel President Wilson

Most expensive and the luxurious hotel in the world having per night cost of 65,000 US dollars is none other than Hotel President Wilson. This one of the most beautiful hotel in the world is located just eight kilo meters away from the Geneva International Airport (Switzerland) and Palexpo Exhibition center which is considered as one the major international conference hotel not only in Geneva but in the world also. It has unique twelve conference rooms, an expansive ballroom having the accommodation for approximately 1,000 guests. This luxurious hotel provides all the state of the art facilities to its customers that include sports and recreations, internet, parking and other necessary facilities like 24 hour front desk, restaurant, salon, shops, laundry services, smoking area, safety deposit boxes and many more. Besides that the guests can choose their own type of rooms among the standard, lake view, and city view, deluxe double room with city view, deluxe double room with lake view and many other types.

most expensive hotel in the world

2-Four Seasons Hotel

Situated in New York (United States of America), Four Seasons Hotel comes at number two in our list. This one of the most expensive and the luxurious hotel offers you Ty Warner Penthouse rooms that provide 360 degree floor to the ceiling view that will surely an amazing experience for you. If you wants to spend your vacations and wants to grab unforgettable memories then this is surely a nice place to stay in. While staying at Ty Warner Penthouse room you will be observed gold woven and platinum fabrics and also Zen garden both from indoor and outdoor having amazing chandelier in this luxury and beautiful room. This One the most expensive hotel in the world offers you per night luxurious lodging at US $45,000.

most expensive hotel in usa

3-Raj Palace Hotel

Raj Palace Hotel is one the most expensive hotel in the world and is the most expensive in Asia which is located in Jaipur, India having the total area of 1500 square meters. There is a beautiful museum in this expensive hotel where the guests can enjoy the colors of India’s heritage. Besides that the entire suite of the hotel is drenches in gold leaf, mirror work, ivory and stucco. This beautiful hotel is also famous in across the world due to its unique historical construction because this was the place of Maharaja which has now turned into the hotel. If you are planning to stay a night in this luxurious hotel then I tell you that per night cost of the hotel are US $43,000.

most expensive hotel in india

4-Laucala Island Resort

One of the most luxurious and most expensive villas in the world is Laucala Island Resort where per night cost is 40,000 US dollars and if you wants to stay in this loveliest hotel then first you have to fill out an application and after the approval from the owner of Laucala Island Resorts you will be invited to stay in this hotel. This marvelous hotel is located at the Hilltop of Laucala Island, Fiji where it is made up of twenty five villas having luxury facilities. Laucala Island Resort provides all the state of the art facilities to its guests such as horseback riding on the beach, gourmet dining, massage at spa and horseback riding on the golf etc. The resort provides an eye catching view of the nature due to its location in the Island. This is just an amazing place for lodging having natural beauty and unforgettable memories.

world's beautiful hotels

5-Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez is the 5th most luxurious and expensive hotel in the world according to our research having the quality rates for its guests. If you want to go in France for picnic or honeymoon then it is the loveliest place for lodging by keeping the state of the art facilities, per night cost of this hotel is 37,500 US dollars and for the romance lovers and businessmen this price is not too much. Here in this luxurious hotel the guest can use their own Jacuzzi which are located on the private terrace whereas in the 7th floor penthouse suite is located having two master bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, a hammam, and spa bath, shower and two marble bath rooms. Besides that the penthouse also provides the classic view of the French city in the Southern part.

most famous hotels in the world

6-Las Vegas

At number six there comes an American hotel Los Vegas which is one of the most expensive hotels in the world having quality rooms and state of the art facilities. You can enjoy a night in just 35,450 US dollars in Las Vegas. In the Palms Resort of the Las Vegas the guests can enjoy their evenings with the luxurious facilities. This 836 square meters resort provides two bed rooms, a playboy indoor pool which is branded, a large bath tub, indoor water fall, racy artwork, bar and poker table to its guests. Having all the luxurious facilities of lodging it is so beautifully constructed that you can’t stay without having impressed.

american hotel las vegas

7-Grand Resort Lagonissi

For Relaxation and luxury lodging, Grand Resort Lagonissi is surely the best place in the world situated in Athens, Greece having the beautiful beach that impresses a lot. With all the necessary luxury facilities, this beautiful hotel offers two gigantic master bedrooms, two marble lined bathrooms, a living room having fireplace and a butler’s quarters. Besides that it also provides two expansive pools both inside and outside, private marina, steam bath and of course beach. This lovely villa includes twenty sandy beach coves whereas the seafront view of this villa is simply amazing. The Grand Resort Lagonissi consists of seventy two acre Peninsula. The main feature of this hotel is the seafront location which makes it an easy access to the sea or the sandy beaches. Overall the hotel is the mixture of luxuries having deluxe rooms with sea views, suites with gyms, bungalows with private pools and villas with spa areas etc. Here you can enjoy a night with only 35,000 US dollars.

most beautiful hotel

8-Hotel Cala di Volpe

Hotel Cala di Volpe is included among the top hotels in Europe and of course in the world where per night cost of lodging is 32,750 US dollars. This beautiful and famous hotel is situated in Sardinia, Italy and surrounded by lush green landscape. Having all the necessary state of the art facilities it also provides an excellent and amazing sports facilities to the guests. Here the rooms are very wide and air-conditioned and every room comes with the area of 42 inch flat screen TV connected with satellite channels. Besides that it also offers fitness center to its guests which remains opens twenty four hours a day with the trainers where the guests can enjoy massage and beauty treatments. In the evening from its award winning restaurants you can choose your favorite cuisine, wine tasting, gourmet Sardinian dishes and many more that you actually like.

glamorous hotels in the world

9-Hotel Plaza Athenee

This beautiful and one of the most expensive hotel in the world is located in Paris, France and due to its quality and luxurious facilities it comes at number nine in our countdown. Hotel Plaza Athenee came into existence in 1913 and since then it is providing state of the art luxurious facilities to its guests. This marvelous hotel is basically the epitome of Parisians that offers an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower.  Located in the city of love Paris, here the guests enjoy a night in just 27,000 US dollars. The Royal suite of Hotel Plaza Athenee provides an amazing view of the city and also themes of 18th century like paneling, fabrics, damasks and silks. Besides that there is also a choice of selecting the bedroom among the four luxurious bedrooms and can enjoys dine in private kitchen and also soak in Jacuzzi.

expensive hotels in greece


The last name in our countdown is of Ritz-Carlton that has the 26,300 US dollars cost of lodging for one night. This fabulous five star hotel is situated in Tokyo, Japan which is the most expensive hotel in Japan. Ritz-Carlton is basically the chain of hotels which is operating in major cities of more than twenty six countries across the world. The hotel reflects beautiful Japanese culture and traditions in a very impressive ways. Guests can enjoy the marvelous natural views by staying the 300 square meters that includes Imperial Palace, Mount Fuji, Roppongi hills and also Tokyo’s tallest buildings and offices. Besides that Ritz-Carlton provides all the luxurious facilities to its guests with the use of the latest technologies and innovations. Here you will find marble bathrooms Flat screen TVs, individual shower booth and all the facilities that you just imagine.

beautiful hotel in tokyo

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