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Top Ten Most Expensive Horses in the World

Riding on horse always has been the interest of man and if we explore the history then we have come to know that horses were used for many purposes in the past like in wars and for many other means. In the modern world although its importance in wars has been reduced or even eliminated but now many people train horses for race competitions and some are fond of keeping them as their pets. There are many beautiful and most expensive horses in the world which are really amazing to watch. So it is for sure that horse is a lovely and interesting ride and the person who rides it is called in many ways in different countries like in America it is called cowboy. In this special article we will explore world’s most beautiful and expensive horses which are most expensive due to their breeding and racing capabilities. These prettiest horses have been given very interesting names which you will know in the following article. Here we have created a list of Top ten most expensive horses in the world. Let’s have a look.

1-Shareef Dancer

The British trained & American-Bred race horse, Shareef Dancer is the most expensive horse breed in the world having the money worth of US 45 million dollars. In 1981 Maktoum bin Rashif Al Maktoum bought it at Keeneland sales for 3.3 million dollars. This best race horse has won many titles in its career where top of the victories are Irish Derby Stakes in 1983 and King Edward VII stakes in 1983. In the same year it got the award of U.K Champion Middle distance horse which is its real achievement. This most popular and expensive horse was sold for 40 million US dollars in 1983 which is the record price for any stallion prospect. This beautiful and amazing powerful horse was trained by Michael Stoute.

most expensive horses


Having the chocolate dark brown color, Annihilator is the 2nd most expensive horse in the world and due to its best running abilities it is so expensive where its money worth is 20 million dollars.  If we check out the latest win record of Annihilator then from 44 starts it has grabbed 6 wins and earned the prize money of 80,750 US dollars. During the racing career the Annihilator participated in 41 starts where it remained winner for the six times, runners up for the five times and came third for the five times. If we calculate its wins rate then it becomes 15% while 39% is the place rate. This 5yo brown gelding male, Annihilator is trained by Australian Trainer Jim Jarvis.

race horse

3-Green Monkey

The 20 million US dollars costly race horse, Green Monkey is the 3rd most expensive horse in the world. Green Monkey is very popular in the world due to its speed and beauty. The Green Monkey is basically an American Thoroughbred race horse which was sold for 16,000 US dollars in 2006 and at that time Green Monkey was just two years old colt. After its sale the new owner of the colt gave him the name of Green Monkey due to the connections with its golf course which was the Green monkey golf course. Green Monkey started its racing career at Belmont Park (Elmont, New York) where it came at third place in that race. Green Monkey was born on 4 February 2004 in Florida, United Stated of America and trained by Todd A. Pletcher.

green monkey horse

4-Seattle Dancer

Seattle Dancer is another top racing star in the world that is of $13.5 million costly. Seattle Dancer was an Irish Thoroughbred race horse who was born on 22 April 1984 and bred by Warner L Jones, William S. Farish III and William S. Kilroy. It was trained by Vincent O’Brien. In his career the Seattle Dancer won many races where his major wins include Gallinule Stakes (1987) and Derrinstown Stud Derby Trial (1987).

world's most expensive horse

5-Mystic Park

The winner of world’s famous competitions for the three times, Dickerson Cup, Dexter Cup and Yonkers Cup Respectively is none other than Mystic Park horse whose money worth is US five million dollars. This one of the most beautiful horse in the world is basically a 5yo having sex of gelding male which belongs to Australia and trained by Adam Jolly. The recent stats tell the story that Mystic Park yet has to make its victory because in the initial two starts, he still has not opened his account of victory. The owners of this expensive horse are F A Love and Mrs. E M Love.

mystic park horse

6-Pine Chip

The Living Legend Pine Chip is the 6th most expensive horse in the world having the money worth of US four million dollars. This one of the most famous horse is the winner of world’s famous competitions such as Historic Cup, Beacon Course, Colonial, Bluegrass, American National and many more like this. He proved himself as a leading stallion in the world due to his quality and beauty. This Prettiest horse actually was imported in Europe in 2011 and since then he left the unforgettable memories of excellence in the American Trot wither a stallion or a race horse. Pine Chip is also the winner of Breeder’s Crown and Nat Ray.

pine chip horse


Having the money worth of US 3.5 million dollars, Sardar comes at number seven as most expensive horse in the world. This amazing racer was not only famous for its speedy race but as a record setter as well where lots of his record remained unbroken for the long period of time. This Legendary Horse made the eight biggest records during his career and was declared as one of the most prominent name in the horse races. He was very popular among the people that once the Jacqeline Bouvier Kennedy (JFK First Lady) had him as a formal audience.

world's famous horse


The 2003 World Young Dressage Horse Champion Poetin comes at number eight in our ranking having a money worth of 3.3 US million dollars. Poetin was sold to Germany for a record amount of money and his owner is Haras de Hus. Having a Mare sex and Dark bay color Poetin is a breed of Brandenburger. This beautiful horse was the winner of Dressage championship in 1999 which was sired by Sandro Hit. The first success of Poetin came in 2000 when it became victorious in Bundes championship.

beautiful horses in the world

9-Lord Sinclair

At Number nine there comes Lord Sinclair in the list of Top Ten Most Expensive Horses in the world. Basically its origin is from United States of America having the color of grey and was sired by Mizzen Mast. This world’s one of the most expensive race horses is of US 1.8 million dollars whose owners are Stephen Ho Wai Man, Fred Ho Ka Chun and Derek Ho Ka Chung. During its career it has won many competitions where it qualified for four times in the German Federal Championships. For the two times Lord Sinclair won the German young Horse Championship, besides that in the 1999 Stallion Performance tests it was an outstanding horse to become a champion.

very popular horse in the world

10-Stay Thirsty

The last name in our countdown is of Stay Thirsty Horse whose amount worth is US 500,000 dollars. If we talk about its racing career then it has achieved lots of titles where it won five competitions and earned money which is estimated as two million dollars. Stay Thirsty is an American Thoroughbred race horse which is trained by Todd Pletcher and its owner is Repole Stable. Having the sex of Stallion and dark bay color it is sired by Bernardini. On 15 July 2010 Stay Thirsty made its debut in race where it finished 2nd to Sovereign Default. Among its major wins, Travers Stakes in 2011, Gotham Stakes in 2011, Jim Dandy Stakes in 2011 are included.

American Horse, Stay thirsty

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