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Top Ten Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Bridges are the medium that connects different parts of the world with each other and actually are the means to connect people. When we examine these masterpieces then quickly the question arise that how these gigantic and beautiful bridges have been made. Surely this all has happened due to the curiosity of the human beings who made it possible. There are many fabulous roads, buildings, bridges, offices and hotels in the world which are simply amazing and describe the talent, bravery and hard work of the human beings. With the use of intellectual abilities man has built those bridges which are so dangerous and looks most difficult to cross but the man has made it possible by using the latest technologies and innovations. At this time we have selected such type of topic for you in which we will deeply discuss about the most dangerous and beautiful bridges of the world that are surely masterpieces and are the best examples of the use of latest technology. Let’s have a look at these masterpieces.

1-Aiguille du Midi Bridge (France)

The Aiguille du Midi Bridge which is located in France is the most dangerous bridge in the world having the elevation of 3,842 meters. While crossing this bridge it is advised that not look down as it will increase your heart beat. The people who are the victim of acrophobia can also cross this bridge. Anyways one thing about this dangerously built bridge is its shortest distance that allows you to cross it in just minutes. Situated at about 12,605 feet from the sea level, it crosses between the two points of French Alps which is one of the highest peaks in this Alps having the height of near about 12,600 feet in the air. This beautiful and dangerous bridge offers beautiful view of the three countries, France, Italy and Switzerland from the area which is the connected observation deck. In the clear sky one can view even the Matterhorn from this bridge.

dangerous bridges

2-Trift Suspension Bridge (Switzerland)

Situated at Trift Glacier 328 feet high from the sea level, Trift Suspension Bridge is another most dangerous and terrifying bridge in the world. This one of the longest suspension bridge is located in Switzerland near the Swiss Alps that have the distance of 558 feet. Near about 20,000 visitors comes here every year to visit this most beautiful and amazing bridge of the world. In order to reach there, cable car is needed which is available in Meiringen and for the gondola you will get a ticket from that spot. The cables were installed in 2009 for protecting the bridge from swimming violently in wind. Actually the bridge was built to reconnect hikers with the hut that facilitates hikers to go at glacier where in 2004 this beautiful bridge was completed and opened for the first time for the visitors.

dangerous bridge in switzerland

3-Langkawi Sky Bridge (Malaysia)

The 125 meters long pedestrian bridge comes at number three in our list. The Langkawi Sky Bridge is located in Malaysia and situated at 700 meters above the sea level. It was opened in 2005 for the first time for the general public and in 2012 it was closed for maintenance and up gradation. The last scene of the super hit Indian movie “Don” was filmed in Langkawi Sky Bridge. The design of the bridge is made in the curved shape and it is constructed by Langkawi development authority. By using the Langkawi cable car you can get an access to this fabulous bridge.

world's dangerous bridge

4-Seven Mile Bridge (Florida)

As the name suggests, Seven Mile Bridge is the seven miles longest bridge located in Florida (United States of America) and is considered as one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. The 65 feet high “Seven Mile Bridge” often surrounds by hurricanes. This beautiful and famous construction was completed with the cost of 45 million dollars which was opened in 24 May 1982 for the visitors. The interesting thing about this bridge is that in each April the competition which is known as “Seven Mile Bridge Run” is held every year in order to commemorate bridge rebuilding project of the Florida Keys. In this fun run near about 1,500 runners takes part. The Seven Mile Bridge is maintained by Florida Department of Transportation.

seven mile bridge in florida

5-Capilano Suspension Bridge (Canada)

At number five there comes Capilano Suspension Bridge which is located in Canada and is considered as one of the most terrifying and dangerous bridge in the world. The 450 feet longer Capilano Bridge was actually originally built in 1889 by George Grant Mackay who was the Scottish civil engineer. After going some rebuilt processes it was finally completely rebuilt in 1966. It is surrounded by evergreen forests that will be an amazing experience if you visit this bridge. So enjoy the experience of this bridge which is extremely dangerous looking as well.  Approximately 2,200 visitors across the world visit this beautiful bridge every day. This figure shows that how attractive place is for the visitors.

capilano bridge

6-Mackinac Bridge (Michigan)

The Mackinac Bridge is the 16th longest suspension bridge in the world having the total length of 1,158 meters. After many years of struggle to start it construction the bridge was finally completed in 1957. This is also one of the tourist attractions in the world as it receives approximately 11,600 visitors per day. The people who have visited this bridge says that it is very nervous to cross the bridge because here the main thing which is the cause of fear is the heavy and horrible wind which often exceeds 30 miles per hour, that’s why the bridge authorities offers their special trained car drivers so that the visitors can enjoy the experience of this beautiful bridge. This fabulous suspension bridge was designed by David B. Steinman which is maintained by Mackinac Bridge Authority.

world's terrifying bridge

7-Millau Viaduct (France)

The tallest bridge in the world having the total length of 342 meters is none other than Millau Viaduct which was constructed with the cost of 394,000,000 Euros. This 12th world’s highest bridge dick is designed by Michel Virlogeux and Norman Foster who are the French and the British architects respectively. This beautiful and famous bridge is listed as one of the greatest engineering achievements of all time due to its fabulous design and construction. In 2006 Millau Viaduct got the outstanding structure award from the International Association for Bridge & Structural Engineering. On 16 October 2001 its construction was started which was inaugurated on 14 December 2004 and since then it is open for the visitors.

dangerous bridge in france

8-The Canopy Walk (Ghana)

The Canopy Walkway is one of the tourist attractions in the world that provides pedestrian access to the tourists in order to reach the Canopy forests. This dangerous bridge is very narrow where the two persons can’t go side by side but overall it provides a beautiful view of the Canopy forest where you can view different kinds of animals including Diana monkey and elephants. The Canopy Bridge is situated near Kakum National Park and is considered as the only walkway in Africa’s national parks.  Lots of tourists visit here in across the world in order to view the natural beauty and for enjoying the forest life.

canopy bridge

9-William Preston Lane Bridge (Maryland)

The second last name in our countdown is of William Preston Lane Bridge which is located in Maryland, USA. The five miles long and 186 feet high William Preston Lane Bridge is very dangerous where drivers feel fear while crossing the bridge due to its location. In the past severe storms have surrounded this bridge and while during the bad weather it becomes difficult to view anything of this amazing bridge. This beautiful and fabulous structure catches many tourists from all over the world by providing natural views and amazing architectural design.

bridge in maryland

10-Mount Titlis (Switzerland)

Another most dangerous bridge in the world is Mount Titlis and also known as the highest suspension bridge in Europe. This Pedestrian Bridge is located along the Cliffs of the mount Titlis in Switzerland. This fabulous bridge has been built at 10,000 feet above from the sea level having the total length of 98 meters (320 feet) and width of 0.91 meter (3 feet). On the 100th Engelberg-Gerschnialp anniversary which was the opening ceremony of Cable, this project was launched as the way of celebrations. On 7 December 2012 it was officially decided to open this bridge for the general public. It came into existence by spending one million pounds and has now become one of the major tourist attractions in the world due to its location and architectural design.

mount titlis

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