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Top Ten Best Ways to Quit Smoking

In spite of having dangerous disadvantages regarding health, people are not ready to stop smoking. In this scenario when someone says to smokers about quitting then the answer which they give is that we have tried to quit smoking for many times but failed. Actually nobody is born as a smoker and you can return to that stage as being non smoker. Nothing is impossible in this universe just need a will and commitment to do any task. Almost every smoker is aware of its effects on health as it can cause lung cancer, mouth cancer and many other fatal diseases. So it is not a justice with your health because by smoking you are destroying your health deliberately. The millions of smokers around the globe have got rid of smoking by their own will, commitment and power of decision. They have actually invented lots of creative ways and methods to deal with smoking. In this article we will deeply discuss about those tips and methods that are very useful to eradicate smoking habits from you. Let’s take a look at the list of top ten best ways to quit smoking.


The first step in the way of quit smoking is your fully commitment because it is the only way where you can get victory. Don’t think that you are already failed to quit but actually you have taken your first step toward your target.  After showing your commitment just writes down your plan and strictly implements it. In this case you can take help from your parents and friends to deal with this issue but it’s you who have to fulfill your major task. Just make it very difficult for yourself to come back from your task and this can be difficult but is not impossible.

tips to quit smoking

2-Cold Turkey

Actually drugs are the major reasons that make you a smoker and while you decided to quit smoking then immediately quit cold turkey. Because quitting cold turkey means that you have achieved all at ones. Joel Spitzer (director of freedom from tobacco in Evanston) says that the motto of cold turkey is very simple, never take another puff. According to the research of Joel Spitzer, near about 90% those people who have quitted smoking do it cold Turkey.

best ways to quit smoking

3-Group Support

Actually it is very difficult to achieve your targets without participation and support of others, it is not the meaning that others will do for you but it means that for achieving your goals you have to discuss with your friends, parents and related people. Same is the case with quit smoking. The American Lung Association suggests that for quitting smoking; take a group support from the like-minded people. It is because that people having the same mottoes can help each other effectively. The successful groups can be created by experienced and trained leaders.

get group support to quit smoking

4-Know Your Motivation

In the process of quitting, your mind asks you questions on regular basis that why you are doing such a thing because taking one cigarette or one puff won’t hurt you. As we know that mind is really a sticky thing that makes difficult for you to ignore its logic but at this stage the thing which needed you is your motivation. In this scenario just show your commitment and reply to your mind that you will not take even one puffs in any case. Think this movement is the deciding one that you quit smoking or smoking will quit you. Just make your belief powerful and trust yourself and your abilities. Listen, nothing is most powerful than you.

motivation is very important to quit smoking


 We all know that prevention is better than cure, when someone offers you to take a puff and you accept it then it means you will take another puff, two, and three and that first puff leads you to become the complete smoker. Any ways becoming smoker is not an important than quitting. Among the best tips to eradicate smoking from your life is replacement. Just replace those things which are the reasons of making you smokers like Nicotine replacement is therapy etc. By replacing nicotine with other things as above stated, you will gradually put yourself on the way of quitting.

best tips to quit smoking


When your mind provides logic to take one puff then the simple thing which you have to do is just delay. Don’t reply quickly or take action on your mind’s proposal, drink water, take deep breaths and eat a snack. The purpose of doing all this is to create a delay as you can. Just call your friend and make a plan to visit some beautiful place, so do whatever you can but just Delay, Delay and Delay. By doing this the logic that your mind gave to you will automatically vanish.

delay to take a puff

7-Reward Yourself

 While going to quitting process the interesting, simple but an effective tip is rewarding. Just make a plan to reward yourself on the gradual success that you achieved. Initially step up a rewarding plan for six months and then after the success spread it to one year or even five years. Give yourself good rewards as you can afford like shoes, T-shirts, a bike, dinner, books, cell phone etc. If you can’t afford expensive one then just give equal amount of awards that you used to spend on smoking.

top ten tips to quit smoking


The American Lung Association suggests that when take a decision to quit smoking then quitters must sabotage their habits that leads them to smoking. Eliminate triggers immediately from your life by replacing them with tea and other beverages. Besides that, clear the entire atmosphere like ash trays, matches, lighters etc. Remove each and every cigarette not only from your house but also from your habits; simply hate smoking because it is the only way to remove smoking from your habits.

effective methods to quit smoking

9-If You Fall, Get Up

When you are committed with some purpose and works on it then during your working many hindrances and problems comes that tries to keep you away from completing your task. Similarly while quitting process when you fall for the first time then immediately get up and make plan to take another step towards your goal. Remember every failure tells us some positives, so the need is to accept your mistakes and learn from them by ensuring that those mistakes will not repeat in the future because this is ways to go forward.

prevention of smoking

10-Think Positive

I think this last but certainly not the least tip is the mother of all stated above. In every success two things are essential, first is Think positive and second one is your attitude. You know our heart is actually not brave and when some trouble or tension passes your mind then just tell your heart that everything is fine. Remove the fear of failure from your life because having it means failure of your life and your goals. Always think positive and take risks in your life because taking risk is actually the way that decides your destination.

think positive to quit smoking

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