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Top Ten Best Shaving Brushes for Men

Shaving brush is very important item in your shaving kit because it helps to apply cream on your face very conveniently and easily. Many people still use shaving foam in the shaving process but actually the best way to start the shaving process is to apply the cream with brush in order to get enough lather for making shave soft and easy. Using the shaving brush doesn’t mean that you are traditionalist but the only thing is to give your face classy treatment as it deserves. If you are looking for best/expensive shaving brush for your beautiful face then you have come at the right place. Here I have generated a list in which you will find ten top quality shaving brushes and will be able to select the best one for your classical shaving. So without any further delay let’s check out the list of top ten best shaving brushes for men in 2015.

1-Vie-Long 12705 Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Having red acrylic handle with horse hair, Vie-Long 12705 Horse Hair Shaving Brush is really an outstanding shaving brush for you. Produced in Valencia (Spain) Vie-Long 12705 is specially made for smooth and soft shaving. The first step in the process of shaving starts with applying of cream on your face and then exfoliating the skin. So this special shaving brush is ready to give results mentioned above. The important thing about this brush is that the hair has been left in the original form so that you may enjoy the natural experience of soft and smooth shaving.

best shaving brush for men

2-Pure Badger Faux Ivory Shaving Brush

What are the main features of this shaving brush that makes it superior to others available in the market? This is an important question which should be asked while buying the best one for smooth and comfortable shaving. The presence of 100% pure badger hair, 20 mm knot, excellent quality and valuable free handle makes it best for your classy shaving. Besides that, it is odorless and has the ability to make enough lather that is actually necessary for your comfortable shaving. So for those who are searching for stiffer brush for creating maximum lather, this one is really suitable for them.
top quality shaving brush for men

3-Omega 13109 Creamy Curves Handle Shaving Brush

Omega presents a classy shaving brush for men having hundred percent pure badger bristles with creamy curved handle that gives you pleasant feelings and unique experience of comfortable shave. This Omega 13109 Creamy Curves Handle Shaving Brush is made in Italy which is near about 3.75 inches tall. Besides that, it has beautiful ivory plastic white handle having accent black ringlet. After discussing the above mentioned features you will be certainly made your mind to buy this one because it will not disappoint you in any case whatsoever.

omega 13109 shaving brush

4-Semogue 1305 Superior Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

At number four there comes Semogue 1305 Superior Boar Bristle Shaving Brush in our rating having the height of 53 mm, diameter of 22 mm knot and 55 mm hair loft. These all the above mentioned features make your shave easy by creating lots of lather before starting to shave. This quality shaving brush is made in Portugal which is now available in the market in affordable price. Having made with natural boar bristles it is stiff that means more exfoliation before starting the process of shaving.

semogue 1305 shaving brush

5-Diane 9875 Shaving Brush

Diane is considered as one of the renowned names in the production of grooming, hair care and styling needs and 9875 Shaving Brush is another best example of its quality and class. This out class shaving brush not only creates lots of lather for your shave but also gives your skin smoothness making it exfoliate. Diane 9875 Shaving Brush has no comparable in quality, stiffness and its natural hair. So I recommend this product for you without any questions.

men's best shaving brush by diane

6-Parker Safety Razor Pure Badger Bristle Shaving Brush

Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush with black deluxe handle comes at number six in our countdown. The pure badger hair gives you extremely soft and comfortable shaving while its excellent water retention creates enough lather for perfect shaving. This amazing shaving brush is the product of Parker Safety razor that makes you feel more comfortable during shaving process. Besides that, due to its soft hair it generates lots of lather when you use quality shaving cream or soap.

parker safety razor shaving brush

7-Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush

Due to its medium size, Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush is suitable for all wet shavers. This handmade shaving brush is made in England by Edwin Jagger who made it while confirming its softness and smoothness. Besides that, due to its badger hair, it creates lots of lather before shaving so that you may feel the experience of smooth and convenient shave. So don’t waste your time and just buy this one and feel the experience of classy and superb shave.

men's top quality shaving brush

8-High density 100% Pure Black Badger Shaving Brush

The premium high quality shaving brush with 100 percent pure black badger bristles is formed to shape not cut. It has 21 mm knot and 57 mm loft which gives your skin exfoliation and lots of lather due to its soft badger hair. The important thing that is actually the plus point about this product is the one year warranty that the company is offering at this time. So don’t miss the opportunity and get this one without any questions whatsoever.

high density 100% pure black badger shaving brush

9-Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

There are lots of features that make this product best one where the most important is the presence of 100% pure badger bristles. Due to its soft hair you can make lather as you desire that will give you the true experience of wet shave. Due to its rich and creamy lather your shaving process starts with smoothness and softness. So having all the important features, I can say it as an ultimate shaving brush.

best shaving brush

10-Burma Shaving Brush

If you are looking for water resistant handle with hundred percent natural bristles then Burma Shaving Brush is certainly the best one for you. Its natural bristles generate thick lather which is essential part of smooth shave. Burma Shaving Brush is very stiff as compared to badger hair and is surely the beginner brush. There are lots of customer reviews of this product and mostly men have appreciated this shaving brush due to its class shape and amazing performance. So check it out.

top quality men's shaving brush

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