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Top Ten Best Waterproof Cell Phone Cases in 2015

When you invest on an expensive cell phone just like Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge or HTC One M9 then you will definitely give an extra care to save your investment. In this scenario you want to buy quality cases and other accessories for your Smartphone but in the unpredictable weather conditions you need such a case for your cell phone that is waterproof. Now this is not impossible at all because there are lots of top companies that are manufacturing quality accessories to secure your investment and save your time. In this article we will give you top ten best options to quickly select the better one according to your mood and convenience. Let’s have a look at the list of top ten best waterproof cell phone cases of 2015.

1-LifeProof iPhone 5S Case

If you are looking for such a case that has multiple features is none other than LifeProof iPhone 5S Case because it is waterproof, snow proof and dustproof. It is much expensive as compared to other best waterproof cases but not too much against its quality features. This specific mobile phone case is one the largest selling brand across the world right now. One interesting and important thing about this product is its drop resistant capabilities as it keeps your cell phone secure against even two meter high drop. So having all the best quality features I recommend you to get this one for your prettiest Smartphone.

waterproof case for iphone 5s

2-Merit iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Case

This fabulously created Waterproof case is compatible with only iPhone 6 Plus and due to its extra ordinary features it comes at number two in our rating. This Merit iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Case protects your Smartphone from water, snow, sand and dust because it is perfectly sealed. Besides that, it’s built in screen protector secures your cell phone and also saves your money from buying an extra screen protector in order to protect it from scratching. So get this quality product and feel the proud experience of having iPhone 6 Plus.

iphone 6 plus waterproof case

3-iPhone 6 Waterproof Case

OneCase presents quality product for your cell phone which is waterproof and multi-function. This beautifully designed case secures your mobile from dusting, water and is shockproof as well. Besides that, when you are on the beach having your mobile phone in this waterproof case then there is no need to take a tension because your cell phone is pretty much secure from entering water. So continue your water activities with confidence because you have selected the right option for your cell phone.

best waterproof case for iphone series

4-Waterproof Incredible iPhone Case

This Spectacular waterproof case is specially designed for iPhone Series having all important features that you expect from it. After a complete test this product is available in the market in just affordable price. Besides quality, it has a fabulous eye catching design and packing that gives you a feeling of class and quality. The happier thing about this product is its five year warranty, that’s why it has positive customer reviews across the world.
beautiful iphone waterproof case

5-OneCase Waterproof Case for iPhone 6

OneCase presents another quality product for iPhone 6 that comes at number five in our countdown. This robotic design waterproof case has a Gorrila Glass Screen Protector from its front that not only provides security against scratching but also prevents your cell phone from entering water and dust. This unique case keeps USB cable from the back making it a Smart design with convenience. In addition to its premium quality & compatibility, it looks pretty nice and fabulous.

waterproof case by onecase

6-Joto Universal Waterproof Case

If you want cheaper but quality product for your mobile phone then Joto presents Universal Waterproof case that fulfills your demands in just affordable price. This is not restricted for one cell phone; you can use it in iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus and Samsung S4 & S5. In addition to these, it can also be used for some other brands as well due to its universal size and design. Having fabulous design you can easily put your phone in & out.

universal waterproof case by joto

7-FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Case

Having three colors light blue, black and pink, FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Case is the 7th best waterproof case in the world according to our list. It is because this is one of the largest selling brands in the world due to its compatibility with cheaper price as compared to others. Having its beautiful design, it also gives you options to match the color according to your own choice. The interesting thing about this product is that it can be used for other devices as well like digital camera.

waterproof case by frieq

8-Universal Waterproof iPhone Case

Having positive reviews from customers across the world, Universal waterproof iPhone Case is simply the best both in quality and design. Having all the features that a quality waterproof case should keep, one important thing about it is its environment friendly manufacturing. So buying this product means assurance of quality and environment in that price which is pretty much reachable to you.

world's expensive waterproof case

9-LifeProof Nuud Series Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

The second last name in our list is of Nuud Series Case by LifeProof which is only compatible for Galaxy S3. So if you have Galaxy S3 then I recommend you to get this one due to its multi-functions and beauty. Those people who prefer fashionable trendy things then LifeProof Nuud Series Samsung Galaxy S3 Case are surely the best option for them. This fabulous black design case protects cell phone from scratches, accidental drop and of course from water as well.

nuud series case by lifeproof

10-Dry Pak DP-46 Cell Phone, Waterproof Case

Dry Pak presents beautifully designed waterproof case bag for your cell phone which has multi uses because it can be used to put the MP3 players and GPS as well. Among the plus 300 reviews, it is noticed that majority is satisfied of having this plastic case bag because they are enjoying its compatibility and quality in affordable price. So as a test pick this product because it is not going to disappoint you in its performance.

waterproof case by dry pak

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