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Top Ten most Astonishing Tree Houses in the World

Life is really colorful where everyone is living lives with its own ways and means. There is nobody in this Universe who has not dreams, some have the dreams of good future, some wants beautiful girl, some has job dreams, many wants better fortune but most of us wants dream houses as well. If dream houses are on the trees then it will be really a wonder & that wonder has happened now. The Designers & architects have now created houses on trees which are the greatest example of the talent & imagination of these designers & engineers. Although such types of countries exists in the planet which permanently lives in the tree houses such as in New Guinea, the Korowai people lives permanently on houses made on trees due to the safety purposes because these houses helps the residents to carry out their foods and belongings from the wild animals & floods. So surely building houses on trees is no more a fairly tale because it now has become possible. Here we have created a list of top ten most astonishing & stunning tree houses of the world. Let’s have a look.

1-The Minister’s Tree-house (USA)

The tallest tree-house in the world is none other than The Minister’s Tree House which is located in Crossville, Tennessee (United States of America). The 80 foot tallest construction was built by Horace Burgess on oak tree that took 14 years to complete this amazing & stunning project. This tallest oak tree has a diameter of 12 feet and the wooden edifice is also 97 feet tall. The story behind this stunning construction is that according to its founder Burgess, he built this tree house after a vision which he had in 1993. He says that God spoke to me to build the tree House for Him & he will never see run out of material. He did and God provided him all the material which he was needed. It was built with the estimated cost of $12,000 where more than 400 people visits every week making it the attractive tourist spot in this part of the world.

astonishing tree house in America

2-Three Storey Tree house (British Columbia, Canada)

Now you can also have three storey tree-house because now it has become possible by creating it in British Columbia. It is the tallest tree house in the British Columbia. Actually the forest in British Columbia is the retirement project which was started in 1950s & opened in 1960s for the public. This tree house is the major tourist spot for the dream lovers that provide eye catching views of the entire forest. It is the best destination for the families to enjoy the unforgettable moments there.

stunning tree house

3-Mirror Tree-house (Sweden)

This beautiful & enchanting mirror Tree house is located in Harads, (Sweden). It is basically tree hotel which provides an amazing view to get the fantastic view of the Lule River Valley that is miles away from this place. By staying this tree hotel you can enjoy the beauty of nature that will definitely leads you to dreamland. Having the dimensions of 4x4x4 meters it is an exciting construction hidden among the trees. Its base is made up of aluminum frame while the walls are covered with reflective glasses. The Infrared film has been used into the mirror walls for preventing birds to that area.

tallest tree house in the world

4-The HemLoft Tree-house (Canada)

This beautiful structure on trees is made by Joel Allen which is self funded secret tree house located in Whistler, Canada. Joel Allen is the former software developer who planned to build this egg shaped magnificent structure that is called HemLoft. This tree house has been built on the Crown land that is government owned where he & his fiancée, Heidi together created this design by using reclaimed materials.

hemloft tree house, world's beautiful

5-Vertical Tree-house (Canada)

Vertical Tree house is one of the most beautiful tree houses in the world due to its design and location. Located in Ontario, Canada, this spectacular tree house has been built around the base of four existing trees. It is one of the best tourist attractions in this part of the world that gives you an amazing & spectacular view of the whole forest. The project was designed in order to spread awareness of forests & nature. The visitors ascend up along with the trees by using the tube like tallest structure of this Vertical Tree House.

vertical tree house, canada

6-Yellow Tree-house Restaurant (New Zealand)

Located at the North part of Auckland (New Zealand), Yellow Tree-house Restaurant is another stunning tree house construction. The Pacific Environments Architect Ltd. has made this construction possible by creating it on 40 meters tall redwood tree. It is constructed in a simple but astonishing way with redwood balustrade & Plantation Poplar Planks. The shape of the tree restaurant has been made like a cocoon around the tree by giving an enchanting view from outside.  At night this tree restaurant is illuminated by colored lights which add an amazing & magical beauty to this tree house.

new zealand's tourist destination

7-Free Spirit Sphere Tree-house (Canada)

Having the shape of wooden spheres, The Free Spirit Sphere Tree-House is located in British Columbia, Canada. It is invented and constructed by Tom Chudleigh who designed it so nicely that it looks like fruit or nut from outside. It is suspended with the rope and for entering it you have to climb the stairway and when the person moves inside the sphere it sways gently in the breeze giving a pleasant feelings & experience.

tree house in canada

8-Tea house Testu (Japan)

What a spectacular construction that is. Tea house Testu is one of the astonishing designs in the world located in Hokuto city, Japan. This one legged Tea house consists of suspension of amid cherry trees that shows the imagination and stunning design by the creator. It is constructed with the natural materials like earth, stone and wood. The interior of the tea house is very simple but is really stunning from outside as it looks like a page from the fairy tale.

tea house testu in japan

9-Cedar-Shake Tree house (Oakland, California)

Cedar-Shake Tree House is the greatest invention of Nelson Chan who is the versatile person having lots of qualities as he is a photographer, artist, designer & industrial designer. He has created many tree house structures in the past but this project is really a masterpiece of this man. The astonishing & beautiful tree house basically consists of suspended wooden slat and Rope Bridge, besides that bay deck, cedar shake shingles and arched windows are also the part of this magnificent house. Surely this structure is a true wonder of latest architect & design.

world's spectacular tree house

10-The Bird’s Nest Tree House (Sweden)

Having the shape of bird’s nest, The Bird’s Nest Tree house is the masterpiece located in Sweden which is a complete contrast between outside and inside of the house. The interior is furnished and designed in spectacular way that provides classic shelter to a family with two children. This amazing structure has been built with natural materials where the walls are clad with the wooden panel while its windows are hidden due to its exterior structure. The 17 square meters room is furnished beautifully having separate bedrooms, bathroom and a living area which is really amazing to stay in. The retractable stair is provided which facilitates to enter in Bird’s house.

the bird's nest tree house

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