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Top Ten Most Beautiful Diamond Necklaces for Women

Diamond is the most expensive and desirable gem which is the choice of everyone and if we talk about diamond Necklaces then it means we have touched the topic related to women. Yes of course, necklaces really look beautiful when women wear it to their neck. Wearing expensive diamond necklaces is the dream of every woman because it enhances the beauty and glamour by making them prettiest and dashing. Diamond Necklaces are actually of several kinds, some are made with only diamonds and some have diamonds with precious stones like rubies. The combination of diamond and rubies makes necklace a spectacular one and adds an extra touch of glamour and beauty. If you are searching for most beautiful and prettiest diamond necklaces then you have come to the right place because here we have collected world’s top ten most expensive/most beautiful diamond necklaces for you. So don’t go way anywhere else, just read the entire article and select the best one according to your own preference and style. Let’s have a look at the list of top ten most beautiful diamond necklaces for women.

1-Garrard Heart of the Kingdom Ruby

As being made with 155 carat diamond having heart shaped pink color, Garrard Heart of the Kingdom Ruby is known as the king of heart. It is spectacular, costly, amazing and terrific diamond necklace for women that look so beautiful and prettiest by wearing it on their neck. It is not only prettiest but also very expensive as well because its price is $14 million. In this amount you can even purchase seven modern and expensive mansions. This heart shaped necklace having eye catching pink color is pretty much suitable to blond neck that will result in an extreme love of that lady’s husband who has this beautiful diamond necklace.

most expensive diamond necklace

2-The Diamond and Pearl Green Necklace

Having spectacular combination of green and white diamonds, The Diamond and Pearl Green Necklace is the 2nd most beautiful/best diamond necklace in our list. The most important feature of this necklace is its finishing from gleaming diamonds which is really sophisticated. Besides that, 16 carats of rose cuts diamonds have been used in the developing of this expensive necklace. The overall weight of this pearl green necklace is 191 that make it more demanding and desirable among women.

the diamond and pearl green necklace

3-The Tiffany & Co. Majestic Diamond Necklace

 The Tiffany & Co. Majestic Diamond Necklace got the 3rd spot in our list. This terrific diamond necklace is really a masterpiece by Tiffany & Co. having the total weight of 84 carat. The most amazing thing to talk about this necklace is its round and pearl shaped diamonds that are beautifully decorated in the necklace. If we talk about its price then in the previous year it was the most expensive necklace having the total worth of 2.5 million US dollars. If you are fashion lovers then by purchasing it, there will be a spectacular addition into your ornament collections.

majestic diamond necklace by tiffany & co

4-Briolette Diamond Necklace

This triangular shaped diamond necklace consisting of 75 carats is none other than Briolette Diamond Necklace that ranked 4th in our list. Actually most expensive necklaces like this are the choices of Elite class because these diamond necklaces are beyond the purchasing power of common man due to their prices in million dollars. The most important thing about this captivating diamond necklace is its size because it can be used in daily routine as well. If you are interested in fancy and glamorous diamond necklace then this one is simply the best.

most beautiful diamond necklace

5-Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace

The Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace is most popular due to its innovative design and captivating look. This diamond necklace got popularity after the historic movie Titanic because in that movie heroin has been shown to wear it around her neck. Besides that, its blue heart shaped diamond having diamonds around it looks so prettiest and spectacular. After the Titanic many top jewelers earned lots of wealth by making this fabulous diamond necklace. As far as its price is concerned, it was once sold at $2.2 million.

world's expensive diamond necklaces

6-Finesque Sterling Silver Diamond Necklace

Finesque Sterling Silver Diamond Necklace is the beautiful innovative design that has luminous of diamonds. This captivating and spectacular necklace consists of one unique diamond that is embedded in the center. The weight of the diamond is 0.01 carat where 18 inch long silver chain adds an extra beauty to this necklace. The diamond is itself luminous while the chain around the diamond necklace shines at night giving a touch of glamour and beauty.

prettiest diamond necklace

7-Yellow Gold Diamond Cross Pendant

Having unique look and fabulous design, Yellow Gold Diamond Cross Pendant is the 7th most beautiful diamond necklace in our list. The gleaming diamonds are beautifully decorated around this terrific designed necklace. Due to its colorful and eye catching gems, the beauty and glamour is increased. Those women who love finesse and subtle jewelry, I recommend this classy diamond necklace without any questions because it will really suit you.

diamond necklace

8-Marie Antoinette Necklace

Having 181 carat of diamonds and prettiest diamond cuts, Marie Antoinette Necklace comes at number eight in our countdown. Three classy and eye catching colors of diamonds are imprinted in the necklace. Among these diamonds two yellow and pink one have weight of 1.84 carats while other yellow diamonds are of 5.24 and 7.06 carats. These figures combine together created a masterpiece. Marie Antoinette Necklace is one the best choice among women across the world.

spectacular diamond necklace for women

9-Sterling Silver and Mystic Fire Topaz Accented Necklace

What a glamorous diamond necklace that is? This fabulous box chain diamond necklace having heart shape is really beautiful to watch. The border of diamonds is decorated around the heart shape of the Necklace. Besides that, colored stones especially fire topaz present in the necklace add an enchanting beauty to it. So if you love your fiancee then give it to her because it will suit in her neck. As far as its price is concerned it is not much expensive than your beloved ones.

world's beautiful and expensive diamond necklace

10-Zip Necklace

Zip Necklace is an outstanding and stunning design as zipping it up it can be converted into fabulous bracelet. The most important thing that adds beauty to this necklace is the use of round diamonds present all around this beautiful diamond. In today’s fashion Zip necklace is equally popular both in men and women and this unique diamond necklace is certainly a best choice for both male and female. After a great hard work this special necklace has been designed and then developed. So buy this one and feel the proud experience of having Zip Necklace.

expensive zip necklace

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