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Top Ten Most Astonishing Trees in the World

It will not wrong to say that life wouldn’t have been possible if trees not exist in this universe. They are actually the part of the human beings as they produce oxygen for us and are the major factors to reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Besides that trees provide materials for constructing buildings and gives shelter, energy and nutrition as well. There are countless characteristics and benefits of trees which we can’t explain in this short article. There are lots of trees in the world having the history of oldest civilizations and cultures. Among various trees located in different parts of the world some are simply amazing to see. In this special created article we brought to you a list of these astonishing trees of the world. These are not only oldest but are fascinating due to their unique features, characters and distinct shape. Let’s take a look at the top ten most astonishing trees of the world.

1-Rhododendron Tree (Canada)

Having 1,024 species of Heath Family, Rhododendron is very astonishing tree (mostly called shrubs) in the world. Basically Rhododendron is an ancient Greek word rhodon (rose) and Dendron (tree). These types of plants are mainly found in Asia but this particular Tree is located in British Columbia (Canada) and is considered more than 125 years old. Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal that belongs to Planate Kingdom and Ericaceae Family. These tree/flowers are mainly planted and are used for decoration purposes. Their leaves are mostly spirally arranged that may be either deciduous or evergreen. These beautiful and amazing Rhododendrons are cultivated in most part of the world as a commercial use; the ideal place for their growth is acid soil having a pH of approximately 4.5-5.5.

beautiful tree

2-Wisteria Tree (Japan)

The 144 years old Wisteria Tree looks like a pink sky which is simply amazing to see. Located in Ashikaga Flower Park (Japan), it is not the world’s largest but it is really impressive due to its features, distinct shape and majestic beauty. Although Wisterias looks like trees but these are actually vines because they have capabilities and potential to get heavy structures. This beautiful and majestic Wisteria is spread on the area of 1,990 square meters where its entire structure is supported by steel that allow visitors to walk below its canopy. The beautiful purple lights below its entire structure add an extra majestic beauty to this Tree.

wisteria tree

3-Wind-Swept Trees (New Zealand)

Although lots of wonders have been created by the human beings in this universe but still there are plenty of places in the world where the nature rules and that such a place is located in New Zealand. Slope point in New Zealand is that place which remains under the unimaginable weather conditions on regular basis. Here in this region, fierce & cold winds that blow up from Antarctica caused the trees of this part of island twisted and warped by making them so beautiful and amazing to see. The Slope Point is used mainly for sheep farming where no other animals or humans live or exists in this area.

beautiful tress in New zealand

4-Portland Japanese Maple (United States)

The beautiful and majestic Portland Japanese Garden is located in Portland, Oregon (United States of America). Having the area of 5.5 acres, Portland Japanese Garden is operated by Japanese Garden Society of Oregon. The garden is composed of five majestic gardens; each one is unique and attractive in its features and beauty. Among the beauties of the garden, Portland Japanese Maple is really amazing. The major idea to create this magnificent garden is to provide the sense of beauty, peace, harmony and to create & experience the feelings of being the part of nature.

beautiful japanese maple tree

5-Blooming Cherry Trees (Germany)

At number five there comes another majestic tree in the list of top ten most astonishing trees of the world. Nature is surely a wonderful artist and this statement can be viewed in every spring in Cherry Blossom Street which is located in Bonn, Germany. The Cherry Blossom is one of the major tourist attractions in Germany & is considered very important as it plays very vital role in German and Japanese traditions and culture. In every spring the Cherry Blossom season is celebrated in this part of the world where thousands of people come to enjoy the natural beauty of Cherry blossom. The cherry Blossom that bursts into full bloom, beautiful majestic streetlights, magnificent buildings and the beauty of blossom altogether makes this place a spectacular one.

world's astonishing trees

6-Flamboyant Tree (Brazil)

The Flamboyant Tree which is also known as the Flame Tree or royal Poinciana is one of the most beautiful and astonishing tropical trees in the world. In many parts of the world it is planted as an ornamental tree due to its unique and beautiful shades because while maturing it develops into umbrella shaped crowns leaving a magical & enchanting beauty. Belonging to Kingdom Plantae, it is mostly found in Madagascar forests but it is also found in tropical areas of the world due to its ability to grow under these conditions.

loveliest trees in the world

7-President Tree (United States)

The 3rd largest tree in the world (by volume of trunk) is none other than President Tree which is located in the east of Visalia, California. Having the height of 75 meters, it is not tallest sequoia tree in the world but comes at 27th place among tallest sequoia trees of the world and is among one of those that are the oldest living sequoia trees. It is considered as 3,200 years old having the trunk volume of 45,000 cubic feet as of 2012. Actually this enchanting tree was named after President whose name was Warren G. Harding in 1923.

beautiful tree in america

8-Maple Tree Tunnel (United States)

The Maple Tree Tunnel located in Oregon, United States of America gives an unbelievable beauty and magnificent view in the full autumn season. There are lots of amazing and beautiful tunnels in the world that are made with trees, plants and different type of flowers. The Maple Tree Tunnel is one of the stunning beauties of these tunnels. If you happen to come in this part of the world then visit this beautiful maple tree tunnel and enjoy the experience of walk through this magical tunnel.

maple tunnel tree, america

9-Rainbow Eucalyptus (Hawaii)

When we talk about the rainbow then quickly the first thing which comes in our mind is of sky rainbow and at that movement the question which arises is does the natural rainbow exist in this world? The answer is yes. You can experience the natural living rainbow on the stunning tree of Eucalyptus which is located in Kauai, Hawaii. This tree has beautiful and stunning bark that you will not find in any part of the world. The Eucalyptus is considered as the most astonishing and beautiful colorful species of trees by the experts. Its pulpwood is used to make papers especially tissue papers.

tallest trees in the world

10-Dragon blood Trees (Yemen)

The Socotra dragon tree or Dragon blood tree is located near the Indian Ocean and it is given this name because these trees produce red sap. It has distinct features and is the famous plant of this part of the world (Socotra). It has a strange appearance and outlook of umbrella that held uprightly makes it unique and popular in the world. This beautiful and unique tree belongs to Kingdom Plantae and Species D. cinnabari while its biological name is Dracaena cinnabari. There are plenty of uses of Dragon Blood Tree as its roots produces gum-resin which is used in toothpaste and other purposes.

amazing trees in the world

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