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Top Ten Luxurious Pakistani Clothing Brands

If you are fashion lovers and looking for best and luxurious clothing brands then you have come to the right place. Here in this list we will highlight at the top ten best Pakistani Clothing brands right now. If we look into the past few years then we have come to know that Pakistan Fashion Industry have completely changed due to the advancement in social media and advertisements. Now the people have become fashion enthused and their main focus is now on clothes as compared to others. In this scenario Pakistan Fashion industry has produced many best fashion designers who are not only famous within the country but are equally liked abroad as well. When we talk about fashion then without talking about women it is incomplete, that’s why here we will discuss about the top Pakistani women Clothing brands right now. These luxurious/beautiful clothing brands whether bridal or formal are the choice of every woman due to their innovative designs and eye catching colors.  Let’s have a look.


If we talk about Crescent then this has been the best clothing brands in across the world due to its top quality denim jeans but now it is equally popular in Pakistan due to its wide clothing range having different innovative designs and spectacular color combinations. Crescent clothing brand is heart favorite among women especially young girls really love this brand. One important factor that makes this brand number one in Pakistan is its fashion designer Faraz Manan who is the most prominent name in Pakistan Fashion Industry. Besides that, Crescent has made Kareena Kapoor as the brand ambassador of this brand that is also one of the major reasons of its success.

crescent Pakistani clothing brand

2-Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is actually the collaboration between Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer which was established in 1989. This brand is very popular not only in Pakistan but internationally people like it. Since its creation, Sana Safinaz has now become the icon in Pakistan fashion industry. This brand is offering variety of luxurious dresses ranging from bridal wears to haute couture, prêt and lawns etc. Although the prices of Sana Safinaz are high as compared to others but due to its top designs it is one of the most selling brands in Pakistan.

sana safinaz, top pakistani clothing brand

3-Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen comes at number three in our list which is the brand of Nishat Mills. The motto and promise of this brand is to provide something different to its customers, that’s why they make their place among the top ten in the very short period of time. Nishat linen has further different brands like Princess, Naqsh, Nisha etc. Due to its quality fabrics and creative designs having eye catching color combinations, people love to buy the dresses of this brand in every season. Besides that, the advertisement campaign of Nishat Linen by famous celebrities is one of the important factors that involves in the success of this brand.

nishat top clothing brand in Pakistan

4-Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed is considered as one of the major trendsetter in Pakistan fashion Industry. This very famous clothing brand is also the biggest clothes producer in Pakistan. The main feature that makes this brand best is its creativity and innovation. Gul Ahmed offers its top quality clothes for all the seasons, i.e. summer and winter having unique designs and spectacular colors. The outlets of this demanding brand have been opened in all the major cities of Pakistan. Besides that, different sub brands are also working under Gul Ahmed that includes cambric, G women collection, Khaddar and many more.

gul ahmed clothes for summer 2015

5-Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is one of those fashion designers who got fame and success in the very short period of time due to its creativity and unique style. Asim came in Fashion Industry as a Jewelry designer but after that due to the changing environment of fashion and the trend towards clothing he began to work in this field. In his fashion designing career he launched many fashion shows where his dress designs were appreciated by the audience. Asim Jofa is very popular in Pakistan due to its appealing prints, every year luxurious and glamorous collection in introduced by this expensive clothing brand.

asim jofa pakistani top clothing brand

6-Al Karam Studio

Al Karam Studio is one of the best examples of Al Karam Textiles in Luxurious clothing brands. Actually the idea to create Al Karam Studio was to introduce unique, modern and creative clothes to its customers in affordable prices. Due to its innovative and creative designs, Al Karam Studio has now become the heart favorite brand for the people especially women. Besides that, due to the presence of Umar Syed who is the top dress designer in Pakistan, the demand of this brand is increasing day by day. They have opened their outlets in all over Pakistan in order to provide top clothes for everyone.

best pakistani clothing brand


Firdous is not the new name for those who are in touch with Pakistan Fashion Industry. The main success and popularity of this brand is because of its unique combination of Pakistani prints with Bollywood stars like Kareena Kapoor. Firdous is well known for its formal as well as casual dresses and also for other sub brands that are working under Firdous like Cambric, Korean Lawn, Swiss Voile, Digital Viscose etc. They have also opened their new special store “Firdous Concept Store” where the people who loves Western stuff can get their dresses of own choice in affordable price.

luxurious Pakistani clothing brand

8-House of Ittehad

House of Ittehad is known for its innovation and creativity in colors and styles, that’s why it is considered as one of the most demanding clothing brands in Pakistan. The different variety having spectacular color prints and creative designs is introduced on the both the season, i.e. summer and winter. For summer season House of Ittehad presents further high quality brands like Swiss Voile, Summer Lawn, Chiffon collection etc. This year the special thing about House of Ittehad is that it hired HYS designer for its summer collection.

ittehad garments


Bonanza is one of the most prominent names in Pakistan fashion Industry whose dresses are equally popular among men and women. For women their sub brands like Sanam Choudhry, Satrangi, and Bonanza Glamour are heart favorite because these brands are very creative and glamorous. This trendsetter brand offers huge range of glamorous and luxurious clothes in both season but one thing you have to keep in mind while shopping is having extra money because the clothes of Bonanza are very expensive.

top clothes collection by bonanza

10-Five Star

The last name in our list is Five Star which is considered as one of the most selling brand in Pakistan. The one thing that is somehow confusing for me is their prints because these have not remained much successful in the past. But other than Five Star is the name of quality having spectacular creative designs having eye catching colors. The other sub brands working under it are Classic Late, Classic Lawn, Sanzany De Silk and many more. Last year Five Star hired Bollywood star, Katrina Kaif for their Lawn collection but that experience not much earned money for this brand.

five star pakistani clothing brand

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