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Top Ten Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which is blessed with the natural resources, beauty and is rich in water resources. It has world’s largest glaciers and mountains and due to its location it is an important country in the world. It was talk about its tourism then it is surely one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in the world having beautiful lakes and glaciers, mountains and forests. There are lots of beautiful places in Pakistan especially the Northern areas provide an eye catching views to the tourists. Here in this special article we will talk about the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan which are situated in many parts of the country but the Lakes in Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir and KPK are very famous due to their natural beauty and hilly areas. These areas are not only famous for tourism but the people who want to spend their honeymoon like these areas. Among many, some of the lakes are internationally famous in case of height, beauty and length such as Manchar Lake is not only the largest lake in Pakistan but it is also the largest in South Asia; similarly Rush Lake is the 25th highest lake of the World and is the highest in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at the Top ten most beautiful lakes of Pakistan.

1-Lake Saiful Muluk

Having the area of 2.75 square kilometers, Lake Saiful Muluk is the most beautiful lake in Pakistan and also one of the most attractive tourist spot in the world. This eye catching lake is located near Naran which is the Northern end of the Kaghan Valley and is considered as one of the highest lake in Pakistan having an altitude of 3,224 meters above the sea level. This lake is very famous due to its natural beauty, location and importantly the Fairy tale is associated with this lake. The tale is about the Prince of Persia and the fairy princess who used to live in this lake. The tale tells the story that the prince fell in love with a fairy. Lake Saiful Muluk keeps an amazing beauty and charm in it as the people says that in the full moon the fairies still comes down to this lake. Due to its eco diversity many species of Blue green Algae, Large Brown Trout, species of Vascular plant and many others are found there.

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2-Shangrila Lake

The 2nd most beautiful and eye catching Lake in Pakistan is Shangrila lake which is also known as Lower Kachura Lake. This most beautiful and famous tourist spot is located at a drive of only 20 minutes away from the town of Skardu. Shangrila is basically a Chinese word which means heaven on earth and is a part of Shangrila resort which came into existence in 1983 as the first Resort hotel in Skardu. It was established by Late Muhammad Aslam Khan who was the first Northern Scout’s commander of the Pakistan army. In the book of Lost Horizon which was written by James Hilton, the author tells the story of an aero plane which was crashed near a riverbed and that was the period of early 1920s.

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3-Ratti Gali Lake

Located in Neelum Valley (Azad Kashmir) and 12,130 feet above the sea level, Ratti Gali Lake which is also known as Aka Dowarian Lake is one of most beautiful lake in Pakistan. Due to its beauty and amazing charm it is one of the greatest tourist attractions not only in Pakistan but internationally as well.  This dream lake is filled with alpine grass and beautiful flowers which adds an extra beauty to the lake. In winter season this area is covered with white snow where the huge glacier’s chunks floats in the water of Ratti Gali Lake that provides an amazing and magical view. The people who are planning for honeymoon or picnic then this place is really an ideal spot for tourism. You can also visit this lake by a hiking of 19 kilometers which starts from Dowarian (a village name).

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4-Sheosar Lake

The 4th most beautiful and famous lake in Pakistan is Sheosar Lake which is located in Deosai National Park (Gilgit –Baltistan). Situated 13,589 feet above from the sea level, it is 2.3 kilometers long, 1.8 kilometers wide and has the depth of approximately 40 meters.

If we talk about the Deosai plains then these are surely one of the amazing and magical places on earth and after Tibetan plateau, it is considered as the 2nd highest plateau on earth. It is also called Bed of Flowers as it keeps lots of colorful and variety of flowers in its heart.

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5-Dudipatsar Lake

At number five there comes another beautiful picnic spot which is called Dudipatsar Lake (Dudipat Lake) which is located in North of Kaghan Valley in Mansehra District. This magical place is really an amazing spot to visit due to its natural beauty. In summer season its water reflects like a mirror which is really amazing to observe. Actually the word Dudipatsar means White Mountains Lake because it remains encircled with white snow which adds an amazing beauty to the lake. You can enjoy its enchanting natural beauty for four months, I.e. from June to September where other eight months it remains covered with white snow where at that time accessibility is not possible.

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6-Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake is another magical lake located at the drive of just 9 kilometers away from Skardu which is capital of Gilgit-Baltistan and if you are driving a jeep then 9 kilometers will take the time of just 20 minutes to reach Satpara Lake. This natural beautiful lake is spread over the area of 2.5 square kilometers. The Satpara Lake is one of the Fresh water lakes in Pakistan where it supplies all the fresh water to the whole valley of Skardu. Satpara Lake is situated 2,636 meters above from the sea level and provides an eye catching and heart touching feelings to the tourists. Actually the Satpara Lake is fed by the Satpara stream because when the winter season says good bye and summer season comes then the snow melt and the pure fresh water comes to this lake.

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7-Rush Lake

Rush Lake comes at number seven as the most beautiful lake in Pakistan. It is also the highest lake in the country and 25th highest alpine lake of the world which is located near Rush Pari Peak at the height of 5,098 meters. There are many routes which leads you to this lake like via Nagar and Hopar you can easily approach to this magical place, similarly via Miar Glacier & Hopar Glacier you can get access to reach Rush lake. While reaching to this magical lake you can view natural and breathtaking views of Miar peak, Spantik, peak of Phuparash, Malubiting and much natural beauty which you just imagine.

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8-Karambar Lake

Karambar Lake is the 2nd highest lake in Pakistan and comes at number eight in our list. This magical and beautiful natural lake is located at the center of Gilgit Baltistan and KPK and is considered as the 31th highest lake in the world. Located at the height of 4,304 meters, The Karambar Lake is spread at area of 3.9 kilometers where it is 2 kilometers wide and approximately 52 meters deep. The Karambar Lake which is also known as Qurumbar Lake is considered as one of the most biologically active lakes on earth and surely it is like a heaven on earth. Lots of tourists come there across the world to enjoy the natural magical beauty of this lake. Its blue colored fresh water provides an amazing view which is indescribable.

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9-Banjosa Lake

The second last name in our list is of Banjosa Lake which is an artificial lake and is one of the most famous tourist spot in Pakistan. This amazing lake is located near Rawalakot in District Bagh (Azad Kashmir) and is really a beautiful place full of lush green area, fresh water, lush green mountains which are surrounded by densely pine forest. These all things collectively make this lake as a romantic place to visit. In summer season the weather remains cool that allows tourists to come here in order to enjoy the beautiful moments with the beloved ones. In winter season the temperature of this place falls to minus five degree centigrade where it almost becomes impossible to live there, that’s why in winter season the people migrate to other parts of the country.

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10-Lulusar Lake

The popular lake among local and foreigner tourists, Lulusar Lake is another beautiful natural lake in Pakistan and is famous for the Russian birds that fly there and adds an extra charm and beauty to this lake. The Lulusar Lake is located near about three hundred kilometers ahead of Mansehra. The tourists enjoy there from the natural beauty and the crystal clear fresh water provides enchanting feelings to the people who come there for grabbing the unforgettable memories with them. Besides that the icy mountains and greenery are simply amazing to watch. If you are looking for the natural tourist attractions in Pakistan then this spot is really incomparable in natural beauty and enchanting feelings. Many local and foreign tourists comes there with the beginning of summer season where they enjoy themselves and return back with beautiful memories of this place.

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