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Top Ten Best Special Armed Forces in the World

In order to secure the territory and save the people from any threat whether it is internal or external, every country keeps its trained military forces. To deal with the extreme challenges, there needs a special trained armed forces. For this purpose, every country trained their forces on the modern scale to deal with the issues like national political issues and for the economic or military purposes. If we deeply search the history then it shows that in the early 20th century the German Brandenburgers introduced the model of Special armed Forces during the 2nd world war. It is clear that every country in the world trained their soldiers within their military resources and now in today’s world where the military atmosphere has totally changed, the military training has also become much modernized. It is very tough task to rank the Special armed Forces from the Globe of the World but here after a long research and hard work, we have created a list for you where we have discussed about the Top Ten Special Forces in the World.

1-SAS (United Kingdom)

Special Air Services (SAS) is the best Special force in the World.  It is basically a British Army unit which came into existence during the 2nd World war in 1941. The SAS was reformed where it became the part of its territorial army in 1947. After the formation of SAS, it has served as the model of the Special armed forced in the World. After becoming the 22 SAS regular army, it gained lots of popularity in all over the World by displaying the Special skills on many occasions. SAS recognized in the World when it attacked the Iranian Embassy in London and during the 1980s the SAS rescued the hostages of the Iranian Embassy who were in siege. Currently the role of Special Air Services (SAS) is to provide the special operations and reconnaissance. SAS currently consists of three regiments, one is called regular regiment and other two are Territorial regiments.

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2-Navy Seals (United States of America)

Commonly known Navy Seals is one of the Special Naval Warfare commands of the United States of America. It operates everywhere, sea, land and Air. The basic purpose of the Navy Seals is to organize the small operations of the Maritime military because the Navy Seals has the special training to organized operations on those areas where the large ships and marines can’t approach due to the small depth. The CIA takes help from the Navy Seals team to deal with the special activities. The Navy Seals consists of the male members and it serves as one of the most special warfare combatants of the USA. As we said earlier that the Navy Seals and the CIA’s special activities division (SAD) works together to achieve the heavy targets, so they launches the combined operations. In the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, this combined operation was launched. Similarly in Pakistan, the Navy Seals and CIA’s (SAD) launched combined operation to kill Osama Bin Laden.

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3-Delta Force (United States of America)

  1. The Special operation force of the United States of America, Detachment Delta which is commonly known as Delta force was came into existence on 21 November 1977. When numerous terrorist activities was being made by the terrorists, then the Government of USA thought about this force as the full time developed counter unit to deal with the terrorist’s activities. The major and primary tasks of Delta force are; 1- Direct action, 2- Counter terrorism, 3- National intervention operations. This special unit is made by copying the British model of 22 SAS regiment. The former SAS operative who was basically the founder of SFOD thought about the formation of Delta Force. It’s headquarter is situated in Fort Bragg (North California, United States of America). This extremely versatile group is not limited to hostage rescue or raids but it is capable for any difficult tasks as well.

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4-GSG 9 (Germany)

GSG 9 is basically the abbreviation of Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei and it is the Special Counter terrorism force of the Germans. On 5 September 1972 the Palestinian movement named Black September entered the Summer Olympic Games and kidnapped eleven Israeli athletes where two were killed after kidnapping. The German police remained failed to rescue the kidnapped people because they were not trained enough to counter that terrorist activity. That’s why after that it was decided to form the Special Force in order to provide security effectively. So in 1973 the GSG 9 was officially established. GSG 9 operates in case of Kidnapping, Hostage taking, Extortion and terrorism and also it is used to secure the locations as well. About 1500 missions have been successfully completed by the GSG 9. Besides that it also provides assistance to many other countries as well. In 2008 Mumbai attacks, the GSG helped the Indian National Security Guards in upgrading their skills and trained them according to the modern techniques of warfare.

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5-JW GROM (Poland)

JW GROM is the Special counter terrorism unit of Poland which was officially created on 13 July 1990. Among the five Special Forces units of Poland, GROM keeps its great importance due to its functions and capabilities. The GROM which means thunder is deployed in tough conditions like Special operations and Unconventional warfare matters. For this purpose the force has been trained on the modern scales in order to meet any challenges whether it is anti terrorist’s actions or targeted operations. Since its formation JW GROM has been engaged in many operations such as in 1994 they involved in Operation Uphold Democracy, in 2001 they participated in Afghan war and in 2003 their involvement remained in Iraq for the Operation “Iraqi Freedom”.

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6-SSG (Pakistan)

As we know that Pakistani army is considered as one of the best armies in the World. So after the creation of Pakistan, the Pakistani Government gave top priority to its defense. In this scenario, Special Service Group of Pakistan (SSG) came into existence as the Special unit of Pakistan’s armed forces. If we talk about its model then it is very similar to USA army special force and the British’s SAS. It was created on 1966 which is also known as Black Storks due to their unique look. The SSG is considered as one of the best Special Forces in the World due to its bravery. It is once said by the Russian President that he can conquer the World if he had Pakistan’s army and the Russian weapon. The SSG came into existence for the Following purposes; 1- Special Operations, 2- Unconventional Warfare, 3- Hostage Rescue, 4-Direct action, 5-Counter Terrorist, 6- Internal and Foreign Defense, 7- Special Reconnaissance. Currently the Special Service Group (SSG) is active in fighting against terrorists in Pakistani territory.

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7-GIGN (France)

The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group commonly known as GIGN is one of the best Special force unit of the French armed forces. This special force unit was formed in 1973 in order to meet the challenges like counter terrorism and Hostage rescue not only in France but anywhere in the World when needed. Currently GIGN has been divided into three parts; 1- Intervention force which is original GIGN, 2- Observation and search force, 3- Security and protection force. The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) is considered as one of the best unit of counter terrorism in the World, especially in hostage rescue operations it is the best. Besides that it also contains high level techniques and trainings to deal with any type of threat. This special unit has also trained many other intervention forces in the past like Delta Force of USA and GSG 9 of Germans.

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8-EKO Cobra (Austria)

EKO Cobra comes at number eight in our ranking of Top Ten Best Special Forces in the World. Basically EKO Cobra is the Special operations unit of Austria which was formed for counter terrorism missions. The EKO Cobra works under the Federal ministry for interior of Austria but it is not the part of Federal Police force. It was formulated in 1978 after the attacks of Israeli athletes in 1972 Olympics. This special unit has been involved in many operations of counter terrorism especially in 1996 the EKO Cobra displayed its skills to rescue the hostages of Graz Karlau Prison. This is the only counter terrorism force in the world that has the ability to end the hijacking during the plane in the air.

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9-GIS (Italy)

Gruppo di Intervento Speciale commonly known as GIS is the best elite counter terrorism unit of Italians armed forces. GIS was formed in 1978 by the state police of Italy in order to deal with the increasing threats regarding terrorism. Due to its amazing marksmanship, the GIS keep its popularity in all over the World. Currently GIS is involved in counter terrorism operations, security services and also busy to provide quality training to cope with the challenges of security and other matters.

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10-MARCOS (India)

MARCOS is basically an Indian marine commando force which is the special operations force of the Indian Navy. It was formed in 1987 for the following purposes; 1- Counter Terrorism, 2- Direct action, 3- Amphibious warfare, 4- Hostage Rescue, 5- Unconventional warfare, 6- Special Reconnaissance. The MARCOS is capable of doing any type of actions but it is specially trained for maritime purposes. It has jointly conducted the exercises with the special forces of other countries of the World. It has been involved in many operations in the past like operation Pawan and others.

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