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Top ten best Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge screen protectors

The Samsung has released new model of Galaxy S6 & S6 edge for its customers who were badly waiting for this Smartphone. Some improvements and changes have been made in this particular model like 5.1 inch display and 19 MP back & 5 MP quality front cameras. The Customer response about S6 & S6 edge is very positive due to its quality features and innovations. It is very common & of course very important to buy a screen protector with the purchase of any cell phone because it becomes important to save your Smartphone from scratching and fingerprinting. The accessories of The Galaxy S6 & S6 edge have also come in the market but it makes you confuse that which is the best one for Galaxy S6 & S6 edge. By creating the list of top ten best Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge Screen protectors, we have solved this issue. After reading this article you will be in a position to select the best Screen Protector for your quality Smartphone. Let’s have a look.

1-Galaxy S6 Edge Case SPIGEN with Screen Protector

As you know that case is very important item for your Smartphone because when you keep expensive cell phone then commonly many people replaces the original case with the new one. When you want to sell your mobile phone the original case helps you to give reasonable price. Here this product has solved this issue by offering case & screen protector in one package. Having beautiful design and durability, you will feel the proud experience of Galaxy S6 & S6 edge. The screen protector present in this package is made with premium quality that keeps S6 & S6 edge safe & secure from scratching. This package is available in affordable price in the market.

screen protector for galaxy s6 & s6 edge

2-6X GOLEBO Anti Glare Screen Protector

Due to its high scratch resistant features, 6X Anti Glare Screen Protector by Golebo is very famous in the market. In addition to its anti glare features, it is also best because it is bubble free and extremely durable and compatible. You can easily install & remove it without bubbles and scratches. This special package provides you instructions to install the screen protector in better and effective way. Just follow the instructions while installing it.

anti glare golebo screen protector

3-Supershieldz Screen Protector

Supershieldz Samsung S6 & S6 edge Screen Protector comes at number three in our rating as it is simply the best. The important things that you keep in mind during buying Screen protector are durability, compatibility, high touch accuracy, scratch resistant, easy installation and HD clarity and Supershieldz Screen Protector has all the above said features. That’s why after its buying you can save much expense due to its high standard quality and of course Supershieldz is itself the name of quality when we talk about the cell phone accessories.

best screen protectors for galaxy s6 & s6 edge

4-Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector

Having microfiber cloth, dust removal clipboard and quality protector, this package is surely the best choice for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This durable protector is compatible with only S6 edge which is released in 2105. The important features that make it outstanding are scratch resistance, high touch accuracy and HD Clarity. It gives you easy installation without bubbles and confidence of high quality that your ever wants.

best screen protector for s6 edge

5-DMAX Armor Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

At number five there comes another quality protector for Samsung Galaxy S6 by DMAX Armor which is the most reliable brand across the world. Among the other top screen protectors, it is also scratch resistant, anti bubble and easy applicable. This high transparent screen protector is made with tempered glass which means more compatibility and durability. So if you want high compatible protector with maximum resolution, DMAX Armor Galaxy S6 Screen Protector is not a bad choice at all.

best screen protector by dmax armor

6-TECHFILM Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector

There is no compromise on quality and durability and that what TechFilm has done by creating Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector. This protector is professionally designed keeping clarity and durability on the top. You can install it with confidence because it is bubble free and the happier news for the customers is its lifetime replacement warranty which saves your lots of cost and time. After these above mentioned features you have definitely made your mind to buy this product.

beautiful durable screen protector for samsung galaxy s6

7-LK Premium Galaxy S6 HD Clear Screen Protector

Another quality product for Samsung Galaxy S6 is LK Premium Galaxy S6 HD Clear Screen Protector that has three packs in a package. The one thing that makes it superior to others is its clarity because this protector is made with the Japanese PET film. Besides that, it is anti scratching, anti dust and actually built to reduce and minimize oil. So buy this product conveniently and confidently because it is not going to disappoint you in any case. In just affordable price, this quality package is available in the market.

premium screen protector by lk

8-Supcase Full Body Rugged Holster Case with Built-in Screen Protector

Having the combination of Screen protector and quality case for Samsung Galaxy S6, Unicorn Beetle Pro Series offers you a best choice for your Smartphone. Besides having quality features and innovations, it is available in best affordable price in the market. If you want case & protector then just buy this package because it will save your money and time by providing durability and compatibility. So just go to the market and buy it.

case & screen protector in one package

9-ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

When you buy a Screen Protector for your cell phone then the main thing that you keep in mind is its clarity and you can find this feature in ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Galaxy S6 Screen Protector. It is professionally designed for just Samsung Galaxy S6 series. The most discussing point about this protector is its bubble free features that are why you can easily install it without the fear of bubbling. It is also scratch resistant and prevents fingerprinting very well.

best screen protector for galaxy s6 & s6 edge

10-Ionic Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Having high touch accuracy, Ionic Galaxy S6 Screen Protector comes at number ten in our rating. This quality product is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S6 and its ultra slim 0.33 mm dimension really made it superb regarding touch. After installing this protector on your cell phone you will never disappoint from its performance because it is bubble free, anti scratching and easily installable. This protector is made from tempered glass that is why it is durable and compatible in any case.

screen protector for galaxy s6

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