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Top Ten Most Beautiful Pakistani Female News Anchors in 2015

In spite of all the challenges that Pakistan is facing today one thing is sure that Pakistan will definitely achieve its destination very soon. If we talk about its achievements then it got lots having the countless problems. From the past decade the massive improvements have been seen where major one is the field of media. From the seven to eight years media has progressed a lot and countless channels have opened till now. Now the media in Pakistan is enjoying by working freely than any other country in the world. Today due to the political atmosphere of the country the media is the major focus of the people where everyday millions of people listens the news and reports related to the political crisis and activities which are taking place. It is not possible that we leave the discussion without mentioning female news anchors. Now you see beautiful and hottest young female news anchors/casters and journalists on every news channel because it is the demand of today’s time. Now the people watch the news instead of listening. We have created a list of Top ten most beautiful Pakistani female news anchors in 2015.

1-Quratulain Hassan

Quratulain Hassan is the top female news anchor not only in Pakistan but has massive viewership across the world. It is obvious that watching news bulletin always remains the passion of the people but if the news caster is talented plus beautiful then the interest of watching news increases and even when we are boring then can’t switch off the channel. Same is the case with Quratulain Hassan because having the expertise in news anchoring/casting she got an attractive figures and personality which looks so cute when delivers news on the News channel. She works for the ARY news channel and also is the richest news anchor in Pakistan. Having the sweet voice and prettiest face she has millions of fans following who appreciated her for her brilliant work in media. This cool style holder Quratulain Hassan belongs to Karachi.

top pakistani female news anchor

2-Farah Qadri

Having the vast experience in broadcasting, Farah Qadri has been the part of the broadcasting since 2007. Very talented and one of the most beautiful journalist and anchor Farah got the 2nd place in our countdown. She was also associated in print media and provided her expert services to famous Pakistan’s English news papers. Currently she decided to join CNBC Pakistan and works for this channel. Besides of having glamorous look and hottest personality she has been the renowned name in the media industry especially in news department where she highlighted on the various issues of local & international. Keeping all those qualities she is richly deserved to be placed in the 2nd spot.

beautiful news caster

3-Sara Alfred

The woman who made her place among the top media news anchors/journalists in the very short period of time having lots of difficulties in her life due to Christian is none other than Sara Alfred. She keeps lots of experience in media due to her work on many Pakistan’s top channels like Aaj News, Dunya News, Geo News, Waqt TV and some others. Currently she is providing her services to ARY News as the senior producer and anchor. This one of the hottest and beautiful female journalist belongs to Karachi having never ending fans. She started her career from Geo News and after that other news channels gave her offers to join their channels. Many fans of Sara like her killing smile when she appears on TV with her unique style.

leading female news anchor

4-Iqra Shahzad

Before joining Dunya News she was associated with Pakistan Television (PTV) where she appeared in many PTV’s programs like Health Morning, Sunday Hobbies, and Mast music and in many talk shows. After providing services she joined the city based news channel “City 42” where she was the top news anchor, after leaving City 42 she joined Samma News and currently is working for Dunya News where she hosts the program “Meri Dharti Meri Dunya”. Having said all she is also one of the hottest and most beautiful female news anchor/journalist in the Pakistan. The people who are her fans can better tell the qualities of this gorgeous Iqra Shahzad.

dunya news anchor

5-Samina Ramzan

The 5th hottest and one of the top female news anchors in Pakistan is Samina Ramzan. She has lots of experience in news casting as she worked for many renowned news channels of Pakistan like Samma News, Waqt News & Geo News but Dunya News proved most fame earning channel for her. It is no doubt that Samina is one of the most expensive and highly paid News Anchor in Pakistan. This humble and innocent lady is from Lahore and has made millions of fans in the very short period of time where others just think about it. As a News anchor and producer currently she is working for Dunya news.

samma news anchor

6-Saddaf Jabbar

The prettiest face among the top female news anchors is of Saddaf Jabbar. She gives much resemblance with the Bollywood’s beauty queen Anushka Sharma. This one of the highly paid news anchors of Pakistan Saddaf is currently associated with ARY News Channel as a program host and news anchor. Due to her top class model type look she has countless fans not only in Pakistan but internationally as well. Belonging to Karachi she is very committed to ARY News Channel and surely leading the profession with her amazing talent and of course beauty. This one of the youngest journalist is among those people who introduced the new style of presenting the news.

ary news journalist

7-Gharida Farooqi

Gharida Farooqi comes at number seven in the 2015 ranking of top ten most hottest and highly paid female news anchors of Pakistan. She has been associated with some renowned Pakistani News channels in the past but currently she is working for the Samma News. This one of the most beautiful female news anchors of Pakistan started its career from the private channel ATV and after that got lots of fame and recognition in the field of journalism from the audience. Having performed multiple news shows she proved herself as the bold and outstanding anchor person in Pakistan. She has also worked for the Geo News in the past as well.

hottest news anchor

8-Maria Memon

The Geo News top female news anchor Maria Memon comes at number eight in our fresh ranking of 2105. Having the graduation degree of Software Engineering, she is the top female news anchor/caster not only in Geo News but is also one of the highly paid news anchors in Pakistan. Maria is working for the Geo News since 2008 where for the first time she was selected for this channel as the hr consultant but due to the cancellation of that project she was sent to the news desk where she started her journey as a journalist. She likes and impressed with the CNN anchorperson Christiane Amanpour. The “Mere Mutabiq” was her first program as a host which helped her to boast the confidence and skills.

geo news caster

9-Ayesha Bakhsh

Ayesha Bakhsh comes at number nine in our counting. One of the top news channel’s of Pakistan female anchor person Ayesha Bakhsh was born on July 4, 1981 in Lahore, Punjab and got the degree in Communication Sciences from the Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi. She was associated with ARY news as an anchor but due to the attractive packages offered by Geo News she joined Geo TV in January 2007 and since then working for this channel. She is really a beauty queen and anyone can’t switch off the channel while watching Ayesha in spite of boring news. By admiring her capabilities she was given Best News Caster female award in the 2012 Pakistan media awards.

beautiful news caster

10-Sana Mirza

The News caster and the host of current affairs program Sana Mirza comes at number 10 in our ranking. She is associated with the Geo News where she has great role in the channel as working journalist, news collector, contributor in compiling the script and of course one of the top female news anchor of the channel. The most interesting thing about Sana is that she is the doctor by profession but she decided to come in the field of journalism. Initially she started her career from FM in 2003-04 and after that joined the Geo News channel. The killing smile, perfect command on the news, talent, beauty and glamorous figures all made her as one of the highly paid news anchor/journalist in Pakistan.

highly paid news caster

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