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Top Ten Engineering Wonders of the Modern World

From the previous couple of decades lots of inventions have taken place in the world which are really stunning and this all happened due to the progress of science & technology. Today’s world has totally changed as compared to the past because now the life has become very rapid & fast where everyone is in the race and trying to go ahead than others. In this scenario trend of mega structures is becoming popular now a days and everyday on newspapers and other media we see something related to technological and engineering wonders. We will discuss top engineering wonders in this article. After lots of research and getting data from various resources we have generated a list of Top ten Engineering wonders of the Modern world. After reading the article you will be definitely impressed that how man made this all possible. Let’s have a look at the top ten most astonishing wonders of the modern world.

1-Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

The bridge having no pillars is none other than Akashi Kaikyo Bridge which is also known as Pearl Bridge is really an amazing civil engineering wonder of the world. Having the total length of 3,911 meters, Pearl Bridge is the largest cable bridge in the world and is located in Japan. This beautiful bridge connects the city of Kobe to Lwaya on Awaji Island. Its longest spam consists of 1,991 meters which is the world’s largest spam of any suspension bridge. The Pearl Bridge is of six lanes of roadway which was designed by Satoshi Kashima and was completed in 1998 after the 10 years construction. This three spam suspension bridge is constructed with the estimated cost of 500 billion Yen. It’s no doubt that Pearl Bridge is the bright example of the engineering wonder and excellence.

engineering wonders

2-Floating Green Eco Cities

The idea & design to create floating green cities really captures our imaginations and is the proof of human curiosity and thirst to do something extra ordinary. Among the floating green Eco Cities, Lilypad is the most amazing project having an amazing concept. The major idea behind that project was to create independent eco-city islands in order to provide accommodation for future climate change refugees. Each of them would be capable for providing shelter to more than 50,000 residents that would support the factor of biodiversity. In the Lilypad two solar type applications have been used, the first one is for facing the open air and the second one is for creating partial shading. Besides that collecting pools have been added in its centers whose function is to assemble water and then filter it for use. Floating green eco cities are really stunning inventions of the modern world.

floating green eco cities

3-Aircraft Carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77)

Invented with the cost of $6.2 billion, Aircraft Carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) is another engineering wonder of the modern world. It is the aircraft carrier of the US Navy whose construction was started in 2003 & completed in 2009. It is stretches 332.8 meters (1,092 ft) and has the displacement of 102,000 long tons which makes it as world’s one of the largest warships having equipped with the latest technology which was useless before. Having the speed of over 30 knots, the most interesting thing about this aircraft carrier is that it can operate for more than twenty years without refueling which is really stunning. This amazing aircraft is now in active service as of 2015.

USA aircraft carrier

4-Langeled Pipeline

One of the world’s longest sub sea pipeline Langeled Pipeline is located in countries Norway, United Kingdom. Having the length of 1,166 kilometers, this underwater pipeline was built for transporting the natural gas from Norway to United Kingdom. Constructed with the cost of $10 million, Langeled Pipeline was the world’s longest pipeline before the Nord stream pipeline. The construction of this pipeline was started in 2004 where after its completion it was opened in two phases, the southern portion started working on 1 October 2006 while its Northern part was opened in October 2007. The complete official opening took place on 16 October 2006 in London. Near about 25.5 billion cubic meters gas discharges per year from this pipeline.

world's 2nd largest sub sea pipeline

5-Beijing National Stadium

Beijing National Stadium which is also known as Bird’s nest is located in Beijing, China. This stunning and astonishing structure really captures our imaginations as it is made in such a way which looks like a public art work rather than a Stadium. This mega structure was created for the 2008 summer Olympics & Paralympics but currently it is mostly being used for the football matches. Having the 80,000 capacity for the spectators, it was opened on 28 June 2008 with the estimated cost of US$ 423 million. This world’s largest steel structure was designed by Swiss architects whose names are Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron.

beautiful football stadium

6-Bailong Elevator

The heaviest and the highest outdoor elevator in the world is none other than Bailong Elevator which is located in China. This 330 meters (1,070 ft) high elevator has been built onto the side of the gigantic cliff that is situated in the area of Zhangjiajie (China). Although it is really an engineering wonder but there are concerns of its safety because it is not the environmental. That’s why from 2002-2003 the operations of Bailong elevator was stopped. The construction of this project started in October 1999 and in 2002 it was officially opened for the public. It can carry 50 people at a time from the base to the top in just 2 minutes time.

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7-Palm Islands

Palm Islands are another success of engineering and science & technology. Palm Islands are artificial islands located on the coast of Dubai (United Arab Emirates). These are basically two islands whose names are Palm Jumeirah & Palm Jabel Ali. In these artificially created islands 1,500 Villas are included & they all are on the artificial beaches. The main purpose of planning this project was to create attractive & unique tourist spots in order to compensate the oil reducing revenue.

palm islands in dubai

8-Three Gorges Dam

Having the installed capacity of 22,500 mega watt electricity, Three Gorges Dam is the largest power station in the world. This structure is located in Yiling District, China. The purpose to create Three Gorges Dam was to fulfill power supply, flood control & navigation. The construction of this world’s largest Power station was started on 14 December 1994 and was opened in 2008 for operations. It was completed with the total cost of US$ 26 billion.

three gorges dam


The Pan-STARRS is another greatest invention of the Scientists by using the latest technologies. Pan-STARRS (Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid response system) are basically developed to identify those objects which try to approach our earth like asteroids & comets because there are the chances that they might be dangerous to our planet where we live. Pan-STARRS actually consist of astronomical cameras and telescopes where its computing facility is for surveying the sky on a consistent basis. PS1 which is the 1st Pan-STARRS telescope is located at the summit of Haleakala, Hawaii that started its science observations on full time basis on 13 May 2010.

NASA's telescope

10-Chandra X-Ray Observatory

10-Chandra X-Ray Observatory is basically an earth satellite which was launched by NASA on 23 July 1999.  The basic purpose of this satellite is to get X-Ray images from those parts of the universe which are of high energy regions. This satellite facilitates scientists to do this. These X-Ray images basically are the events such as neutron stars, black holes, supernovas and dark matter. Chandra X-Ray Observatory is named after the noble prize winner and a physicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. He is that person who discovered the maximum mass for white dwarfs as well and is doing really an amazing work in the field of X-Ray astronomy.

astronomical satellite

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