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Top Ten Hottest Women Golfers in the World

When we talk about playing golf then we find that it is not the game of men but women are also good golfers it is not because they are hottest, prettiest and elegant but they got excellent skills to compete anyone in the world. It is not the olden days, this is the period of 21th century and we see that now women are actively participating in almost all the sports of the world. Most of us watch the games of these prettiest sportswomen in order to glimpse the beauty and glamour that keeps elegant personalities with sports. Here we bring to you a classic article on world’s hottest women golfers, so scroll down and have a look at the hottest women golfers of the world.

1-Maria Verchenova

The Russian professional women Golfer Maria Verchenova comes at first place in our countdown. The hottest import of today’s time Maria was born on 27 March 1986 in Moscow, Russia and she is the first lady ever who became the full time member of Ladies European tour. This hottie has impressed everyone with her shortest dresses and elegant beauty. The millions of people are made to glimpse her stunning beauty while she plays golf. Once in an interview she said that she gets great passion from Maria Sharapova who is the Tennis Star not because she is so pretty but due to her passion with the game and the way she plays is so superb. Giving answer to the questions asked in an interview she said that she wears sexy and short stuff to do something extra while playing Golf because by doing this the people noticed great.

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2-Camilla Lennarth

The Swedish professional hottest golfer, Camilla Lennarth got the 2nd place in our ranking. She was born on 16 June 1988 in Stockholm. The five feet and nine inches tall, Camilla is not only prettiest and fabulous but she also possesses lots of golf experience as well. The people love her due to her superb golf style and also her blue eyes. She started to play golf when she was just eight years old and after that in 2008 she played in the European Countries team Championship but her professional career in golf started in January 2012 where she played 13 tournaments in that year on the tour of US Symetra.

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3-Anna Rawson

One of the most beautiful and hottest women in the world of golf is Anna Rawson who comes at number three in our ranking. The five feet and ten inches tall Australian professional Golfer Rawson was born on 5 August 1981 in Adelaide, Australia. She is also a superb and prettiest model as well. When she was 16 years old, she got the fame in modeling when she beat everyone in the contest of Dolly Magazine cover. This success opened many doors of opportunities for her as catwalk, magazines, print ads and many others like this. In 1999 and 2000 she proved herself as the main qualifier of Australian Amateur Championship. In 2004 she started her professional career where she played the full season on the Future tour and also played Ladies European tour and LPGA tour.

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4-Klara Spilkova

The Czech professional golfer, Klara Spilkova is really a prettiest lady who got the glamorous figures that attracts everyone. She was born on 15 December 1994 in Prague, Czech Republic and is the member of the Golf Club Erpet Praha. She is just 20 years old but she is becoming better and better every passing day both in playing and beauty. Her amateur career in golf was started from 2007-10 and she remained the member of the Czech National team. She got lots of achievements in her professional career where in season 2011 she remained 7th in Lalla Meryem Cup, similarly in 2012 season she played lots of matches where she remained fail to make her place in the top ten. In 2013 season she came back very strongly and won the 8th position in Lalla Meryem Cup while stood 6th in ISPS Handa Ladies European Masters.

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5-Blair O Neal

At number five there comes another hottest golfer of the world Blair O Neal who was born on 14 May 1981 in Macomb. She is an American professional golfer who captivated millions of people with her stunning beauty and glamour. After her birth at the age of two she migrated to Arizona where she spent her rest of the childhood. At the early age of her life she was very fond of Ballet, Cheer and Jazz and enjoyed by doing these activities. She appeared for the first time on the Golf Channel which was the series of Big Break and ended up as runner up in the competition. In 2010 she won the title by appearing in another season where she was the cast member of Big Break.

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6-Natalie Gulbis

Natalie Gulbis is an American professional women Golfer who was born on 07 January 1983 in California, USA. From her early childhood she was very mad of Golf, that’s why at the age of seven she won her first tournament ever. In 1997 when she was 14 years old played her first LPGA Tour as an amateur. At the age of 18 she left the college and started her professional career in Golf in July 2001.  She won her first professional game in July 2007 by defeating Jeong Jang in a Playoff which was the event of France’s Evian Masters.  In 2007 she got the William and Mousie Powell Award for her excellent performance not only in Golf but her beauty is also responsible for achieving that award.

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7-Holly Sonders

The Holly Sponders is the 7th hottest women Golfer of the world who was very good Golfer when she was studying at college. After graduating from Michigan State she got lots of fame and recognition from her fans as the most popular Television Golf personality. The people who love Golf might have watched her in some network programs or impressed by seeing her playing in PGA Tour. Sponders likes fitness, that’s why she always gives focus on it as she played basket ball and baseball with boy’s team until her high school level. As far as her achievements are concerned she twice won the American Junior Golf Association.

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8-Kathleen Ekey

The five feet and seven inches tall Kathleen Ekey is an American Professional Golfer who was born on 8 November 1986 in Ohio, USA.  Currently she is playing for the LPGA Tour. Before starting her professional career she played college Golf for two years when she was in Furman University. She graduated from the University of Alabama in communication studies; she started her professional career in Golf in 2009 where on 14 July 2009 she played the Future tour. In the Future Tour she topped the Tour as the most earning Golfer, that’s why she was declared as the Tour’s Player of the year.

kathleen ekey

9-Charley Hull

The English Professional Golfer Charley Hull who was born on 20 March 1996 comes at number nine in the ranking of Top ten Hottest Women Golfers in the World. She got stunning beauty and killing smile and has millions of fans following in across the World. She was very fond of playing Golf even in the early childhood, that’s why at the age of two she was introduced to Golf where she used to go with her father at Kettering golf Club to play golf. She began her amateur career at the age of nine by winning the National Ladies Championship at Turnberry in UK, she also participated in 2012 Women’s British Open where she remained tied with her opponent.  On 1 January 2013 she decided to start her professional career in golf by making her debut in March 2013 where she ended up five consecutive 2nd position victories in the Ladies European Tour.

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10-Beatriz Recari

The Spanish Golf Player Beatriz Recari got the 10th place in our countdown. She is the prettiest women golfer in the world who was born on 21 April 1987. Beatriz climbed the ladders of success in the very short period of time where others wait for the long time. By winning the Amateur Championship of Spanish in 2004 and French amateur Championship in 2005 she recognized herself as one of the leading women golfer in the world. Before starting her professional career she was introduced internationally as the most talented young golfer. When she reached at the age of 18 then she began her professional golf career from the 2006 Let season.

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